Antifa stonetoss edits

Welcome to c/antifastonetoss!

The mod team of r/antifastonetoss on Reddit has chosen to revive the c/antifastonetoss community on Lemmy. …

This is stonetoss' official facebook page. Don't forget to visit once in a while and report the stuff on there!

In your browser, click on the three dots on the right of the post, then select report this content. Most likely you’ll have to pick “hate speech”, then “religious” or “ethnicity”. On the next window don’t forget to pick “report this picture/post”, so that it goes to human review. …

Inspired by “news” like this: But you could well substitute China or any country that opposes western imperialist interests…

Antifa stonetoss edits

    Stonetoss is a fascist comic artist who hides behind humour to spread his vile message of hate and bigotry. Our goal is to edit his comics and promote an antifascist message instead.

    Please note that the Lemmy community has a slightly different approach based on hands-on activism towards deplatforming Stonetoss for good.

    This community is ANTIFASCIST in nature. This means that everyone is welcome, especially if their group has been targeted by pebblethrow in the past, except for fascists and fascist-sympathizers and defenders. For the cohesion of this project, we generally don’t allow debates on fascism, antifascist action, and on justifying the existence of the groups that defend against fascists. There are other places for this, and if you participate here, we assume that you are on board with antifascism.

    Want to learn more about what we do and why? Read our articles:

    They are also now on Cryptpad for posterity along with my other articles.

    Do you want to submit your own edit?

    1. You can download the official font here. It’s not mandatory for submitting edits though!

    2. You can also browse our collection of comic templates so that you don’t have to read the originals yourself.

    3. Finally, please obey all subreddit rules when submitting an edit!


    1. We are not ironically antifascists. We are very much serious, and we expect you to be as well if you participate here. We’re here to hurt rockyeet and his ideology, and we won’t ask you to pull your punches. (And if you don’t like antifa, we really don’t care).

    2. No in-fighting. We’re here to fight fascism, not each other. The only exception are fascists and anything adjacent to fascism. Go wild on them and report. This also means we expect you to keep discussion somewhat civil – don’t go overboard with insults when you’re debating.

    3. No linking to stonetoss’ website or social media. This applies to comments and submissions and no exceptions will be made. Bypassing the filter with creative spelling will get you permanently banned.

    4. Edit the credits in all comics. Your edit must have credits that clearly identify it as antifa. The easy one is “Stonetoss is a nazi”. We’re lenient on this one – keep in mind the point is to avoid having our edits shared by fascists.

    5. How to provide the oregano. If you want to explain the original comic (before the edit), please write a transcript. We don’t allow the posting of original comics even with the credits removed.

    6. We only allow edits from Stonetoss, but also original comics if you’re the author and were inspired by the subreddit (read more here). If you want to submit something else, please ask in modmail first.

    7. No bigotry, trolling or fascism. This applies to your comment history as well. No racism, sexism, ableism, classism, anti-LGBT discrimination, or any other form of bigotry. No support of fascism either. The comfort level of readers who experience these forms of bigotry takes priority in this subreddit over your right to speak freely.

    8. Edits must be in support of things stonetoss hates. Conversely, don’t make edits that agree with stonetoss. Stonetoss hates many things (the LGBT, the left, religion, vegans, minorities…) so there’s many topics to pick from.

    9. Mods act at their own discretion. We can’t make rules for every case.