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Just a heads up, the person who uploaded that is a rabid white supremacist and a bigot. Might be better to block and/or report his profile and maybe find an alternate source for that video.

It is, Enes Kanter one of the West’s newer liberal grifters and using the same vacuous talking points we’ve been hearing over and fucking over for ages.

What it must be like waking up from a century or two of cryostasis.

Also American “democracy”, lol.

Of the few things in this capitalist hellworld that move me to celebration any more, “dead neo nazis” is near the top. Pouring some out tonight hoping all these fuckers meet their idol in hell.

When /r/FULLCOMMUNISM got quarantined the admins did something like that but with a link to some shitty anti-communist page equal to the Black Book in its honesty and credibility (i.e. none to speak of).

The only “credible sources” to these despicable Western liberals and their handlers are those which support the hegemony and chauvinism they’ve been enjoying on the backs of the rest of the world for decades.

Scriptkiddie-tier shit and now this manchild’s name will be shitlisted in open source communities until the end of time, but Putin pwned I guess.

What postings?! I thought ebul si si pea censors literally any critique of China ever!!#!!11

notepadqq and geany are also good alternatives, in my experience.

Something that constantly reaffirms itself with me is that the body count of dead nazis and their sympathisers is far below what it should be, both war-era and the contemporary manifestations.

[opinion / rant] The book “1984” was a massive self-own
[@AgreeableLandscape](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/AgreeableLandscape)'s post [about the book *1984* by George Orwell](https://lemmygrad.ml/post/31898) just spurred my thoughts and I felt like sharing. Nothing more, just my take on it over the years: The narratives about the telescreens struck me the most, seeing how they were used to express a pervasive, unavoidable presence of snitches and thought policing present in every waking moment in the fictional, strawmanned communist society. Western capitalist nations these days are *total* surveillance states, everything you do from either an internet connection or being out in public under the collective eye of uncountable and often unseen cameras is recorded somewhere, on some remote server, with fuck knows how much metadata to accompany it, kept for some unknowable amount of time, if not forever, with no accountability or control over any of it granted to the citizens being surveilled. Your every bank and card transaction (with accompanying video if made in-person) and records of debt/credit are stored digitally with multiple backups around the country impervious to activist destruction or weather events, but accessible to anyone in the government or corrupted police forces at any time. You're opted in, with or without consent or knowledge, to a corrupt and unaccountable credit reporting system that tracks all your financial activity throughout your life (frequently without accuracy) and determines how easy of a time you'll have in this modern hell wherein money is held higher than any deity and is needed for literally every aspect of simply *living*. Your smartphone, equipped with multiple cameras and a microphone, operated by hardware and firmware made by privatised capitalist entities (frequently Qualcomm), is equally accessible to state-level agencies; LineageOS or whatever will mostly keep Google from harvesting an ocean of your personal data, but it doesn't help you when the cellular radio firmware (baseband) is so often a closed "binary blob" of unknowable code that interacts with the network at a level below and independent of the authority of the OS software, even when the device is off. These combined with the newer "smart TVs" are the literal, actual telescreens which watch and listen to everything we do in service of capitalist and neoliberal masters. Every moment of interaction with any police is recorded in sound and video (unless they had plans to murder you in advance, in which case the surveillance is turned off). Your ISP holds all records of your interactions with every website you visit, say something naughty enough about a shithead neoliberal politician on a privatised social platform, or talk enough bad about the system of capitalism itself, and all your details are gleefully turned over to the pork at their request and you get a knock at your door. A lesser form of this snitching is seen when "owners" of intellectual """"property"""" rat out users in bittorrent swarms sharing movies etc., casting the widest net possible to increase chances of a life-ruining lawsuit sticking to some of them, and they do it thousands of times per day with full compliance from the ISPs due to laws written by and for the oligarchy to protect capital interests. Modern journalism and news are perverted, falsified, and shaped in equal parts by both a violent, highly individualist and reactionary society who have been conditioned to respond only to negative stories, and by force of being controlled from by a small number of multinational megacorporations handing down doctrines of biased pro-capitalism horseshit to keep the narrative on the side of the oligarchy. I could keep going but I have other shit to do. What I'm trying to say with all this is even though *1984* was apparently written to show what some strawmanned "communist" dystopia would be like, in reality and bittersweet irony it ended up envisioning capitalism to the fucking letter.

