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World Inequality report found that inequality declined since the Cold War mainly due to rising living standards in China. …

I agree that we should encourage people on r/antiwork to start using Lemmy and other open platforms. I made a post here laying out my rationale.

Good to know I don’t have to feel bad about buying Apple products anymore. :)

oh thanks for the heads up, I haven’t looked at starship yet :)

People who actually live in China certainly think so, but what do they know. Studies show that it’s democratic as well, but I guess a western chauvinist knows best.

Just another example of the fact that fascism does not threaten capitalism…

The argument isn’t against the concept of e-readers, rather about the problems with DRM.

Fish is by far my favorite shell at the moment. I find it does contextual autocompletion a lot better than any other shell I’ve tried.

Yeah, Calibre is a fantastic tool.

Definitely, and if that can be addressed adequately that could make Java based apps a lot more attractive. It’ll also be interesting to see if this kind of stuff would work with graalvm in the future. At that point you could distribute fairly lightweight executables.

You’re woefully ignorant on the subject you’re attempting to debate. Perhaps at least read the study I provided in the earlier comment to get an idea of what you’re talking bout.

As far as I know Matrix is sound. Probably just isn’t as big as Telegram yet.

I don’t have the archives either unfortunately, let me know if you do manage to track them down though.

I imagine this is the reason we’re constantly told not to use Telegram. US has no control over the app or the servers, and none of US agencies were involved in development of its encryption protocols.

I really like IntelliJ, and I find their open source version does everything I need. Had zero excitement about Fleet with it being closed source and cloud based.

The thing is, how much power do you have even when being part of the Party? Think about how the Outer and Inner Party members in Nineteen Eighty-Four were basically two completely different social classes. Also, think about the peer pressure, fear culture and excessive propaganda and brainwashing within the Party.

You keep repeating this, but what specifically does it mean? How exactly do you think the party affected the lives of regular people in USSR?

You’re not the only one who lived in the USSR. Again, many people in the comments of that Quora post also lived there, some of them which are probably older than you. They’re telling a different story to yours.

Yeah, I’m not the only one who lived in USSR, and VAST MAJORITY of people who did agree that life in USSR was preferable to what it is now. I’ve already explained to you why your Quora post isn’t representative as it consists of a tiny minority of people who left. The fact that you continue to argue about a topic you’re ignorant on and have no personal experience in is not a sign of intelligence.

Except that’s a false narrative because the party is not some exclusive club. Anyone is free to join the party and participate. That’s how any democracy works. People who want to participate can participate freely. Might shock you to find out that USSR had elections and voting. Meanwhile, not sure what this absurd amount of power the party had over the rest of the population that you’re referring to. Again, you have absolutely no clue what life in USSR was actually like and you continue to argue with somebody who lived there. Perhaps consider doing a bit of self reflection here?

I’d argue this is just a different way to describe the same thing. Marx explained how contradictions of capitalism necessarily lead it to this stage. However, observing parallels between late stage capitalism and feudalism is also valid.

I don’t think Communism by itself is a bad idea (it’s not good, but not bad either), I just think it’s always been poorly applied.

Given that it lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and provided them with necessities of life, I disagree. And the context here is that every communist experiment exists under duress from capitalist powers bent on destroying it. Seems like communism has done pretty well given that context.

Think about it: as soon as the working class takes power, it turns into the new bourgeoisie, except it’s not money but power what they’re after.

This is precisely the kind of falsehood I’m talking about. This is a demonstrably false claim. USSR had no generational wealth, and maximum pay was capped at 9x lowest pay. Politicians weren’t even highest paid people. Highest paying careers were in art and science. All the leaders of USSR came from common working class families. Instead of making stuff up, why not read some history?

This is a perfect example of a claim that’s misinformed.

I read a lot, but 99% of what I read is related to free software.

Then you might want to stick to discussions about software as opposed to domains you have no knowledge of. You’re just spreading misinformation and wasting other people’s time when you engage in subjects you have no understanding of.

There are tons of other factors at play, healthcare is not all there is to it.

Sure, people in USSR also had better nutrition, better work life balance, and so on. The point here is that your statement that USSR somehow had to learn from liberals to improve its conditions is absolute nonsense.

Many of the people in the comments of that Quora post also grew up in the USSR.

You might want to read up on the concept of selection bias. Vast majority of people who lived in USSR prefer the old system: