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But experts have said the agency’s methods could do more harm than good in its fight to crack down on political corruption.

Of course an American journal will say that… While their own country does basically nothing to address corruption.

Skip to 8:00 if you're only interested in the speech. I don't think there is a version with subtitles available yet, but there is a translation at: http://rodong.rep.kp/en/index.php?strPageID=SF01_02_01&newsID=2021-01-06-0007

Source: https://nitter.net/PicturesUssr/status/1334109728176279553#m

I don’t think there ever was a feature to follow a user on Lemmy, whether on your own instance or on another one. However, you can send direct messages to users on a different instance, and you can subscribe to communities on a different instance. In fact, you can do most actions you would do on your own instance on another instance, except for creating and moderating communities.

For example: My username probably looks like @RandomSovietKid@lemmygrad.ml to you, indicating that my account is registered on the lemmygrad.ml instance, yet I’m seeing and commenting on this your post on the lemmy.ml instance.

If with “talk to each other”, you mean federation — yes, it’s enabled now. You can read the announcement here: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/9334. You can see posts also from the other federated instances by selecting “All” instead of “Local”.

Painting from the year 1944. Can't read author's name (in bottom right corner) because it's too small.

Source: https://nitter.net/notXiangyu/status/1340996581416448000#m

(or: revolution does not require violence)

Where did you get that part from? I don’t see such a statement in the article.

Her previous one was blocked by YouTube. If you're not familiar: she lives in Pyongyang and she posts videos about daily life in DPRK as well as special occasions. It's very interesting, and I encourage you to subscribe to her new channel.

As far as I understand, it filters not just by which language is spoken in the video, but also by which language it has subtitles in. So if the video isn’t in English, but has English subtitles, it’ll still appear.

(I can’t say anything about the newpipe problem though, I’ve never used it.)

EDIT: Sorry, I misread your comment initially. I meant setting which languages you want to see will look at both video language and subtitles, I don’t know about instance search. I’m quite inexperienced with Peertube…

Peertube has language setting. When you’re at the main page, click on “Settings” in the sidebar. You’ll get this pop-up (you probably in English, though):

The bottom field lets you set which languages you want to see videos in. Just remove “All languages” and set “English” and whatever other languages you want to see.

However, I just tried it on the peertube.social instance, it didn’t work for me. But then the problem is not that Peertube doesn’t have a language settings, but that the language settings don’t work…

If you have a Peertube account and are logged in, you can change displayed languages in your account settings. That works for me.

Comrade Kim Jong Il passed away on 17th December 2011. Maybe you confused the two?

I meant, I had no idea why that internal server error was there. But now Felipe explained it in above comments.

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Y'all probably have already seen it, but I'll still post this beautiful poster here. Quite sad to think about how the relations between China and USSR became some years later...

([Source](https://nitter.13ad.de/catcontentonly/status/1325888726627737607#m), with some more)

Are there any plans to make it possible to browse a remote instance’s community list without going to their site? That would make finding and subscribing to remote communities much more convenient IMO.


Alright. So it’s intended that way. Thanks for clarifying.

Does CGTN have more pictures like this? Can you give me a link?

This is very good news! Have been looking forward to this for long time already.

But it’s seeming that some things aren’t working right (Maybe it’s transfer problems? New posts seem to be working fine).

For example, here the same post viewed from Lemmygrad:

and from “main” Lemmy:

Apparently the upvotes and some of the comments don’t show up when looking at it from Lemmygrad. This isn’t a single problem in only that post, you can look at !asklemmy@lemmy.ml for some more, or for example this post with no comments and 2 upvotes when viewing from Lemmygrad and 101 upvotes (and 32 downvotes lol) and lots and lots of comments when viewing from “main” Lemmy.


On another note, are there plans to make the search search across instances? At the moment, it seems to not find posts from another instance:

Whoa, did you just turn on the federation? (I’m seeing this from Lemmygrad…)

Well, he does look somewhat similar to that picture of young Stalin…

But you can’t deny that Stalin also was very good-looking (right-click, then “View Picture” to make larger):

I’d like to see an article about the European Union’s imperialism. I see, “European imperialism” is one of the Wanted Pages, so maybe it would fit as a section in that article.

Why the Spiderman? And why are they dressed like that? lol

There’s been discussion to make a script to upload data from a Reddit community to a Lemmy instance. See the discussion here, and the Github issue here.

(From what I understand, not a particularly high-priority task, but it sounded somewhat similar to what you described and I also think such a script would be good to have.)