Left Piracy
Is protonmail legit?

Been looking for an alternative to gmail and out of all the ones I’ve looked at protonmail seems to be the best one…

Is it worth entering the Deep Web?

Well, the question is self-explanatory. I am curious to enter the Deep Web, but I don’t know if I would find anything very different there from what I already know on the Surface. In this case, what interests me most are documents, books or any other media that contain information that we can’t easi…

Not digital piracy, but here's in instructional PDF on building radio transmitters.

Hopefully this isn’t too far outside the scope of this community, it is piracy, just of a different kind. …

However you do not get the mini DLCs that add some side chapters. …

share a username

this is a thread for connecting with peers on personal filesharing sites like retroshare, freenet, tribler, onion service, etc.
drop a username for a site. …

what are some (relatively) safe messaging apps?

idk which sub to post this and this is the closest thing i got to this question’s subject …

I AM MAKING Theory Mega-torrent!

Yeh it’s going down. this is just the beginning: …

What is .apk?

A comrade said I should look into .apk if I want to scan books. Anyone know what this is?..


Not really piracy, but Starlink Battle for Atlas is free today on Ubisoft Connect (previously Uplay).

They’re doing a holidays thing where they give one free gift every day from Dec. 14 to Dec. 18 and today is the whole game – without any DLCs of course, so that you’ll purchase them yourself lol. …

“Under the laws, authorities could hack, secretly takeover, and add, copy, and delete material on computers and digital accounts anywhere in the world without the account-holder’s knowledge or consent.” no way this will be used to incriminate people…

New game: post communist theory under anticommunist games on skidrowreloaded.com

G*mers being what they are, you can imagine piracy sites attract the worst of the bunch. …

Who wants to pool money to purchase Polyphia's digital tab book? For guitarists who like prog metal.

Edit: in the meantime for the interested, here’s a mediafire link with a PDF and GPX file I made from a youtube tutorial for the intro of GOAT. http://www.mediafire.com/file/h2b3ps4w2na6ded/GOAT.zip/file

Adobe Master Collection CS6.

So the original files for older versions of Adobe software are pretty much Thanos-snapped out of existence, I still have an original install for CS6 saved from years ago - so if you need Photoshop or such here’s the hookup trial version. …

Like if I want to download one of the ones that’s around 5GB, how do I know which one is the best one? …

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