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It’s like an AI was tasked to generate US soldiers.

Pete Reed, Clayton Hightower, Bryan Young lmao

Recently read a news article about a Belgian guy who quit his jobs after years of working and is now going on a several month (years, maybe?) quest to find Bigfoot in desolate areas of Canada.

He believes Bigfoot should be living there.

Ps. Italy is funny because you’re a kid until you’re 30

Same over here with some things. Our youth group goes up to 30 as well

Also, Jacobin has entered the Dutch leftist market and is spanning the sub with its articles, and they are not always good lmao

I try to keep educating but it does not always get positive replies unfortunately. But then I just hope the lurkers see my points.

Same goes for aircrafts. The Dutch airforce has 26 F-35’s of which 18 still have to be manufactured. So that’s 8 semi-functional F-35’s. And 40 F-16’s who appear to be falling apart if you look at them in a funny way.

I wonder how much of a dent the European armed forces get in their equipment by sending it all to Ukraine.

The entire Dutch armed forces have 18 tanks and they are all leased from Germany.

They are co-owners of 49 PzH 2000’s, together with Germany. Five of them have already been sent to Ukraine.

Can’t be good for armed forces that had years of defunding happen to them recently.

Dutch socialist sub is doing my head in fr. Had a guy responding to me how African countries could just decide to not supply resources to Western countries if they wanted to…

Currently trying to learn chess after someone gave me an old chess board

2600+ so far. Can’t even fathom how many people that is. Entire neighborhoods.

Last year Belgium + The Netherlands flooded and not even 100 people died I think, and it left a huge gap in the areas affected. This is astronomically larger.

Things are not looking good for Turkey and Syria

Neonazis just vandalized one of our party’s locations lmao
They wrote 'Borms leeft' (Borms is alive) on the windows and did some shit with the doors. August Borms was a Flemish nationalist who, during WWII, collaborated with the Nazis. He even went to visit Auschwitz during the war. A lot of Flemish nationalists still honor him because of some 'good things' he did for Flanders. He was given a grave by the state after he was executed and it of course became a Nazi sanctuary. Lately the grave keeps getting destroyed by leftists, and now our party gets a revenge action apparently. Funny shit.

Two women actually in this weekend. I think we’ve passed ten in five weeks already.

Another woman has been killed in a domestic violence incident in this country. It just keeps going on and on man.

The funny thing is, they managed to spot one air balloon deep into their own airspace, and struggled to shoot it down. Then, another Chinese balloon did the same.

If these were actual enemies wanting to do damage, they probably could have lol. Embarrasing.


Xi just wants to see how Christiania is doing

No, that’s the reasonable thing to do. Whenever something happens, I too try to explain it with a marxist view to family and friends. And it works pretty good.

Yes absolutely and they are well aware of me being a communist. It was a slow start, but they are now getting to the point where they start agreeing with me on a lot of things. My family consists of working class people, my gf’s family consits of left leaning intellectuals (read libs/socdems) and my group of friends is pretty mixed.

I’ve found that discussing my POVs on things gets me some very good support, but the whole ‘we uphold Stalin here sir’ thing is not going well yet. Discussions about the Soviet Union, China, Stalin, Russia etc. still get heated, but they share the same vision on the things our party and I want to achieve.

Is that necessarily bad? Don’t know yet.

Just passing by to say that it’s good to see an update of you. I always appreciate your contributions.

That’s rough comrade. I’m glad you managed to get where you are now ✊🏼

I always voted centrist and they screwed me over multiple times by turning on their ideals regarding student loans, transportation, healthcare etc. I felt really betrayed time after time because I did my thing voting and it still got worse.

Then I stopped consuming animal products and started diving deeper into western consumerism and its flaws, realizing we build a system that cannot be changed and we need to abolish it.

Then I realized that my entire line of families are working class people and that basically all of the shit they had to endure, like poverty, was due to the system we live in. I wanted to change the world for them as well, but could not find ways how.

Then I found some radical subs on Reddit while I started doing social work as a career and those things combined made me realize that capitalism needs to be stopped and transitioned to socialism.

And then I found GenZedong, read Marx and covid and the Ukraine war happened and things just sped up. I joined the marxist party and now I keep going

Doing my weekly energy crisis help at one of our party’s free healthcare clinics. If I wasn’t radicalized before, the stories I hear while doing this would’ve made me.

