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Is it just me or the rest of Lemmygrad just feels like GenZedong expanded?

The only China-Vietnam war neocons know about is the one they wish would break out tomorrow.

Why is North America specified as “Anglo”? I don’t think Mexico is part of Central America and we are certainly not anglos, so, no option for non anglo speaking north america? What about the caribean countries? Is Cuba not relatively north of the continent? What about Belize? Since it can be considered anglo but it is right next to Mexico.

Libs: Do you celebrate Stalin??!!


Don’t you know? Obviously Russia is just cartoonishly evil, so they did this for the same reason they absolutely destroyed Nord Stream and shelled the Zaporozhye NPP, trust me.

This is such and interesting development. I’ve always found it funny that it is called BRICS. Like, the BRICS needed to build the new world.

Please don’t use Lemmy :( HUmAn RiGhTS OppReSsiOn

I haven’t seen the video, but when seeing this kind of stuff I always remember that it is way harder to debunk a lie that to just say it. I wouldn’t be surprised if chinese mining companies have a lot of weight in Congo, but also remember that it really doesn’t matter. Unlike basically any other country, if the goverment sues one of their companies, the chinese government will actually back up the country and punish their own company.

Also, if domestic bourgeoisie uses the opportunity to expand its local power through foreign enterprises, then that’s another problem.

The US air defense system that barely works saves ukrainian working class people so they can be super exploited for american corporations profits.

Maybe ask your local China embassy for a copy/digital version? I’ve seen sometimes people messaging them and getting books in response, tho I think it depends on the specific embassy.

Today was a normal day, was listening some music and Gojira came out on my playlist with a song from their latest album called “The Chant”. I liked the beginning and so looked it up on youtube to send the song to a friend. First thing that comes out is the official music video and what do I found? Bs propaganda about “Cultural genocide” in Tibet by China. Day ruined. Not listening to Gojira again.

My favorite picture of Villa is this one with Zapata because I find it really funny.

The story goes that Villa arrived at Mexico City with just small military hat, while Zapata had his usual hat. And when this photo was taken, he was looking directly at Zapata’s hat with a little bit of jealousy lmao.

When first joining Lemmygrad I chose “Commie Beetle” because, well, I like beetles. Then I changed it to “Escarabajo Comunista” which is basically the same but in spanish. Now it’s Nocheztli, which is the nahuatl name of an insect used by indigenous people in Mexico to make red dye.

If the announcement of the partial mobilization was the end of the beginning, the liberation of Artemovsk might just be the beginning of the end. I guess that the fabled ukrainian offensive will come in the next days/weeks and a desperate attempt to recapture the city might take place.

It’s in the banner of the webpage itself. Ok, sure, it may not be hosted by the CIA itself, but it is clearly maintained with the help of the CIA.

And with the server for it being hosted by the CIA unsurprisingly.

Their grand grandparents deserved it.

I had the intention of doing exactly that a couple of months ago while I was trying to use Please and the Quotable API. It was all going well until I realized I had no idea what I was doing and know nothing of Python and JavaScript.

There will be a book launch today streamed on YouTube and it will have some amazing speakers (Radhika Desai, Gabriel Rockhill, for example).

Godzilla, working class hero

Ben Norton’s series with Aaron Good “Empire and the Deep State” is mindblowing.

Well, all of the members were born and raised in the GDR and they have stated in interviews that they were educated as socialists and politically stand on the left. Even, it seems that their song “Links 2 3 4” is a direct reference to “Einheitsfrontlied” by Brecht.

That specific video and song is quite clear on western xenophobia. As well as being an absolute banger from Rammstein.

Completely normal news from a completely healthy society…

Commenting because my posts/comments numbers were getting kinda disturbing

The thing about the war between Russia and Ukraine is that the russians have been clear only in some of the objectives and we have had to fill in the rest through speculation. What they are clear on is the neutrality of Ukraine (in other words stopping NATO) and protecting the Donbass’ republics. That seems to be the objectives of the Special Military Operation.

Obviously, stopping NATO in Ukraine is a tremendous task since it is the entire european apparatus working to feed the war machine. Neutrality of Ukraine was almost agreed on the first months of the war. The first stage of the conflict was the shock and awe doctrine actually used for politics. And it worked, Ukraine and Russia were at the negotiating table in Istanbul. Of course, NATO didn’t like this so the political arm was used and through Boris Johnson a stop was put. So, the only alternative was demilitarization. And how do you demilitarize a country which its government doesn’t want to demilitarize? Through a brutal war of attrition.

This indicates to me that the russian objective is highly likely to weaken Ukraine to the point they don’t have the ability to not negotiate. People like Lavrov have been explicit in their willigness to solve the conflict through dialogue but that it depends on Kiev.

