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I only work in theory

‘E questo è il fiore del partigiano, morto per la libertà’

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Depends on the group really. A proper party with action groups will probably do more than a glorified reading circle. I mean, I’m out in the streets with my party and my local group multiple times a month. No one is afraid of showing what we stand for.

I hope one bad experience will not stop you from organizing. I don’t have any knowledge about US chapters but I know people on here are members. I hope they can help you.

It’s not just for memes, but you’ve got to understand that a lot of people here are rightfully careful when posting. Some might even be in danger because of their ideology, so someone wanting to meet up can be seen as sketchy, especially with a very minimal post and comment history.

Since you’re in The Netherlands, I can suggest going to Manifiesta in Belgium. It’s a socialist weekend festival with lots of artists and speakers.

My comically large spoon radar is beeping like crazy. It’s giving me these coordinates: 41°59’3.19"N, 44°6’56.81"E

Anyway, nice post comrade. I hope a solution can be found for the crop hoarding

Thanks Mr Musk! Happy birthday



Skip to the part ‘Workers rights’

You’ll find lots of source materials (imo, not every source is as good, but most of them are)

Tbf they are getting slammed and called CIA shills in the comments lmao

And the sea of ‘1984’ comments is funny as well

But fuck this Nazi apologalia shithole of a sub

So where did you guys meet again? just teasing

Just skimmed through ‘Modernity and the Holocaust’ by Zygmunt Bauman. I had some high hopes for the book, as it should analyse how the Holocaust was not a one off crazy event but rather a product of society. It sounded very good.

It started with a fucking Orwell quote, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I read a few pages but it was 1) pretty dry and 2) it seemed to lack a sort of complete analysis of (capitalist) society. Rather, it seems the whole book can be condensed to ‘human nature bad’. It also bases things off of Milgrams’ famous ‘human bad’ expiriment. An expiriment that has received a decent amount of criticism over the years.

It also seems to lack a complete marxist-type analysis. Maybe I’m spoiled with that after reading so many theory, idk.

I don’t know if I’ll continue tbh. If anyone here has read the book, let me know what your opinion on it is.

Because of a ‘source: trust me bro’ level or is it something else? I wouldn’t want to waste too much time on it if that’s the case tbh

Xinjiang 2: Hong Kong boogaloo

Multiple people have now recommended Gulag Archipelago to me. Is it a lib book?

I drink coffee and strong one too. So strong that my place of work had to implement limits on coffee grounds in the machine otherwise my coworkers couldn’t drink it.

That being said, caffeine can be a removed. I don’t drink coffee after 15h so that I don’t fuck up my sleeping.

The working class ain’t the only thing rising tonight babe

And the evil dictator Erdogan is now a wholesome freedom loving president all of a sudden

The Kurds, who were indeed wholesome little Kurdish people in the media a while back, are now already called ‘possible terrorists’ over here. So there’s that.

I hope these people now see that they’re just a tool that gets thrown away when not needed anymore.

Also, surprisingly women like Angela Davis aren't there

If only a man with a beard predicted that this is how capitalists try to beat down workers' bargaining power...

I'm currently drinking tea. Chinese white tea. I may or may not have butchered it with some cinnamon, but it's too hot to tell right now. I've also bought a cool looking Chinese (I think) teapot, so I want to step up my tea game. Are there any tea lovers here? And if so, what do you recommend?

Wholesome video. He walks around like a father inspecting a house. Just opening random cabinets, not really knowing what you're looking for anyway, closing it and nodding in an accepting way.

What kind of clothing style do you wear?
Maybe a weird question, but a while ago someone told my most of my outfits could be worn in any random Friends episode (in a positive way) and it got me thinking: is there some sort of subconscious 'leftist' clothing style? For reference: I saw this article by B*zzfeed slamming Friends outfits but I could see myself wearing most of them tbh https://www.buzzfeed.com/hopelasater/chandler-joey-ross-friends-bad-outfits

I think we can all agree on the importance of being in shape. However, I'd like to invite you guys to take a swing (hah) at learning some basic martial arts techniques. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you'd need to fight, having a basic understanding of the techniques can make all the difference. Also, many people underestimate the stamina part of fighting. Fighting is exhausting. This video gives you an 11 minute lesson into shadow boxing. It sounds short, but I'll talk to you at the end of the lesson. I myself am trained in boxing and judo, so I know this video does not 100% prepare you for a real fight. You'd have to take lessons for that and practice, practice and practice. But it gives you at least some form of basic technique. It's also a great and fun way to boost your stamina. I advise to do this in front of a large mirror if possible, so you can see your technique, your defense and your footwork yourself. This way you can correct yourself during the exercise. Or you can film it if you like. Good luck, comrades!