The idealistic argument is so annoying as well. I’d rather be idealistic and achieve 80% of what I strive for than do nothing and accept life as it is. For a system that likes to suck itself off for it’s promotion of innovation, calling people with other visions idealistic seems a bit dumb.

I feel like white, straight, well-off men can be the only people that can be apolitcal (without being in the top 1%, of course). Because no western politics will ever hurt them. And society is made for them.

Chaotic good by nature, true neutral by virtue of gf who can crochet

Shell just announced 36 billion in profit last year. Don’t we love capitalism?

Pretty cool. A lot of talk went into explaining what a marxist party is and how it’s different from other parties, and also into how our party is organized with our action groups and campaigns at people’s places of work. Plus we had a lesson in antifascism lol. That’s always good.

Did the update of the servers go well? Lemmygrad is being shit for me right now lol. Can’t open pictures anymore on browser, since the plus icon is gone. When I comment, I have to refresh to actually see what I posted.

This is such a needlessly hostile comment, completely overlooking the point. What is wrong with just asking people to explain their POV? No, instead you resort to cheap insults.

Don’t be a fucking wanker.

Porn industry is a very damaging and exploiting industry. Porn itself is not bad, of course. If you want to film yourself having sex and you want to post it on the internet for people to look at, be my guest. I don’t think the morality police is going to stop you.

Patsocs and conservatives wanting to ban porn want to do it for different reasons than MLs for example. No one here want to ban porn because ewww sex is dirty and immoral, MLs want to ban porn as an idustry because the entire industry is rotten to its core.

A suitcase with a human torso was found a few days ago in a garage box belonging to a big housing project in my city. The arms, legs and head are still missing.

Immediately fingers were pointed at the Moroccan minorities and drug related problems that the city is dealing with (a homicide is not out of the ordinary).

Police have now determined that it is a female torso and they suspect is from a woman doing sex work, which happened a lot in the garage boxes underneath the building.

It sucks because this type of murder can oftentimes be a sign of some very disturbed individual going around. That, and femicide is already a big problem in this country, one which our party keeps fighting against. I hope that whoever did this can be caught soon. Sad to see yet another woman killed and to see racists having a field day again.

The Dutch word ‘vrouwtje’, which means little female and is used by men who talk about their partners. Like: yeah the little female is at home right now, couldn’t come. Probably because it’s mostly used by the most misogynistic men as well.

What’s your goal?
Right now I'm trying to reach 85kgs of body weight in a month or three, in a healthy way of course. Currently sitting at around 78-80kgs. Also took up squats again after a lengthy period of not doing it due to pretty big lower back issues (caused by leg press, of all things). Trying to take it a little bit easier and to keep form in mind. Currently doing 80kgs but I hope to reach 150kg before summer starts. Also liking this job alcohol thing so I might just try to keep sober as well.

After wrongfully displaying the Dutch flag upside down yesterday, Belgian prime minister De Croo wanted to make it up. He did so by displaying the Prinsenvlag, the orange-white-blue Dutch flag used by Nazi collaborators during World War 2. Also, the Dutch flag upside down AND the Prinsenvlag are both used by far right nutjobs these days. Not sure if epic trolling or just plain stupidity. How do you even have a Prinsenvlag this big at your disposal lol

Actual criticism of marxism?
Has anyone in history made some valid criticism against Marxist ideology? And I'm not talking about the CIA propaganda no iPhone vuvuzela shit. But like, someone must've made some good point somewhere along the line? I don't want this to be a bash marxism thread. Just curious. Debates with people usually tend to incorporate the usual stuff that can be debunked easily.

Literature on the Black Panther Movement, if possible.
I've said it before but I'm tasked with setting up a youth movement for our party. One of the key things to do is, of course, appeal to the youth in order for them to join us. I've had a few meetings with our group now and while I will not claim I know better than the party, the course we're taking is a bit of the same of our regular action groups. And I can see how that doesn't work, especially for younger people. So I'm looking for examples in literature on how to effectively reach out to the masses, with a focus on non-leftist or 'regular' people. One of the historical examples for this that I came up with is the Black Panther Movement. A young, radical movement. I was wondering if any of you guys know of literature written about their organizing power. You know, to use as a starting point for my journey.

