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What's the big idea with Kyrgyzstan?

Should I be happy or sad that they Yeeted thier president? It’s hard to find good info about, no one I respect seems to be talking about it…

Truth About Soviet Music & Art?

I’m taking a 20th century music history course right now, and the professor is a strongly anticommunist progressive. Before he even started he claimed Stalin was unequivocally the worst person of the 20th century, if not all time. One of the most suspicious parts was when he told us about Prokofiev’…

Did the US assassinate JFK?

I haven’t done a lot of research into this one because whenever I try to look into it all the sources are either complete wackos I wouldn’t trust to tell me much of anything, or people clearly just repeating the state narrative. I used to blankly dismiss the idea in my Libshit days and I would like …

How can I, a non-historian, tell the history I'm reading isn't revisionism?

With all of these “best-sellers”, pirated epubs, PDFs… What I’ve been doing is guiding myself through the party’s indications, but I still can’t answer the question of the title…

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