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  • Nothing spectacular for me, but I worked a 0-hour contract for 9 years. It’s not too bad if you’re still called in regularly, but it wears you down after a while. You’re never fully part of the team, you have very limited rights, you’re the first to be disposed of, you’re never entirely sure of income, etc. I decided to get a teacher’s degree after a while to have something on the backburner. When I wanted to go for an interview my boss gave me pain because, even though I wasn’t scheduled to work, I had to keep the day free for them! That was the final straw, decided to quit. We have a decent welfare system where I live, but it’s been crushed by decades of neoliberalism, so I expected nothing of it. Amazingly, they decided that I had a good reason to quit and I was still entitled to unemployment benefits based on the last weeks of salary. Nothing came of the teaching job (too many people with my degree and too little openings) so no luck there. But then I moved two years ago and now I’m at a new employer, a very small one, and this time it’s on a good and steady contract. Glad I said “fuck you” to my employer and left. I get that that’s not a luxury that every worker can afford though, so solidarity to anyone who is in the situation I was in.

  • While it’s great to make this a big community, it would be a shame to lose contact with the reddit community altogether. I’m not afraid of isolation, but as communists, we should agitate where the masses are. That is and has always been our strategy, because it works. A big safe space for communists to come together is vital. But imo we should still keep going to where the masses are.

  • He asked me the other day what I was reading. Marx’s biography. So I asked him if he would like me to read a bit to him. Sure, he said. “Do you understand any of it?” I asked after a while. “Yes!” was his response. Not sure, though, but it’s never too early to start.

    As to how my theory has shaped and is shaping my parenting, well, lots of ways. Don’t buy into the whole boy / girl thing, for one. Don’t let him get attached to branding, that sort of thing. Try to illuminate when something is just a marketing ploy, and not something he should fall for, although that’s kind of hard, with all the bright colours and stuff.

    Oh, and these two messages I’m trying to subtly put in every chance I get: “rich people steal” and “ACAB”.

  • Same here. We adopted our son last October, but he turned 6 last week. We just had his birthday. My wife and I are really trying to reduce all the plastic toys he gets. Try to get family on our side. Not give him too much tv with Disney TM shit on, that kind of thing. Buy second hand as much as we can. But it’s like sailing in a storm. Everywhere you turn, there’s a new challenge to my ideal non-capitalist parenting.