A community dedicated to the political idiocy and terrible graphic-designing skills of the right wing…

About Spam Accounts Misusing c/Announcements

It appears spam accounts have been posting links to central and east Asian talent firms and other such… completely unrelated to leftism… things. … AMA, encourage Lemmy participation

I don’t know what kind of engagement to expect, but I made a post encouraging Raddle users to come here. It appeared to be an exclusively leftist space and be an active forum. …

:cowboy hat face: The actual subcommie is !

Announcing /c/Economics

Not an economist myself by any means but discussion about it is always fruitful. The economy is, to an extent, unnecessarily obfuscated and a better understanding of the economy leads to better materialist interpretation of the world. …

Announcing /c/India

Made a community for news and discussions pertaining to India. I am not much of a poster myself but I will try to make contributions so more people know about what is going on within our borders. …

Comrades, I have successfully doxed our top moderator and developer. Let this be a lesson to all who command the proletariat, you are not above the workers. :angry face: …


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