Why is it so hard to find good, healthy food that’s not focussed on weight loss?
So in order to fuel my body to be able to work out as much as I do, I want to eat healthy, caloric dense, protein packed food of course. I've got my fair share of recipes to follow but I'm always looking for new things. Especially since I don't eat meat which can make the search for new protein filled and cheap recipes somewhat difficult. But whenever I go online to look for stuff, the healthy things always seem to focus on weight loss or containing as little calories as possible. On the opposite side of this you've got gym bros who advise rating (vegan) fast food to keep up with caloric needs. But the thing is, whenever I eat a veggie burger at McDonalds I feel shit within hours despite it having enough nutrients. It's mainly because the ingredients used are shit as well. Processed garbage versus my usual lentil pasta that I eat for lunch. Eating healthy is not just losing weight. It can be gaining weight or maintaining weight as well, but that seems to not be the point for many blogs, vids and articles.

Discussing politics shouldn’t be this frustrating
Lately discussing politics with people is really doing my head in. Like, is it that hard to be a decent human being and care for eachother, nature and yourself? Is it that hard to understand that we're better off working together instead of being hyper competitive to benefit a few people at the top? Is it too much to ask if we want decent living standards for **everyone**? Sometimes I internally ask myself why I bother this much. Not that I see myself as the next Jesus bringing world peace or something, I only want to make this world a better place in the ways that I can. But so many people over here seem to not care in the slightest and that gets me to be negative sometimes. Makes we want to buy a tiny house in nature somewhere and just piss off and let everyone go their own way. Just wanted to rant, comrades. I know I need to remain calm, read my theory and keep on explaining to people. But my God if I need to keep hearing about the free market economy or how immigrants are to blame for everything for the next years I might go insane.

Nord Stream
So The West just collectively acts like it never happened huh?

What do you think about violence?
I was walking outside with my gf on a pedestrian crossing when a guy on a scooter didn't feel like breaking and almost hit us when crossing the street. I'm a calm person but at the same time I can feel intense rage with stuff like this and my first thought is to kick the guy off his scooter and beat him to a pulp. This, of course, never happens and I can remain calm. I did a civil fuck you symbol to the guy to get my point across. I was discussing my rage feelings with my girlfriend and we got into a rather heavy discussion about violence. So, I get called gay a lot because of the way I dress and act sometimes. Especially in my smaller hometown. I said to my gf that I could reach a point where I just beat the next guy calling me gay for being a homophobic shit. She could not agree with me on this and she got mad about it, and we had a debate on using violence (with gay people, minorities and Palestina vs Israel as examples being used). She could follow me on supporting armed resistance in Palestina but she could not accept gay people snapping and beating a homophobic guy, which I can totally understand. Eventually we agreed to disagree, sort of, and we let the topic rest. Which made me wonder how you guys think about this. Is using violence against injustice acceptable? Is there a certain line for when you can use violence and when not? We socialists fight against injustice, and violence may be a part of that fight somewhere along the line. How should we view the use of violence?

What’s a weird fascination you have?
For me it's cities. I'm absolutely fascinated by how cities work. Every street, building, alleyway, park, shop, bar etc. tells a story of how life happened there. Every single thing in the city contributes to its functioning. I can spend hours just scrolling on Google Maps, zooming in on cities like New York, London, Tokyo, Beijing, the city I live in, you name it. Dropping myself in the street view function and just strolling around everything. I also oftentimes have Google Maps open on my second screen at work, because I find it calming in a way. I think this all started with Star Wars and Coruscant. As a kid I was hooked the moment I saw a CITY the size of a freaking PLANET! I find there's something comforting in knowing that everywhere around you, something is happening and you are all part of this megastructure, making it function. I don't know how I never ended up as a city planner or something.

What do you think about finding meaning in life?
So, from a very young age you get asked: 'what do you want to do when you grow up? What kind of job would you like?', which to me always felt like my job should be my number one priority. You focus your entire school period on getting the right education and all in order to land the job you want. The problem is, some people don't know what they want. Some people change interests over the years. Some people don't feel the need to have one type of job for the rest of their lives. Lately I'm stuck in a debate with myself. All my life I wanted to help people and to build a better society. Naturally, with the kind of indoctrination I had, I started looking for this in a job. But now with my party and volunteer work, I get to help a lot of people and oftentimes in really effective ways. I'm taking on a hard study right now and I don't know if I want to continue. I could also just work and keep doing what I do with the party and volunteering. It would also allow me to have more free time in the next couple of years, which I wouldn't mind at all. This brought me to an internal question: why do I see a job as the only way to have a meaningful life? Why not find a job I could do, get money and have a more meaningful life outside of my job? But I haven't yet found an answer to my question unfortunately. How do you guys see my problem? Do you think a job is really important in having a meaningful life?