As far as I know, many people in Russia are more willing to go to war if that means an end to the conflict once and for all. But I suspect that the reason for the russian government not to do that is because: 1. Total war would be such a massive escalation that I think no one knows what the West reaction would be, and 2. The beginning of the conflict was a gamble for the russian economy. The sanctions could actually have destroyed Russia and the war ended before it started. It seems people like Nabiullina from the Central Bank were even surprised Russia whitstood the sanctions as it did. Of course they prepared for it, but it was a point of uncertainty that could have easily backfired. Total war would be another point of uncertainty, both economic and political. War is actually bad for bussiness, even if as a bussiness is very lucrative.

So, if no total war is launched, no general mobilization in Russia unless theres an absolute need to do it, the only path is to slowly grind down the ukrainian armed forces.

Then, the second global objective of the SMO the russians have been explicit is the protection of the republics. I think this ties to the previous point, because up until now they haven’t been fighting the war as if they were really protecting russian territory but rather assisting independent countries. If they are actually defending Russia I think it would mean already total war. Even with the referenda of the four regions to join Russia.

If you look at a map, none of the four regions have been taken fully by the russians. I think this is on purpose. Strstegically, they had to funnel the armed forces of Ukraine, so they are not overstretched. After all, Ukraine had the best army in europe, and it is being pumped full of weapons still to this day (even if it’s not as much as Kiev would like). Once the AFU is weakened enough (ie. after Bakhmut and the ukrainian counteroffensive), the russians will probably start pushing more rapidly towards Kiev, maybe Odessa too. We could see the four regions being completely taken by Russia in a matter of weeks, but only after the ukrainian military is weakened enough to not pose a danger after the war is over.

But this is just my opinion and conjectures based on what I have seen this last year. I think everyone talking about what the russians want or how the war is going on is just speculating. We don’t really know what is going on in the Kremlin. If the conflict could be resolved diplomatically as soon as possible it would be a wonder. But it ks clear that the interests of the US Empire are playing a bigger role here.

Most of Japan allies have no problem maintaining a war and the economy at the same time.

Of course, given current events, that doesn’t include Europe and the US. Which leaves us with…

Under communism there will be no Twitter

Tucker “Yes I’m a CIA op” Carlson

Tucker “Contra in Nicaragua” Carlson

Tucker “I’ll push any heinous shit on TV so long as you pay me” Carlson

I mean, Reform and Opening Up was basically that. That’s the reason China established stuff like technology transfer laws, special economic zones and the One Country Two Systems thing. To have access to the means of production that were in hands of the capitalist countries.

This is the best explanation I’ve read of dialectical materialism in natural science (specifically biology):

“The so-called dialectical world view is by and large also the world view of the naturalists, as opposed to that of the physicalists. Naturalists have always been opposed to reductionism and to the other physicalist interpretations of the Cartesians. I would not be surprised to learn that Engels got this world view in part from reading the writings of Darwin and of other naturalists. Dialectical materialism was for Engels and Marx a general philosophy of nature. It was achieved primarily by an elimination of physicalism and Cartesianism. Would that be a philosophy of science that fully accounts for the autonomous characteristics of biology? The viewpoint I have presented in my recent book “This is Biology” is that it is necessary to develop the characteristics and principles of the various “provincial” sciences, such as physics and biology, in order to construct eventually a comprehensive Philosophy of Nature, which does equal justice to all sciences.”

You can also read the works cited by Meyr in the essay of Levins and Lewontin. Also, JBS Haldane writing in “Dialectical Materialism and Modern Science”.

What’s with that charicature of Putin? Why the long nose? Why the pointy ears? It doesn’t even look like Putin. Is it implying something? Is it racist? I don’t get what’s going on there.

I’ve always hold sympathies for leftist causes. It is not that I was a red diaper as they say, but I was raised by my mother to help others and be compassionate. I think it is fair to say that her interpretations of Christianity and catholisism also had an effect in that, although I’ve never been too keen on the church. Even as a kid I admired Hugo Chavez, because while I didn’t understand everything he said at the time, I knew he was talking and acting in favor of the working people in Venezuela. As an adult with class consciousness today I realize that growing up in a world where there’s no Soviet Union has been quite fucked up and feel hopeful thanks to China’s rise.

I feel I was primed to turn left in my politics since childhood and being a biologist the appreciation I gained for life in the planet was also a huge influence, but the pandemic was the turning point where I realized all the lies and the capitalist system as the driving force behind the crisis more than the virus. Marxism and dialectical materialism have exactly both the scientific outlook I always look for and the call to action that reminds me the world can be changed for better. Also, one day a colleague posted a video on facebook about K-pop’s late stage capitalism and it was a rabbit hole from then on due to my ADHD making me hyperfixate on it.

