Left Piracy
Not digital piracy, but here's in instructional PDF on building radio transmitters.

Hopefully this isn’t too far outside the scope of this community, it is piracy, just of a different kind. …

However you do not get the mini DLCs that add some side chapters. …

share a username

this is a thread for connecting with peers on personal filesharing sites like retroshare, freenet, tribler, onion service, etc.
drop a username for a site. …

what are some (relatively) safe messaging apps?

idk which sub to post this and this is the closest thing i got to this question’s subject …

I AM MAKING Theory Mega-torrent!

Yeh it’s going down. this is just the beginning: …

What is .apk?

A comrade said I should look into .apk if I want to scan books. Anyone know what this is?..


Not really piracy, but Starlink Battle for Atlas is free today on Ubisoft Connect (previously Uplay).

They’re doing a holidays thing where they give one free gift every day from Dec. 14 to Dec. 18 and today is the whole game – without any DLCs of course, so that you’ll purchase them yourself lol. …

“Under the laws, authorities could hack, secretly takeover, and add, copy, and delete material on computers and digital accounts anywhere in the world without the account-holder’s knowledge or consent.” no way this will be used to incriminate people…

New game: post communist theory under anticommunist games on skidrowreloaded.com

G*mers being what they are, you can imagine piracy sites attract the worst of the bunch. …

Who wants to pool money to purchase Polyphia's digital tab book? For guitarists who like prog metal.

Edit: in the meantime for the interested, here’s a mediafire link with a PDF and GPX file I made from a youtube tutorial for the intro of GOAT. http://www.mediafire.com/file/h2b3ps4w2na6ded/GOAT.zip/file

Adobe Master Collection CS6.

So the original files for older versions of Adobe software are pretty much Thanos-snapped out of existence, I still have an original install for CS6 saved from years ago - so if you need Photoshop or such here’s the hookup trial version. …

Like if I want to download one of the ones that’s around 5GB, how do I know which one is the best one? …

Our code.

How should a person get started with Piracy?

It’s been years since I’ve pirated anything more than a game or some music, and I’ve honestly forgotten where to go for good .tors, what VPN / IP changers to use, etc. So could someone give me some suggestions?..

A piracy / sharing community for leftists.

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