They photoshopped the dogs eyes. ![](

Five children have been killed a few hours ago in a north Gaza cemetery [CW: gore]
I will leave links to the reported Israeli attack against children in Fallujah Cemetery. I believe these are the co-ordinates of the cemetery although I could be mistaken: 31°32'01.0"N 34°29'21.0"E. The earliest sources I could find reporting the attack were shortly after 5PM UK time (BST). "41 Palestinians killed in three days of Israeli air raids. 15 are children. More than 300 wounded. What are numbers anymore when this has become so normalised?"

>She pointed to the importance of international changes that constitute an opportunity for the Palestinians, saying “this requires a pure Palestinian will and a final disengagement from the Oslo Accords and their outcomes”. > >Jarrar refused to keep the elections subject to the decision and desire of Israel, pointing to the need to open a joint Palestinian political space to discuss how to build and reform the PLO according to the electoral process. > >Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, cancelled the legislative elections scheduled for the summer of last year amid a broad political, factional and popular rejection. > >Abbas has also resorted to directly appointing members to the PLO Executive Committee, dismissing the national condemnation of his measures.

Book on the bureaucratic violence & the military mechanisms used to control the Palestinians
From the person who e‐mailed this to me: >The picture painted by the 59 testimonies included in the booklet is clear: the bureaucracy of the occupation isn't an unwanted side-effect of our military rule but **the very basis of the military rule itself**. The "bureaucratic violence", as one testifier calls it - such as that of the permit regime governing movement, construction, land use and much more - is used to **continually deepen Israel's control over the occupied territories and its millions of Palestinian residents**, both in the West Bank and in Gaza.  > >Palestinians are well aware of the bureaucracy that governs every corner of their lives; but the Israeli and international public - less so. That's why we've dedicated our efforts and resources to bringing these issues to light: from the **influence the settler movement and its leaders hold** over the Civil Administration's agenda, to the exploitation of the permit regime in order to **collectively punish Palestinians**; from the **airtight control over everyone and everything entering and exiting the Gaza Strip**, to the way Palestinians who live and own land in the Seam Zone have to **constantly jump through bureaucratic hoops just to access their land**. All of this, and more, is covered in our new booklet. (Emphasis original.)

Palestinian Jews protest Settlers in Sheikh Jarrah
([Mirror.]( No translations available; I’ll post them here if I ever find them.

>In response to the sentences, Yaqoub Qadri stated: “We do not care what the sentence is. The important thing is that we made the impossible possible; we were able to break through the Israeli security services and dealt a blow. We achieved something unthinkable for Israel and its security mechanisms.”

the zionazi thugs at it again.

Fascist settler group "Returning to the Mount" announced they would assault the Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem) mosque this Friday, get more than they bargained for: LIVE news
This is during the month of Ramadan. Palestinian resistance groups instantly activated their co-cells to decide what to do. This means Hamas, Fatah, the communists and even the ISIS-adjacent group whose name I forgot right now. They are calling for general mobilisation to defend the mosque. The Telegram channel I follow blew up with 33 messages overnight. Palestinians are responding to the call to defend the mosque: Occupation forces have been deployed and started dispersing the defenders with tear gas grenades and flashbangs. The fight started in the early morning of Friday April 15th local time. Real ammunition has been found in the mosque, fired by the occupation. A few dozen Palestinians were injured and were transferred to hospitals, but no deaths have been reported yet. I haven't had news in over two hours but will update as needed. # The analysis so far: This is highly reminiscent of Operation Sword of Jerusalem last year. Similar events led to the biggest joined operation (and biggest Hamas operation) so far, where hundreds of rockets were fired on the occupier over the summer, after they tried to attack the same mosque. Returning to the Mount is an extremist group that even settler police doesn't like and arrests. They are also known as Chozrim Lahar. They also said they would offer cash rewards for sacrifices to the mosque, as per their beliefs -- the police says they've forbidden them from that. I can't find much more information about them unfortunately but if they are cause for concern enough for both Palestinians and the settler police, and they can offer cash rewards, they must have some amount of influence and funds. Checking their facebook, which has not been updated since 2018, I can see they are a very complex group though -- at times they call Israel and apartheid state, and at other times they were giving out flags of their settler country. The Al-Aqsa mosque was started before 680 C.E., and is the biggest mosque in Jerusalem. It is an even more important structure during the time of Ramadan, which lasts a whole month and we are only halfway through it. We can see here that the occupier is scared of retaliation, and is still reeling from Sword of Jerusalem. I remember bibi's fascist successor running to the US Senate to ask emergency money for the Iron Dome, as they had almost entirely depleted it (and even while using it, plenty of rockets made it to the ground). Palestinians are still united (this can be seen in the mobilisation to defend the mosque), and this scares the occupier.

>Under this law, [neocolonial] authorities will be in the position of determining which fields of study are permissible and what qualifications are acceptable. Further, it requires applicants to submit to [neocolonial] investigation at diplomatic missions in countries of origin. Finally, it sets a limit on the number of foreign teachers and students (100 and 150 per year, respectively) and limits the duration of employment to five nonconsecutive years, effectively denying the hiring and promotion of faculty, and with immediate effects for current faculty and students who do not hold residency permits. This includes many Palestinians, who will lose their jobs, their access to education and their rights to live in their homeland.

Peace activists went to meet soldiers on the ground; here’s what they told them
>One of the reasons we have to remind the IDF of its own responsibilities is that, time and again in our conversations with the many soldiers we meet, we hear that **they are under the false impression** that settler violence is the responsibility of the Police alone. This is **simply not true** (see the video below). Only last month, the IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi made the same mistake in the security cabinet meeting, blaming the Police for not dealing with violent settlers. **If this is what the soldiers hear from their highest-ranking commander, it's no wonder the culture of taking a hands-off approach to settler violence has filtered down to the rank and file.**

A community for everything related to Palestine and the occupation currently underway by the occupying force known as Israel.

Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Existence is resistance for Palestinians.

Please refer to Israel as Occupied Palestine, or occupied territories. The IDF is a fascist and ethnonationalist occupying force. Israelis are settlers. We understand however that the imperial narrative (which tries to legitimise Israel) is internalised in the imperial core and slip-ups are naturally expected.

We always take the sides of Palestine and Palestinians and are unapologetic about it. Israel is an occupying power whose “defence force”'s (note the contradiction) sole purpose for existing is to push Palestinians out so they can resettle their rightful land. If you have anything positive to say about Israel we do not care.

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