I don’t even remember how I found GenZedong, but I think it was through BayArea415. Damn, I miss him.

My thoughts on the western online left after some days on Twitter 🤮
And I thought Reddit was bad... I want to preface with this: 1. I'm not western. I don't think anyone in this world would consider my country part of the west or the imperial core. I'm from the global south and working class. 2. I'm young and only a couple of years ago started engaging with marxist theory and as a consequence the online western left. And 3. Everything here is my opinion and some details escape me due to the fact that I don't follow the discussion on the internet 100%. While I spend a lot of time online, most of that time is not wasted on Twitter or Reddit or what not. That being said, this is an insomnia induced rant aimed mainly to my american comrades, but anyone else in the western/anglo sphere also can take something useful from here. I don't know. I started following western/internet leftists on twitter recently as a consequence of me making a twitter account. I've come to the conclusion that the western/western adjacent left (ie. All the anglosphere) is completely useless staying on the internet in any capacity. American and european communists debate the dumbest possible shit and reach no useful results. Motherfuckers agree on 99% of things and start attacking each other like rabid dogs for the stupid 1% in which they disagree. I wouldn't even call it infighting because that would compare it with the debates and disagreements of the historic left like the Bolsheviks. But the Bolsheviks were debating and discussing actually important thing while actually doing something, while going to the people and organizing. Imbeciles do jackshit and pretend that by attacking someone else on twitter they are achieving something valuable or reaching to the people and making a change. Their "propaganda" is garbage. While the people that actually do something to bring about the revolution aren't concerned by their idiocy. The example of this are the "discussions" that a lot of "leftists" have had with Ben Norton recently and that is what compeled me to write this rant. In my opinion Ben is the best journalist out there. Both with the ideological conviction and the actual ability to do the job of journalism with integrity and courage to denounce the capitalist rulers, and his work clearly shows it. Similar to the people at The Grayzone but actually a communist. And by the way, it is clear that that is the line along which he "broke" with Blumenthal. Ben, having seen with his own eyes the hell brought to Latin America by the United States (living in Nicaragua), naturally empathizes with the struggle and the outlook of the people towards the US. But people on twitter still attacks him or disagree with him on completely delusional matters. One example: Noah from Midwestern Marx. I love Modwestern Marx. Carlos and Eddy are some of the best propagandists you americans have right now. But twitter really damages any possibility of reaching the masses significantly. his disagreement with Ben is about the US flag. Ben is on the opinion (rightly so), thay the US flag represents terror, war, imperialism, death, to the people's of the world. And that US communists should NOT use a symbol like that to rally the people. Noah disagrees and says that using that symbol has been democratically elected by the people (?). Not only that, he states (without a grain of evidency and clearly not even listening or reading what Ben actually says) that Ben is "reading too much Sakai and not enough Lenin"... WHAT THE FUCK?! And then he doubles down and defends the use of that flag by some indigenous people in the US. Needless to say, but I'm saying it anyways, colonized people holding their colonizer's flag doesn't make it a good flag. Some others, like Xiangyu of all people, post stupid shit like "Oppose the Nortons" (mf you are not Mao) or call Ben a radlib, and being rude in general. Straight up infantile shit. And oh, while also self righteously calling people that disagree with him "degenerates" all while saying he laments Dugin's daughter assassination (a whole other can of worms). I hate that that is the state of the left in the US and adjacent. And I hate that I saw that shit willingly. If you american communists don't get to work and do a revolution soon, the rest of the world will, with or without your support, and things will get ugly, like, really ugly. For us, but specially for you. I post this all not because I think the details matter, they don't. But to illustrate the point that as long as you keep falling to the trap of social media like twitter (it makes you angry by design), you won't achieve anything. And the people that will do something will be the worst elements of the western society, either on the right or pretending to be left (coff coff Maupin). The west, and specially the US, have a way of shaping your mind that I have seen too many times, both online and offline. Shake that shit out of you. It is making you inhumane and ineffective, and the bourgeoisie is winning thanks to that.

Death to America

Kill them with kindness

Damn, I love listening to Pepe Escobar. One of the best journalists out there.

I found this edit on the internet some years ago and decided to share. The original had the other nazi flag.

MangoPress analysis on the parallelisms between the Ukraine crisis and the Solomon Islands-China security treaty. The hypocrisy of the west literally doesn’t know frontiers
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Risking sounding like an idealist
I want to remind everybody to keep up the revolutionary optimism. The revolution will happen, comrades. It will happen and it will happen in our life times if we get to work right now. It won't be easy, but there is no victory without sacrifice. And in the end, **communism will win**.