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Experiences in English education system or any other non american ones.

Want to share any stories of non american education systems and the struggles they bring, zero tolerance policies, teachers overeaching their power over us, lack of creative freedom or any freedom to be yourself or any positive experiences?..

advice on finding solid reading + learning group?

i enjoy reading political theory, and already am growing my knowledge and history on my own, but i know i would not only enjoy it more but also benefit from the efforts more if i has comrades to do this with. …

One for the atrocity list, if it’s not already there. …

I was recommended this article a while back; reading right now…



Byju Raveendran is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder of Ed-tech startup Byju’s who was born in 1980 (Age:40 years; as in 2020) in Azhikode, Kerala. Byju’s CEO has got the first indication he might have a future in education as a teenager when he use…

Do countermeasures for ADS (active denial system) exist and if so how accessible are they?

Today I was reading about a device the military has access to called ADS that is used as a crowd control measure. It fires a concentrated beam of electromagnetic waves at targets, stimulating the sensation of being on fire. …

I’ll put the text below…

Many Comrades try to get an education at Bourgeoise schools to help better society by learning things like medicine or geography. But things can be tough sometimes, so help each other out if you’re struggling in school or university!

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