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A question about sharing
I wanted to share the DLCs + DLC unlocker for Europa Universalis IV for Linux, basically so that if you own the base game on steam you can drop the files in the installation path and BAM you now have all the DLCs, however I'm not sure what is the "standard" way to do this. Do I just upload to MEGA, Zippyshare or something like that and then post the link here?

Does Anyone Have a Mirror or Backup of One of the The Young Hegelian's Videos?
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/487209 > cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/487207 > > > I remember watching a video from [The Young Hegelian](https://www.youtube.com/@theyounghegelian1296) Youtube channel some time back regarding how the United States inspired Nazi Germany, but it seems to have been removed or privated sense then. > > > > As such, I'm wondering if anyone kept a backup of the video, or knows of a mirror I can find it on?

A friend has a Karagara account, do you know of any obscure film?
So a friend has managed to get a Karagara account, for those of you who don't know what it is, it's basically the holy grail of art cinema, where you can get the weirdest and obscurest of films you could ever imagine. So basically, if you know of any film that is Marxist, communist, socialist, or political in some left leaning form that you'd like to get and which can't be gotten through public trackers, I can get them and share them with you all on a different place so we can have a back up. I don't want this post to be here for too long because this actually goes against the tracker rules, so once you have gave me a list I will delete the post.

Fidel Castro: My Life
I am having issues finding a pdf that doesn't have me sign up for a pdf library membership, do y'all have one? Are these memberships safe?

What's Your Usual Internet Routine?
What is your routine when it comes to surfing on the internet? Do you remain anonymous at all times? Is there only one browser you use or a few? I'm quite new to this stuff and wonder what a pirate's usual routine is. I wonder if I should get the onion browser and use that only, or alternate between opera and the tor browser. Also, what efficient and smart methods do you guys use? (no i'm not fbi lol, im a 16 year old loser)

What's the best DVD ripping software for Linux and how the hell do you even get it installed?
I'm looking to make a complete backup of my family's DVD and CD libraries by turning them into plain unencrypted media files that can just be played by whatever software. And I *just might* create torrents for some of the ones that don't already have established highly seeded torrents. Except, I've been trying all day on and off get a DVD ripper *with automatic decryption* set up on my machine and can't figure it out. I use Fedora, and none of the ones I read about are on the standard package manager, probably because Fedora doesn't want to get sued. I have tried the source code for the major ones but again, they have next to no official or even unofficial documentation, need dependencies which I can't figure out where to get, or the compile or run crashes with cryptic errors, or errors out when . Web searching has been less than helpful with any of these problems. Has anyone here gotten a decrypting DVD ripper working on Linux? Can you share what steps you took, or what documentation/tutorial you followed? I really don't want to have to use Windows or proprietary software for this, because for the former, it's... Windows, and for the latter, I don't trust it because piracy software can be shady AF.

Hi friends. [Today I share with you a book that has given much to talk about lately, written by Kohei Saito](https://literal.club/book/kohei-saito-la-naturaleza-contra-el-capital-7189v). It's based on the Spanish version (sorry English comrades) but it is meticulously digitized, with a good layout and good color contrast. I hope you like my contribution <3

[Request] If Only I Were That Warrior, 2015 documentary
I’ve been having a surprisingly hard time finding an accessible copy of this online.

Not sure if this is something to be worried about.
https://www.opentech.fund/results/supported-projects/preparing-tor-browser-android-mainstream-adoption/ I was looking around to see what else USAGM(us agency for global media) funds besides the obv RFE/RFA/VOA. So I looked on USAGM website to see what else they fund, they also fund Office of Cuba Broadcasting, Middle East Broadcasting Network and Open Technology Fund. I never heard of the last few, so I check Tech Fund. I see stuff about supplying internet to areas (I presume giving technology to armed insurgents or something) and other stuff. I look to see who These People are funding, and now I see they fund a shit load of tech projects, donating thousands upon thousands of dollars to each project. One of them is a Tor Browser. This is kinda weird because Tor Browsers market themselves as being more subtle with your info and stuff, yet they are being actively funded by the US Government’s Media Branch. What do you guys think?

Marx2Mao Archive
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/291371 > This site was created because the OG site didn't have SSL and the original site goes down often. > > For those of you who don't know the site it is an impressive archive of Marxist works from Marx to Mao based on the translations published in USSR and Chinese publishing houses. > > Onion link: http://gndqrlzytvhexjqxhp2emk4cdvh7cxqjugu5cmavpc4czezthjesclyd.onion/

[Request] The audible audiobook of The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State by Engels
Anyone has a copy of that? Would greatly appreciate <3

Soulseek room: lemmygrad
I know it's mostly used for audio, but I thought it'd be cool to have a lil lemmygrad soulseek room to share books around (and commie music anyway?), so I made one! Feel free to join, it's just called "lemmygrad", just tick the auto-join room option. For those that don't know, Soulseek is a P2P (but 1-to-1) file sharing app. You mark a folder you like to share and now users can find it's files in the search bar and download them directly (or ask you to if you restrict them). Rooms lets you chat around and click on users directly to browse what they have, so we can share and aggregate our stuff (= (if you're on Linux you can use nicotine+ as the front-end which is in the official arch repos and also looks nicer I say)

be aware of sites like this, and that torrent activity is easy to amass data on
be aware of sites like this, and that torrent activity is easy to amass data on I want people to understand how these things work and to be aware that **everything on the internet is public**. finally understand that all this data collection can be done entirely by an individual, public actor without any necessary special sums of money or influence or power.

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