Shit Liberals Say
I overlayed one of those rage comic "talking" faces over a yellow flag, which is generally recognized to symbolize liberalism. The flag is over the face's eyes, which can also be symbolic of the effects of liberal propaganda. I know it's kind of a shtpost, but I still think it looks okay as an icon and has some symbolism to it, but please let me know what you think! I also made this one, but it didn't look very good as an icon: ![]( ----- **Update:** Looks like there's a new icon uploaded by a different mod, feel free to discuss that as well!
Community icon feedback


Meanwhile you'll be banned in a heartbeat if you point out that Azov is a neo nazi organization that regularly kills dissidents.

"What?! How is CGP Grey racist?! Why would you ever say that you stupid hater?!" Meanwhile CGP Grey representing countries and places as stick figures:
![]( ![]( ![](

Also, surprisingly women like Angela Davis aren't there



Also fuck Bernie for giving over my email address. I have to get a new one now because these fools won’t leave me alone.


It's also, like, houses even in the US were like that during the same era as the Khrushchevkas. Sorry that mid 20th century housing isn't up to 21st century standards.

Shit Liberals Say

    Liberals say a lot of stupid things. Post incidences here.

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