They vote this way because it’s a nation of soulless, immoral sociopaths who worship money and believe every conceivable human action or exchange should have a price tag attached.

“They pick the lock, they dump the whole can on the street and then as the sort through the things they want while the garbage is either on the sidewalk or out on the street,” said Public Works Acting Director Alaric Degrafinried.

Yo Alaric, just thinking out loud here but it’s almost as if material conditions for many under capitalism are so bad that they feel compelled to go digging through the rubbish of others in hope of finding food or sellable goods.

I’ve personally witnessed two rental properties in my area, each managed by different companies and each “owned” by different absentee parasites, jack their monthly rent up by $50 each over the summer. And this is nothing; I’ve read anecdotes of $100+ monthly increases at time of lease renewal in other cities, especially common when a property is transferred to a new owner (assuming the tenants don’t simply get an eviction order).

Housing conglomerates seem to collude with each other, maintaining rent demands at roughly equivalent levels to ensure nobody gets too good of a deal in their area (the “market rate”). They keep watch on an area’s median wages and incomes, ensuring 25-50% of everything the tenants make through endless toil goes directly to their coffers and whatever meager crumbs get tossed to the working class from the political oligarchy over the years are quickly snatched up as well.

Among the lowest paid workers it’s also possible, due to decades of stagnant wages and uncontrolled rent increases in all directions as properties are steadily bought up and consolidated over time, that someone could be trapped in their current housing as prices of everything increase around them to the point that their income no longer passes the 3x or 4x income-to-rent ratio check, effectively making them immobile.

In my observed case, to absorb a $50 rent hike while also accounting for income taxes, the tenant would need an immediate roughly $.50/hour wage increase. Good fucking luck negotiating literally any kind of raise for any reason with your masters.

It’s been said his account could’ve been banned at multiple points in the last few years since it literally violated Twitter terms of use on many occasions. Wish it would’ve happened, then maybe he could’ve fucked off to Gab or Parler or some other right-wing garbage dump where his bullshit belonged.

Yea it looks like just another troll, I believe it has happened before for a bit until the miserable fuck gets bored or found and banned. Definitely more noticeable here because of the small userbase and lower post activity (compared to chapo.chat or the old reddit forums).

I’m also less than thrilled over the recent federation with lemmy.ml and the obnoxious liberal and blatant trolling/reactionary shit some of those users have spewed into lemmygrad crossposts. I’d think the recent streak of downvoting here to be from one of them considering the variety of insufferable centrist, anti-communist, and radlib sentiments I’ve seen expressed there.

This is the best caricature of the hysterical racist Westerner hatemobs on that trashfire site that I’ve seen yet, like a page from reddit.txt was taken and updated for 2020. Even the wildly exaggerated numbers are not looking too far off after seeing some of the topics created this past year.

The actual tragedy being that the communists didn’t have necromancers to raise these assholes from the dead so they could be shot again.

Everything in this video is absolute truth as is the eye-catching title, by definition. Word is that this video was partly censored by Google in that it won’t show in search results or recommendations, you would need to be on Second Thought’s channel or directly linked to see it.

America is a fucking shitshow.

I listened to that podcast, it was fucking insufferable. I knew nothing about its creator then but something about the way he presented it - his choice of words maybe, or the vibe of one of those fucking prepper assholes he gave off - I just couldn’t stand it. There seemed to be almost a glee in his foretelling of societal breakdown, and one or two of what I interpreted as almost anti-leftist remarks woven in. He also had a bunch of doomer fanboys on some left-ish subreddits (especially /r/collapse) who would fellate him any time social disorder was brought up.

Anyway I got a pretty clear libertarian/anarchist vibe from his podcast and these tweets have driven it home.

Really well done and comprehensive article on this fascist police state. As the regression of labor rights and working conditions have demonstrated since the industrial age, any technology or tools that are controlled by capital-serving entities will always, inevitably lead to dystopian hellscapes like this.

Jasper Mobile Home Park is run by Robert Ripley and his management company, Texas PMR. Ripley has been attempting to run residents out the community in order to flip the property into something more profitable, and has utilized BCES to carry out this task. BCES provides a way for landlords to sidestep the state’s eviction process, which has been mostly on hold during the coronavirus pandemic.

