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‘E questo è il fiore del partigiano, morto per la libertà’

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  • What do these people even do besides making videos? Because you can’t make an actual workers party without, you know, workers. One of the reasons our party works is because it is run by workers. People with actual jobs. In factories. In offices. In the public sector. In the unions. Real people who don’t have the time to make obscure YouTube videos. We do have those, of course, but they are a minority among our members.

    ‘We made a party!’ Cool, and now what? How are you going to reach the people working at the Ford factory? Are they going to watch your videos and become a member? Are you going to stand at the factory gate at 5am?

    This all just seems like terminally online behavior, though I could be wrong of course.

  • I’m currently sitting on an Island. I’m staying in a house that has a deck with a view on the Atlantic Ocean. I’m surrounded by green and by some sort of farms. One of the locals gave me a basket full of bananas and figs from one of the farms. It will be perfect weather all week.

    In situations like this I wonder why I bother living in an expensive country with constant rain and miserable people. I’m aware things won’t be perfect in a place like this either but I’m willing to bet I’d be a bit happier.

  • I will leave on a holiday tonight for the next two weeks. I always feel like I’m whining when I say I needed it but the last few months have just been a bit too busy and I feel kind of burned out. I hope to have new energy after these two weeks. Just some hiking, reading, chilling and exploring the local cuisines will be nice.