Late Stage Capitalism
"All I’m asking is for everybody to come to the table, all 62 townships, municipalities and boroughs to come to the table, and take on their fair share of the problem because we’re sick and tired and my residents are overburdened by taxes and all I want to do is help them" Why would they come to help?

Faking Paparazzi Videos For Clout
It's also hilarious how the guy making fun of them for doing something actually does a better job at it when he tried as a joke.

Imagine being an adult and believing in Ayn Rand’s drivel.
Read the article at your own risk of dying from disgust

The genius of Elon Musk strikes again: >More than 2,400 complaints allege sudden unintended acceleration problems. Although Autopilot and FSD have been the focus of headlines for the last few years, during the mid-2010s there were [plenty of reports of Teslas taking off on their own accord](—at least 232 cases have been reported in the US, although (as often turns out in cases like these) the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found no evidence for a hardware or software problem, [instead blaming driver error]( > >More than 1,500 complaints allege problems braking, including 139 cases of phantom braking and 383 cases of phantom stops. [In February 2022](, we learned that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had opened a safety investigation into Tesla's phantom braking problem after it received hundreds of complaints after an article in The Washington Post drew attention to the issue. But the problem has persisted, [causing an eight-car collision over Thanksgiving]( after Tesla opened up its FSD Beta program to all owners. > >Handelsblatt says there were more than 1,000 crashes linked to brake problems and more than 3,000 entries where customers reported safety concerns with the driver assists. And the least surprising revelation: >Beyond the customer complaints, the data leak also shows how Tesla responded to these problems—by committing to as little as possible in writing. […] As anyone who covers Tesla would be able to tell you, Handelsblatt got no reply from the company when it queried it on the problems listed above.

This is an issue I have rarely seen discussed outside of healthcare circles. I’m not sure if this exists in other countries, but in the US and Canada we are facing an issue in which those who have money and connections can afford to see physicians, and those without money and connections are forced to see Nurse Practitioners with a small fraction of the training. Of course this is a complex issue that also involves the increasing expense and inaccessibility of a proper medical education. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Neal what the fuck are you talking about
[Neal Katyal] argued that Hennepin County’s position was supported by the Statute of Gloucester of 1278, which gave feudal lords in England the ability to recover their land from tenants. Justice Neil Gorsuch told him, “I just don’t understand what on earth any of that history has to do with this case.”

> Canadian police bombed an oil well to frame climate protesters, coerced a couple to carry out a bomb plot to frame them for terrorism, raided Indigenous camps on behalf of oil interests, watched while an angry mob burned a Mi'kmaq lobster pound, evict homeless people from camps..

>Chief Financial Officer Gunnar Wiedenfels said a “large portion” of Discovery+ and HBO Max’s 4 million overlapping subscribers are expected to drop the service a few months after the Max launch. I suspect that the real reason that [they’re renaming HBO Max to just ‘Max’]( is to mitigate any damage to HBO’s public image should they decide to cancel it, which looks like a valid possibility now. (I find it pretty unlikely that the renaming is going to increase this service’s appeal, unless marketers really are ***that*** out of touch with [reality](

>The absence of growth, the threat of recession, etc., appear even bleaker if we understand that the tremors that shake finance anticipate the threat of an economic earthquake of unprecedented proportions. In other words, the recurrent financial crises are a sign of an economic crisis that is dragging on and on, accumulating an unprecedented explosive potential — not only on the strict economic plane, but also in the political sphere. > >Hence the growing threats of war between the great powers fighting for world primacy indicate that economic disputes no longer fit within the limits of business competition, but rather overflow into the terrain of political and military confrontation.

>You may find yourself wondering why politicians aren’t doing anything about climate change. Why are they keeping us distracted with culture wars, instead of focusing on the impending catastrophe? Is it simply greed and [ignorance]? While that may be a big part of it, the real answer is that they aren’t just unwilling to do anything; they are incapable of it. > >Under capitalism a tendency exists for the rate of profit to fall. In order to counteract this, capitalism necessitates infinite growth; it must always expand into new markets, extract every possible resource at an ever-quickening pace and drive down wages. If a capitalist economy is not growing, it is dying. World leaders know that if they were to get serious about climate change, it would impact their capitalist economies.


>There is clearly a global move away from dependence on the U.S. dollar, which will benefit the BRICS countries and others. But what does the diminishing hegemony of the U.S. dollar mean for the working class? > >Lessening U.S. hegemony means that countries in the Global South may have the chance to develop their economies without dependence on the U.S. dollar, the IMF and the World Bank, and the inherent debt cycle which that dependence entails. But that does not mean an end to U.S. [neo]imperialism or capitalism as we know it. It is a setback for U.S. [neo]imperialism but not a defeat. > >The end of U.S. hegemony creates conditions for the global working class to break with [neo]imperialism and for the working class to rise up and carry out its historic rôle. > >However, defeating U.S. [neo]imperialism and capitalism will take serious, revolutionary intervention by the global working class.

a sick familiar is not excuse to stop the hustle!

Two Canadian redditors made a website for rating landlords
Call 1-800-MAO-ZDNG to discuss enterprising solutions for your landlord troubles today!

Late Stage Capitalism
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