They have gone as far as to recently crush the home of a resident while they were in the hospital with all of their belongings inside of it.

residents have reported some of these were crushed with live pets still remaining in them.

Jesus fucking christ, reading this and all the other heinous shit committed against the residents in the name of capital, my blood is about to boil. If this hasn’t kicked shit off by now I can only say the residents of that trailer park have the fucking patience of saints, and that motherfucker Robert Ripley of Texas PMR deserves a slow fucking death after watching his own house get bulldozed. Where I’m at in my life and the way shit is going I would’ve been out for this this parasite’s fucking blood if that happened to me, and his god damn head would be on a pike by sunset at the gates to the trailer park.

residents of Jasper Mobile Home Park in Northeast San Antonio and their supporters rallied outside of the office of Bexar County Eviction Services (BCES) to protest Helen Klonek, the owner of BCES, who has collaborated with the management of the mobile home park to intimidate residents into leaving through the use of bogus eviction notices and other threatening tactics.

After crying, she told the activists that, “This is just business” and, “People gotta make money,” referring to the mobile home residents as “peons” before driving away.

No, you fucking cockroach piece of shit, you don’t need money, you need the gulag or the fucking wall. You’re lucky you weren’t torn apart by the very people you’re actively trying to make homeless and you have absolutely fucking nothing to cry about.

These oppressed people made two mistakes during their demonstration, letting that fucking lady leave her landlords-r-us eviction assistance business on functioning legs, and not setting the business on fire immediately after. I cannot even fucking believe the shit I am reading. How the absolute fuck is there not a riot in progress over everything in that article? Is this all psychological learned helplessness from decades of abuse and oppression?

God damn the USA and death to capitalism.

At the jobs I’ve had where anti-union shit was part of the “training” videos, they were always the longest videos, exceeding the length of all the other training videos and having scripts with the most hokey cringeworthy scenarios conceivable. They made the unionizers look and act like these sinister con artist salespeople types, presented the not-yet-unionized employees as victims of lies and coercion and toward the end had them tell the audience how they can just gO To ThEiR MaNAgEr with all their problems and pay raise requests because that definitely works and the private capitalist company is just oh so empathetic and generous!

The last place that had this shit in orientation lowballed all the positions’ wages for the nature and importance of the work, offered zero benefits to speak of outside the usual dogshit health insurance plans (literally zero, no vacation time, no PTO, no paid holidays, your only compensation was your hourly wage), were always short staffed due to constant turnover, had horrible management, and never gave raises for any reason.

It is objectively good to destroy an icon that represents immorality, slavery, endless warmongering, violence of all forms, hypocrisy, greed, and selfishness among countless other vices.

As a bonus every time something like this happens, right-wingers have aneurysms after Fox “News” have to waste time and effort manufacturing outrage over it.

Some time in the future after humanity has collectively awakened to the nature of slavery and cruelty inflicted on it by capitalism and its attendant institutions of oppression, and abolished both, I hope historians and descendant communists look back on this period and remember and condemn capitalism and the fiction of money as the tools of barbarism that they are, until humanity’s last breath is drawn.

If I were religiously inclined, my one and only hope (regardless how this plays out) would be for the careerist millionaire neoliberal politicians who ultimately allowed this to happen, the banking system and landlord parasites, the shitstain street pigs who enforce their rules, and all the right-wing bootlicker motherfuckers who take up arms to support these oppressive institutions, to all burn in the hottest fucking fires of hell until the end of time.

Like if I could just Thanos snap every breathing soul of those fucking groups out of existence I would do it without a moment of hesitation. I am beyond the point of rage and I am so fucking done with this entire system.

Great economic model we have here, no enablement of waste or unnecessary pollution for frivolous bullshit at all. Same system that incentivized asshat airlines like this to fly planes empty back in early summer to avoid losing flight slots at airports in absence of mArKEt dEmANd (and thus keeping the line god pleased).

Someone on olde CTH once said it was referring to a ‘normal’ ratio on tweets of 10+ likes/hearts for every 1 comment/reply, but if you said some really stupid or inflammatory shit you’d see that ratio plunge to 1:1 or worse indicating there was a great deal more talk than simple liking and moving on and that the tweet was probably not well received, thus “ratio’d”

From that date, any provision of service to distribute or maintain the WeChat or TikTok mobile applications, constituent code, or application updates through an online mobile application store in the U.S. will be prohibited, the order said.