What are your New Year’s resolutions, if any?
NEW YEAR NEW ME!!! No but on a more serious note, I always do like to evaluate the past year on this day. I've noticed that I let myself get stuck in a drag in my daily life much more than I needed to. Weeks could go by where I just worked, ate, watch some dumb show and slept. And it made me unhappy. A few weeks ago I decided that I'm going to change the way I spent my time so that I have more meaningful interactions with my friends, family and gf and so that I can prevent myself from becoming a zombie. You guys have any plans?

Not the ultimate Sigma Male being arrested for human trafficking 😭
Who would've thought that your über hetero guy that sees women as a lesser species would also be a massive wanker. I hope his fanboys can at least see that this is not something to support.


What’s the best thing that happened to YOU this year
Given I misunderstood a question on the front page and had already types out my answer as if this was the question, I thought I might as well ask it. I'm the most proud of my party work this year. We had free food events, we raised a lot of petitions that actually had impact in legislation, we were everywhere at protests and strikes and we grew as a whole this year. For me personally, it was my holiday with four of my friends. I was the only guy and I was a bit uncertain of how that would go, but we had such a great time. We went camping in this beautiful town in the mountains and it was such a cool experience. Also, my gf managed to get her master degree after ten years of studying. I was really happy for her but also for me, as her study took up most of her time. For two years I did so much work in supporting her and taking care of tasks here around the house etc that it became a bit too much in the end. So I'm also glad that she succeeded and that she now has more time for us lol. How about you?

What’s your opinion on bikes?
I got a new (new old second hand) bike this weekend after being bikeless for a few weeks. As a Dutch person it was of course hell. I can't live without my bike. But the country I live in now has far less better bike infrastructure, and it's a gamble whether or not I am going to die each morning. Also, the city is filled with people on electric cargo bikes with their kids in front going 35 km/h in narrow streets and bicycle paths. But they are no match to my manual classic Dutch citybike, which cannot be destroyed. The happiness I feel when I can ride my bike each morning and evening to work is unmatched. I am now looking to pimp it so that I can take my tent and stuff with me when the weather gets better. Bikes, man. Truly a wonder. What do y'all think of bikes? You know how to ride one?

Y´all got a happy space?
Was talking the other day with someone and the topic of happy places came up. Like, places you have a good memory of that you can go back to if you feel down. I couldn't imagine a happy place at that moment but I just figured out my happy place. It's a public natural swimming pool made in a river in a tiny village in the Provence, France. I went there for my first holiday with my girlfriend when we were not even two months together. We met and we just felt like going on a three week trip together through France. Never went to France before and never went camping before. So we went camping in this small village in the Provence and I had the time of my life really. That specific pool deserves to be my happy place. How about you guys?

I wish you all a nice 13/12
Yes, even you US people with your different numbering

So I'm not always the biggest fan of this channel as it can make some very lib takes from time to time, but I found this video very interesting. I had the first meeting a while ago with the leaders of the Youth Movement I am setting up and we were discussing things that are bothering the youth in my city. One of the things that really popped out is losing the public space (or Third Place as this video calls it) to overpriced housing, privatization or whatever. Antwerp is a city that's a real concrete jungle with very few parks or green areas, squares where locals can meet or just general free public spaces to relax. Some of you may remember it but a few months ago I protested a hotel owner that turned one of the few public parks, a botanic garden, into an inaccesible place by putting a barrier in front of the entrance. The protest was succesful, the barrier had to be removed and other building permits the guy had were cancelled as well. Our Youth Movement has now made reclaiming public spaces and expanding public spaces a big priority on our list. It's truly idiotic when you live in a city but you can't really go outside to hang out in the public space because there is none.

Looking for a site to learn a language
That's not DuoLingo, as I find it too simple/slow. Half the country speaks French and since I only learned Dutch, basic French and good German in high school I am now looking to get my French up to date. DuoLingo is too basic right now, so I'm wondering if there are any sites that are more advanced for learning language.

What are your favourite non-communist working class songs?
For me, Piano Man by Billy Joel is a perfect example of a song about the working class without it being communist or anything. It's just a song about the regular people at the bar, from all walks of life. A bar is one of the quintessential working class symbols around here in my opinion, and the songs perfectly captures the joys and the loneliness one may find in a bar. The drunks, the people remembering the old days, the party folks, etc. all coming together to have a laugh, a drink and a song. It's such a cliche song but it always makes me emotional lol. You guys got any suggestions?

