Autistic. I like communism and puppies. I’m quite fragile, please be mindful.

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Fr why does the UK get so many state buffs low effor meme

“How americans live today” - One of the funniest videos I have ever watched
Not sure if this was posted on Lemmygrad at some point. Most of the lines are absolute comedy gold. ::: spoiler The best line by far "In other parts of America, often disguised as foreign countries in Europe, people live the same terrible life." :::

Yeah but it was pretty hidden, I can see how someone might not have noticed it was even a thing lol.

Yeah, it’s really tiring to check out a mod and being bombarded with anti-communist propaganda. The other day I tried to play Millennium Dawn for HoI4, and I saw that the DPRK had like -95% research speed, which makes researching anything take decades. Also on the timeline expanded mod for EU4 the DPRK has a fraction of the development of the ROK even before the country is split (if I don’t misremember).

I think being hostile to liberals is counter-productive
I know that liberals are a pain to deal with, always parroting the same made up crap over and over again, but hear me out. I think we should at least try to keep in mind that most of these people just don't know better, they have been propagandized 24/7 since they were born. I'm sure a good chunk of the people here were just the average liberal until learning what socialism really is about, and I doubt many if any at all of the people here decided to become a socialist after getting insulted by one. Insulting liberals might feel cathartic for some people but we have to remember that, in a sense, they are also victims. Obviously I'm not saying that we should be nice to fascists that knowingly make other people suffer, but I'm pretty sure most liberals actually want to be good people, and end up hurting others and themselves not because they are evil but because as I said earlier they are propagandized 24/7, and they actually think that what they are doing is good. I myself am a socialist today partly because someone linked me to a debunk on r/GenZedong about the supposed Uighur genocide. At the time I was still a baby leftist, so I didn't really trust r/GenZedong, but I decided to trust the person who gave me the link and I read it. What do you comrades think?

I don’t know who it might be but I think I do know what game it is since Crit mentioned they have several keys. Not gonna spoil anything but if I’m correct it is neither Disco Elysium or Victoria 3.

mmmm yes low effort meme

A question about sharing
I wanted to share the DLCs + DLC unlocker for Europa Universalis IV for Linux, basically so that if you own the base game on steam you can drop the files in the installation path and BAM you now have all the DLCs, however I'm not sure what is the "standard" way to do this. Do I just upload to MEGA, Zippyshare or something like that and then post the link here?

From today's [dev diary](

Portuguese and Spanish are so similar I can kinda read Portuguese even when I haven’t learned it.
I noticed this some time ago, there was some tweet in Portuguese that I noticed I could kinda read by using the context of the words that I do understand. To see what I mean just look at how similar these are: --- ES: Hola, ¿Cómo estás? PT: Olá, como está? --- ES: Buenos días PT: Bom dia --- ES: Dinosaurio PT: Dinossauro --- If you understand Spanish but not Portuguese (or the other way around) I invite you to try to read the one you understand, it's wild just how similar they are.

The actual sound a bald eagle makes
As the top comment in the video puts it, it really is just a squeaky shopping cart. The screech usually associated with the bald eagle is from another bird.

This reminded me of this post, or rather the answers to that post. I understand that the post was really bad, but I find the comments way too hostile. Maybe I’m being too optimistic here, but maybe if people explained in a nice way pinkeston could have realized that they were wrong. I doubt anyone will go “oh actually you are right, my mistake haha” when met with such hostility.

Honestly, when I saw those responses to the post I felt betrayed… I didn’t think that the people I respect so much would suddenly become so hostile when seeing a bad take. It made me think for a while “What if I one day unknowingly post something that is so wrong that my comrades will do that to me?” Just thinking about it made me cry.

I made a website where I upload things I made
I think the CSS turned out pretty good, what do you think? Also Marx Bros (a Mario Bros but with Marx) is over there. It barely has stuff to do (basically you just jump around and that's it) but I think the movement feels good. I will most likely upload other stuff that I deem worthy of being uploaded over time. Hope you like the People's Website of Al-Andalus!