Sounds like a common region block that regressive copyright parasites love so dearly. You could presumably use a VPN to force a non-US Apple or Google store to load where the app should still be available.

If it gets you to the download and your account doesn’t get punished for ‘suspicious activity’ or whatever, I imagine you’d need to keep the VPN around to fetch future updates for the app.

Second Thought makes a clear, easily understood and unapologetic talk about the fascist threat that has been growing in USA for several decades. He touches on the history of Fox News too. It reminded me about an older video I once saw wherein the creator explained how Fox's purpose from the beginning was not so much journalistic news with actual integrity, but as an entertainment channel designed to relentlessly promote reactionary and neoliberal agendas. He has quite a few other excellent videos on leftist topics or of interest to leftists.

They work so hard in that sub to earn and keep the label “anarkiddies” and prove time and time again, they deserve it.

When the steaming wet turd known as the ACA was dropped in our laps, neither me nor my friends could understand how the fuck it was supposed to help anyone not already basking in middle-class or higher, dual income/partnered comfort with their existing “good” medical coverage and a nice rainy day fund to cover those pesky deductibles.

And suddenly, mandatory medical coverage every month, miss even one in a year and you get suckerpunched with a tax penalty during reporting season, for being an uppity little prole and not shoveling your dues into the black hole that is the corporate insurance racket.

I examined all the plans available to me. I saw no practical difference between the tax subsidized “bronze” trash I could actually afford with my precarious employment / income situation vs. the mediocre shit the employers generously deducted my paychecks for. Any of them would’ve financially destroyed me for years if I ever had to use them and pay the outrageous deductibles, even the out-of-pocket fees for routine shit would’ve been crippling. And in true American tradition, literally none of the ACA offers came with dental coverage, and only a select few had vision.


The “Affordable” “Care” Act was neither affordable nor did it provide anything resembling care except to the insurance industry’s financial spreadsheets. I would like to get printed on my grave’s headstone that neoliberalism and capitalism are the literal, ideological forms of what social science has defined as sociopathy and cruelty, conceived by some of the most vile and despicable cockroaches this earth has ever borne.

But who the fuck am I kidding. I’m going to die so fucking poor I won’t even afford my own obituary in the local news (which got sold out to fucking Gannett decades ago), let alone a burial and headstone.

Great site, thanks for the share op. Reminds me of planetemu and has a nice simple late 90s aesthetic that I wish was still popular.

Great post, lots of thoughts here and gave me much to think about. I didn’t join /r/collapse until late last year, and it definitely has a huge American-centric bias overall. They really need some rule to include [US] or something in topic titles.

I do remember that one prolific poster though I didn’t take well to him, found him more annoying than anything else though it was probably a consequence of my very low mood and that I wasn’t subscribed there long before he deleted his account. The first few times I noticed his username he was heavily downvoted too so maybe that played a part on my impression; just couldn’t warm up to him.

Otherwise yes, the consequences of Red Scare are with us today as seen with all of capitalism’s and neoliberalism’s cheerleaders. I’d expect more than half the content posted there wouldn’t exist in an alternate reality freed from the disease of neoliberalism, in a needs-based, more humble, anti-consumerism type of world.

Found [here](https://old.reddit.com/r/collapse/comments/ii3cri/the_jobs_numbers_are_fraudulent_the_unemployment/) Libs doing the West's work free of charge. Must be a day of the week ending in 'y' again. Sad thing is the post histories of these Sinophobia-spewing assholes shows them to be generally left-leaning. I beg your pardon if I seem harsh on them but I'm fucking fed up with seeing this shit everywhere lately. Haven't decided how to interpret that pizza69 guy. I remember his name because I've downvoted stupid/aggravating shit he said in the past when I still had an account there, and I think here he's joining the circlejerk by invoking the old reliable anything left of Obama = tAnKiE, but again not sure. *edit: the last guy just updated his post to include one final Le Both Sides jab... "2 sides of the same capitalistic, imperialist coin."

Definitely does especially in context of libspeak tantrum like his. And “our” house lol. This was the kid in school who’d give dirty looks and dime your ass out to the admins if you didn’t stand for the daily pledge brainwashing.

