The truth is comrades…
There was never any alt. You got bamboozled. No, I'm joking of course. My question is: do you want to keep the hunt going, or has everyone had their fill? After all, what is important is what was left unsaid, and so it's important to have it said. I'm guilty of that too sometimes. Reply now or face the consequences!

finally we have breached the gap between mls
dengtists work with dental hyxhaists

facebook in 2011: look you can change the interface to pirate speak!
facebook in 2023: azov soldiers are heroes and our cia handlers want you to know that

I see what you did there, Fortune. Clever, clever....

Christ, these people...

This episode was surprisingly not bad for a prime time US TV show in the early 90s. (And the communist was unfortunately a trot). Elaine showed her true colors when she named names and got him banned from the chinese restaurant.

Just made this

"You liar!" - Wisconcom, 14:22, 29 January 2023 (UTC) made me lol. hope it makes you lol too.

mmmm yes low effort meme

eli5 democrats and republicans


the publication is "is s/he an informant" from the anarch*st library.

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