80% of Belgian employers do not want to give out compensation cheque of 750 euro
Context: Belgian wages are (for a lot of people) tied to the inflation, meaning if inflation is 2%, wages HAVE to be raised at least 2%. So for januari 2023, the wages wil rise with the official percentage of 11.xx%. This is not a raise, it's a compensation for the increase in cost of living at best. A week or something ago the government allowed companies to not raise wages above the inflation index for two years, effectively blocking Belgian employees from getting a raise. To 'compensate' workers, the government allowed companies to give out cheques of up to 750 euro if they wanted to. 80% are now saying that they won't, meaning Belgian employees get nothing really. Unions have already called for new nation wide actions on december 16th.

You play an instrument?
My lately neglected guitar is keeping its abused stares at me and I want to pick up playing again. I've rediscovered my love for blues lately so I want to focus on that a bit more. You guys play any instruments?

Place is taken over by libs that like a red flag I guess

Fellow Europeople, do you have the heating on already?
It is starting to reach freezing temps here and my bedroom is a nice and cozy 12 degrees C right now. My gf and I look like the grandparents in Charlie and the chocolate factory because we lay on the couch under blankets the whole evening. But my heating is still off. I pay 66 euro's a month right now but my energy supplier suggests upping it to 192 euro's a month, or pay a 350 euro end bill. I choose the end bill in the hope that shit will calm down soon because the amount is doable right now. Several of my coworkers pay 2-4000 euro's for their end bill though. Needless to say, they can't afford it. How about you guys? Got any tips to heat the house without turning the heating on?

Xief Keef telling Trudeau what he don't like.

Can somebody help me out with a question?
A friend asked me a question about examples of the way a state functions as an instrument of the current economical system. He said he was in a discussion about the end goal of Communism (moneyless, classless, stateless) with someone that said that without a state, the 'poorer' regions would be oppressed by the 'richer' regions. What I'm asking for is examples of the state as an instrument of the current economical system and also examples or theory of how a socialist state with a vanguard party evolves into full communism. I have read several books about this I think but I'm also blacking out on who and what was written.

Feel free to use this post as a vent post
The goal of this post is to function as a vent post. Tell us what's on your mind, yell, post pics, do whatever to clear your mind. So yesterday my father in law and I went to this lake for a morning swim. It was 8 degrees celsius (46F) outside, the water was probably of a similar temperature. There were a few fishermen walking around in special wetsuits as to not get hypothermia and they were staring in disbelief at two guys walking into the water in underwear. It was cold as fuck to the point that the cold water did nothing but hurt my skin. I swam for around ten minutes I think and the entire time I kept thinking: why would anyone do this? Why do humans feel the need to go to great lengths to do stupid shit like this? Surely it has to be more than just adrenaline. Did I enjoy swimming in cold water? I don't know. It made feel alive-ish. Would I do it again? It does have a certain lure to it. It did make me think about people bragging about 'suffering'. For example, my gf and I want to try to keep the heating off until at least the 21st of December, because shit is expensive yo. But when someone mentions that they already have the heating on, I start feeling proud of myself in a way. Because I don't have the heating on yet, and I'm fine. Money is not even what I think about then, just that I am able to tolerate more cold or something stupid like that. I have no idea why I do that. It's completely in line with my ideology and party work. But it still happens. Why do humans do this? Also: **FUCK CAPITALISM**

Would you rather live in a city or in a small village?
I live in a bigger city but I'm currently residing in a cabin in the woods, away from civilization. It has got a fire place going, some basic stuff and lots of board games etc. It also has a nice garden thing where you can just chill out for a bit. There's beautiful woods surrounding it where you can walk. I like living in the city, with all its chaos. But whenever I'm out in nature I feel this immense rest coming over me. I don't know if I can actually live here, but for now it's good. My gf's family is talking about buying property in rural Sweden and they want to build a house there, one where the kids can always visit. I like the idea of living a rural simple life. Can't leave the city now though, with all the activism going on. Bit harder to radicalize the deers in the woods.

What are your takes on the WC in Qatar?
There's a lot of confusion right now regarding the death toll on the stadium construction. Nevertheless the workers rights seem very dodgy to say the least and there is this anti-LGBTQ+ rights. What are your takes on it? Is the West right in its outrage?