There is actually an alternative to Wikipedia called ProleWiki, chances are you already read about it around here. Here’s the link to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in ProleWiki. The article doesn’t have much but maybe you can get more information from its sources.

This isn’t really affecting my mental health too much, but I changed my CPU some months ago and my grandmother put the old motherboard with the old CPU in a box. She always complains that I don’t store things after I use them and she also says “things well put appear” (not sure how to translate it, basically saying that if you put your stuff in a proper place you won’t lose it). Anyway since after she stores my stuff I always have to search where tf she put the thing I need at that time I made sure to remember where she put the box. I recently needed the stuff in the box (there were more things apart from the CPU and mobo), so I went for it and of course the box wasn’t there. I wonder if mothers and grandmothers are involved in a global conspiracy of some sort because apparently this is not an uncommon thing.

I just hope my family didn’t throw out the box.

I was in there but at some point i got logged out of my account and I don’t rember my password pic:crying cat icon

I guess I’ll make a new one

did you know that in terms of

I’m already in a server like that, although the server hasn’t had any activity since November. The server is called “Lemmygrad Gaming”. There’s also a Steam group.

Here are the links if you are interested.

I know Taiwan is part of China. I just wanted to see if my understanding of why that is is correct… I expected people to say something like “yes that is correct” or “actually it’s more like this”, but your comment seems like something that would be said to a lib that said that Taiwan is a country, which I am not…

Maybe I’m overthinking too much, but seeing how you got as many upvotes as the post, it makes me think that people misunderstood what the post meant…

I just wanted to understand things better 😢

Did I understand correctly? (On Taiwan not being a country)
So the way I've understood it is: Although there is no active combat (to my knowledge), since there never was a peace treaty, China is still in a civil war, which is currently being fought by the communist (PRC) and capitalist (ROC) "factions", so to speak. This means that both the PRC and the ROC are part of China. Since a majority of countries declare that the sole legitimate government of china is the PRC, this makes the PRC the legitimate government of China. Taiwan is not a separate country from China the same way that Fascist Spain was not a separate country from Spain during the Spanish civil war. --- Is what I wrote here correct, or did I misunderstand anything? Any corrections are welcome.

I think people who say they don’t like socialism just don’t know what socialism is
I don't know about other people, but pretty much the only reason that I didn't become a socialist earlier than I did is because I just didn't know what socialism really is. Someone has to be straight up evil in order to understand socialism and still oppose it. I know this is probably pretty obvious for most people but I only became conscious of it recently.

Probably discovering Lemmygrad. This is one of the only places where I don’t have to hide that I’m a communist.

Here are some pics of my critter in no specific order. --- 1. Critter has an itch ![pic:pup scratching]( --- 2. Critter knows she can trust you her wisdom ![pic:pup looks at camera in a respectful manner]( --- 3. ![pic:close up of pup staring]( --- 4. Critter likes her toy ![pic:pup belly up with toy in mouth]( --- 5. Critter knows she is screwing up with the dynamic range of the camera. ![pic:pup next to the sun]( --- I hope you are pleased with my critter. Have a nice day. (Edit because counting is hard)

I currently have a mechanical one, I like these more but I gotta say that even the linear ones (which as far as I know are the quietest) are fairly noisy. Oh and they are also generally more expensive.

Apparently KDE has a Wayland version which let me set the scaling for each display via GUI, but some programs like Firefox or Thunderbird are quite blurry. I set up Wayland for Firefox following a guide in the Debian forums and it fixes the blurring but it becomes laggy/unresponsive. Linux is hard :(

edit: I seemed to have fixed it, yay

Different scaling on each display, is it possible?
So the thing is that I use a 1080p display alongside a 4k display, and I only know how to change the global scaling. At 150% scaling: - 1080p display everything is too large - 4k display is good At 100% scaling: - 1080p display is good - 4k display everything is too tiny Is it possible to have 100% scaling in the 1080p display and 150% in the 4k display at the same time? I'm using Debian 11 with KDE. I'm willing to switch to another DE or to a window manager.