I’m late to the party here and have nothing to contribute materially but wanted to say how I used Photoshop CS6 a while ago and was really pleased with it overall. Nice thing was, as you alluded to, that Adobe made the installers and patches available right on their support site for their entire product line, no need to keep optical disc around. Seems like they’ve moved to the PC gaming distribution models now, with a launcher, account login, everything downloaded on-demand?

For those older Adobe softwares I remember the magic bullet being “amtlib.dll” file. The arrr matey version would cancel/remove its DRM function of verifying an Adobe account before allowing use of whichever program. There were torrents up on the Bay of just that file as I recall, so if you didn’t have a purchased key you could download the latest build direct from Adobe, install, then replace the one little file and you were set indefinitely.

Their DRM has evolved quite a lot since then and 2018/19 versions of their suite are a pain from what I’ve read. I long ago moved to desktop Linux and GIMP for my limited photo editing so I’m way out of the loop these days.

This would 100000% happen if it hasn’t already and the Western libsphere would not even notice the level of self-parody they’ve attained through their gleeful ignorance.


The ridiculous trend of cramming bajillions of “tags” into nearly every site’s URL for the damn search engine indexing competition is one of the dumbest things I’ve witnessed in internet evolution. It makes the site immediately look less credible and more like a spam/bait page to serve viruses or something. Used to see more dignified, simpler URLs and some even had the posting date as part of its structure (I see many articles and blogs in recent years that don’t even have publishing date posted in the fucking text body)

That’s fucking disgusting in so many ways 🤮

There’s a Wikipedia article about this too and is currently on the English front page. The article’s formal title at time of this writing is simply “2020 Belarusian protests” but the clickable link’s text is “Pro-democracy protests” 🙄

Naturally the entire article is biased fully in support of the protestors, because Wikipedia.

China is attempting to undermine President Trump’s campaign

Good Guy China, I’ll toast a drink for them when he fails again :)

Russia is working to malign Joe Biden

The chronically underserved, struggling, suburbanite wine libs and poor downtrodden Democratic Party with its defenseless, barely solvent corporate donors will never recover.

Iran is trying to undermine U.S. democratic institutions

Yeah “U.S.” and “democratic” do not belong in the same fucking sentence, ever. What institutions that exist sure as fuck don’t serve the proletariat or support any process resembling democracy, so let them fucking be “undermined”.

Aside from the entire tweet being a load of fabricated fearmongering horseshit, it really speaks to the liberal mayo’s perverse worldview that any of that, were it true, is somehow bad for literally anyone.

Eat shit, imperialist motherfuckers. Gods willing, your terms be extended to life at some point.

If only the imprisonment could reach all the way up the chain to the seats of power in U.S. who set this in motion.

Some users in this thread already brought up Protonmail’s question of trust, here’s one guy’s very extensive take on it. He has such an axe to grind with Protonmail that he seemingly created the website just for them and rips into them mercilessly over their technical (in)competence and supposed ties to U.S. government entities. Worth reading through especially if the cringy pro-HK declaration and their dismissive non-apology tweets haven’t yet turned you off to them.

I once created an account with them. Only, I couldn’t fucking use it because their “anti abuse” code suspected me of being a spammer with no further explanation. My shiny new account, which I had intention to use nearly immediately, greeted me with a pop-up saying I couldn’t send or receive anything for 48 hours to “protect the service” or some accusatory bullshit. There was no courtesy notice that this might happen before I clicked the final submit, and the pop-up claimed this temp ban would be automatically lifted after 48 hours (we pinky swear!).

Searching their subreddit revealed this 48-hour lock was a very regular topic with multiple reports of it not being lifted, or the user being told to e-mail Tuta’s support directly from a different address, and a few snarky, smug apologist regulars butting in here and there. By reading the responses apparently all you had to do if you got blindsided with the spam ban was just wait it out and then you could be one with the rest of the Enlightened Ascetics.

I deleted that brand new account and moved elsewhere and I’ll never think nor speak positively of Tutanota again.

It gets better, scroll down more in that “News” page and he has some earlier release dedicated to the West’s falsified interpretation of Tiananmen.

If you’re on Linux, I recommend from personal experience notepadqq, it is independent and does not use any code from this clown’s project. For Windows try Geany as already suggested, which also has a Linux build.