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I have a flair now?? creator of what??!?!?

hello everybody welcome back to revolutionary left radio

Help in getting sources for article
For the section *Popularity in Right-wing Media and Arguments*, I want some examples and sources and the sort, as it is a pretty important part of the Black Book - Its influence.

Maybe, but I stopped reading it because I bought a bunch of novels and I like them way more. I bought his newest book, Capital and Ideology (god why don’t I learn from my mistakes), so if I ever do write a paper on Cap21C I gotta do one on CapIdeo too.

Yep. He explicity critiques Marx multiple times trying to find a solution to the problem, saying that Karl is radical or something. He just comes to the conclusion of taxes. I read it months ago, I cannot remember too well. I do remember there being some good nuggets, yet I cannot remember what they said.

“Capitalism in the 21st Century”
I own this book (I wish I didn't) but I was thinking of doing a sort of analysis of it, with sticky notes on everything I feel like commenting on, on each page. Perhaps I could even write a paper. I can do it once I have a good lot of sticky notes. Is this a good idea to waste my time with?

“Complaining without posing a solution is called whining” - (most likely) Theodore Roosevelt. It is right to say that they whine.

I saw that too. I am not gun crazy like a Trumpite in Texas, but I think we all know that the almost only cause of mass shootings is alienation and not getting proper treatment for mental disorders. I do not like gun restriction (except for reasonable things like background checks and not being able to buy a gun when 7).

May some people review this thread? I want to know if it is legitimate.

everything bad ever is from capitalism, dont you know?

Cool. Hope your mayoral time goes well, no more problems (atleast as bad).

Oh hell. Hold on to the Kalashnikov.

lol. Happy that you are OK!

That is good. So he must just have a wheelchair, which is fine. This is good news. I will be very sad if he dies.

That is great! I am guessing that the paralysis prediction by the hospital was body paralysis, so hopefully when he recovers he can still be mayor.

That is good, hope he is OK.

I mean that spilling coffee on a new white shirt will make your day bad, but having your mate be shot is way worse, so coffee has nothing on this.

Yes, of course, but coffee still has nothing on this.

Spilling coffee has nothing on this!

Try to stay safe. I am guessing there are some guards in the building, but still try to hold on to the Kalashnikov for more safety, or atleast have it near.

I Hope he will be OK.

I know. It is still, atleast, Attempted assassination.

This is absurd!

OK. The Mayor has still been assassinated though, correct? This is horrible stuff.

What the fuck? This must become news, if not on CNN, even it being forcefully posted on Reddit or something and making news must happen. If a leftist killed a conservative mayor it would be international news for a bit. This must be known to all: Fascists will shoot!

Oh god! That is terrible! Isn’t it terrorism in the USA to kill a government official? I hope he somehow lives, or atleast this inspires further anti-fascism and anti-capitalism.

what the hell is happening?? Is the chap ok?? So Clucky is almost dead?? What the

NKVD - Leftypedia
I copied and edited this page (made from an MIA Entry), but I would like it to be better. Anything helps, other than bullshit.

Did most of you historians major in history?
sorry im probably gonna major in history and i want to know

Political Compass Rap
hey im totalitarian right

i do not like stem (canada)
stem sucks. I like the humanities but school just shoves stem in my stupid fucking face

I really want this community to take off, I need to learn russian better

Lemmy Gold
im sure soon some amazing posts will happen, we better get Lemmy Gold!

mobile app
Do NOT have mobile app as a priority but maybe just keep it in mind.

Hey owner of the site
may u pls comment on this so i can appoint you as owner and so you can kick my mod status on this sub thx

am canuck