Spam wave was taken care of
The update to the Lemmy backend reworked the blocklist and so every instance that we previously blocked was unblocked. We added it back in, let us know if there's more instances we should defederate from.

Just an explanation on how we approve accounts
If you registered before March, you don't remember having to get your account approved because it wasn't in place back then. Since the GZD migration from reddit to lemmygrad, we started asking questions like most places do. Currently, the questions are: > To combat brigrading, we have restricted user registration on this instance. Please write a short description containing: > > * Why you would like to join? > >* What left tendency would you call yourself? ( Marxist / Marxist-Leninist, etc) > >* What communities you would most like to participate in, and > >* How or why you chose the username you did. > >We use these questions to screen for and discourage spammers and trolls. We will try our best to review your application as soon as possible. However, lemmygrad is not like most closed spaces. We accept _almost_ anyone. The reason for this is that it's very easy to ban them afterwards if we made a wrong call. This means you _may_ see people on Lemmygrad that are not entirely ML, or do not agree with you 100%. Many are also new to marxism. This ensures we fight spam and still allow people to participate -- they might not yet be ML but we'd rather have them here than on reddit, right? With that said we obviously don't approve liberals, reactionaries, etc. We are just quite lenient on approving accounts. So please remember when you interact with the community that they are not necessarily at the same level you are at yet, and may need guidance. With that said, mods are allowed to ban people from their communities if they feel the user broke community rules.

[Update: fixed] We’re getting account request spammed right now
Just wanted to share so you have an idea what we go through sometimes lol. 120 requests so far and probably more incoming. All made by the same person, spamming a nonsensical message full of slurs. Due to accounts being on request, I'm not sure what the end game is here except be a nuisance. Nobody except the admins will ever see the requests and it got old after the first one. I turned off account registration for now, you'll have to wait if you want to request an account sorry uwu

2 rules added to the sidebar
Hi everyone, we've added 2 new rules to the sidebar that apply to the entire instance: **Rule 4 - No porn or sexually explicit content, even if marked NSFW.** This was a de facto rule of the instance that we followed and so it only made sense to put it in the sidebar. We'll leave it up to your judgment to decide what is sexually explicit or not, but obviously we don't want to host porn here or anything of that nature; it wouldn't be very ML of us. **Rule 5 - no right deviationists.** We had to decide between "reactionary socialists" or "right deviationists" and one had to be picked anyway so here it is. Of course the meaning remains the same: no patsocs. No MAGA communists, no nazbols, no Strasserists, no Duginists. They are not unique to the US despite being the most vocal, so anything of that nature will lead to a swift permanent ban. Again this was already the instance's stance (some of us will remember the struggle session), just now formalised in the rules.

[Reminder] The mechanics of federation (you’ll want to read this)
Hi comrades, hope everyone is well. We (the admins of lemmygrad) have noticed discussion surrounding (the big instance) and as such I'm making this post (by myself) to explain some of the mechanics surrounding federation and how it works. The general gist of federation is that anyone from any instance can communicate on any other instance. Instances have their own rules, like Lemmygrad is just one of many. So if you make an account on Lemmygrad, you can interact on But is a completely different instance with their own rules, their own communities, their own admin teams, etc. Lemmygrad federates with most instances (I think) but instances can decide not to federate with particular ones. You just see a lot because it's the biggest and most active one. To access federation, click on the *All* button on desktop: ![]( The *Local* view will let you see all posts from your instance and the *Subscribed* view will show only communities you subscribed to. You can subscribe to communities that are on other instances btw, and they will show up in your subscribed view! How do you recognize whether something is from or lemmygrad? ![]( You will see it on the community it's been posted to (underlined in red here). It says How do you know a user is from another instance? It will also say (or, again, any other instance we federate with) next to their name. If they changed their display name however, you will have to go into their profile page to see their actual instance. I also wanted to explain reports a bit. When you report a comment or a post, it only goes to your instance's administration (edit: this seems wrong; reports go to your instance and the reported content's instance). Reports go to community mods as well as admins. As admins of lemmygrad, we can delete content from other instances, but it will only act on this instance. People on lemmy will still be able to see the content and interact with it unless an admin from there deletes it. For example, if you report something from [!]( with a lemmygrad account: - Lemmygrad admins will see it - admins will see it - Mods of the opensource community will see it. If we delete it however (lemmygrad admins), only users from lemmygrad won't be able to see that post. Users that log in from will still be able to see it and interact with it normally. So generally we don't delete stuff from other instances, unless it's particularly gross shit, because it would just remove content from our instance but not from any others, which would just isolate us. And if you wanted to report something on lemmy to the lemmy admins, make sure it abides by their rules (which you can only see if you go on directly) so that you don't waste your time making a report they cannot act on. If you have any questions on federation feel free to ask them below.

A community dedicated to the political idiocy and ***terrible*** graphic-designing skills of the right wing.

About Spam Accounts Misusing c/Announcements
It appears spam accounts have been posting links to central and east Asian talent firms and other such... completely unrelated to leftism.. things. If you see one of these, please notify an admin to have the post removed. The purpose of c/Announcements is to announce new communities here on Lemmy, any posts other than that are against the rules of the community. Thanks for your time, Heck. AMA, encourage Lemmy participation
I don't know what kind of engagement to expect, but I made a post encouraging Raddle users to come here. It appeared to be an exclusively leftist space and be an active forum. Having styled this post as an AMA, I may be unprepared for some of their questions. I haven't been on here very long, and may be fielding questions that are better directed to Lemmy devs or long-time users. I am happy to x-post questions and answers to their platform on your behalves Shoutout to [](/u/Amorphous) for giving me the idea in the chapo thread
6 AMA, encourage Lemmy participation

:cowboy hat face: The actual subcommie is [!](/c/mmtc)

Announcing /c/Economics
Not an economist myself by any means but discussion about it is always fruitful. The economy is, to an extent, unnecessarily obfuscated and a better understanding of the economy leads to better materialist interpretation of the world. Please like and subscribe.

Announcing /c/India
Made a community for news and discussions pertaining to India. I am not much of a poster myself but I will try to make contributions so more people know about what is going on within our borders. Please feel free to post and crosspost there. Smash that subscribe button.

Comrades, I have successfully doxed our top moderator and developer. Let this be a lesson to all who command the proletariat, you are not above the workers. :angry face: Best, Hildegarde

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