Hearts of Iron IV’s resource distribution problem
Okay, I'm not gonna pretend to be an all-knowing historian but the difference between the resources in the imperial core and the resources everywhere else is so baffling to me. One could argue that the imperial core has all those resources because of the colonies, but the colonies in the game barely have anything. the UK could lose all of their colonies in Africa and still produce a metric ton of steel. Take a look at Germany: ![pic:screenshot of germany with a ton of resources]( As you can see Germany has a shit ton of steel and aluminum, two very important resources, and a little bit of oil and chromium. Now let's check Africa: ![pic:the horn of africa with barely any resouces]( This is only one part of Africa since resource icons don't appear when you are very far away, but you get the point; Africa barely has resources except for some isolated cases such as the chromium in the southern part and some steel in the north-west. Maybe I'm wrong, and please tell me if I am, but wasn't the reason the imperial powers colonized half the world to steal their natural resources? And even gameplay-wise it would make sense to move resources to Africa, since in my opinion Africa is barely worth fighting for. You lose a shit ton of manpower and equipment to attrition in an offensive because there is no supply anywhere, and what do you get? 12 rubber? I calculated all of the base resources in both Africa and Germany. Africa has 66 steel, 0 aluminum, 250 chromium, 36 rubber and 1 oil. Germany has 247 steel, 83 aluminum, 3 chromium, 0 rubber and 2 oil. Apart of chromium and rubber the difference is abysmal. And remember we are comparing 1 (one) country to an entire continent. What are your thoughts?


Chairman Mariano Barberena (Also really cool flag)

pic2: map screenshot

I left the save at the start of a revolt (I’m screwed since my market capital is completely surrounded so I can’t import stuff to fuel the army 😬)

I’ve definitely noticed it with grand strategy games, take this with a grain of salt but I assume that it is because these kind of games let the players live their political fantasies, which I guess it’s more appealing to people who want a different kind of society than the one they live under IRL. This is all just speculation though.

I personally like these games precisely because of that reason, I like building up socialist countries in Victoria 3 because that’s currently the only way for me to “have a taste” of socialism, even when it’s just a bunch of pixels on screen.

What do you mean by state size pics? If you mean their physical size, the states in for example the USA are like the states nowadays, though some states are different, for example Andalusia has been divided between east and west.

Also states can be split between multiple countries, which work like if they were separate states.

Transcription: > Porfirio Lerdo de Tejada has reorganized the Armed Forces into the Mexican Red Army. The military is now devoted to defending the dictatorship of the proletariat. > The international revolution will not be won through the jabbering politicians, it will be won through force of arms. All the bourgeoisie of the world are assembled against us, the enemies of the proletariat are omnipresent. The Red Army is the only force standing between survival and annihilation. Is it implying what it think it implies? That the devs are conscious that world liberation can't be achieved through reform but through violent revolution? And that the Red Army's purpose isn't to mindlessly conquer stuff as some libs may think, but to protect the revolution? Honestly at this point I'm willing to bet that some of the devs are comrades. Victoria 3 might be unpolished, but because of things like this I love this game.

Victoria 3 v1.1 patch notes personal highlights
- Replaced Legitimacy Penalty from Government Size with a Legitimacy Penalty from Ideological incoherence Cool, I assume that throwing every single party into government for maximized legitimacy is a thing of the past. - Buildings will now only raise wages if they are either competing for wages or are below their minimum wage target; the target is based on employees' Expected Standard of Living to prevent too much active radicalization - Building wage targets are lowered in unincorporated states (e.g. colonies) and for discriminated pops Very interesting, stuff like this makes me think that at least some of the developers are class conscious. - Rebalanced potential Oil and Rubber deposits around the world Nice, maybe this can at least relief not being able to produce these resources and not being able to import since the AI barely builds stuff. - Revolutions will now always lose some amount of war support, even when they're out of troops, so they cannot go on forever No more permanent revolutions? Troski in shambles. - AI is now more willing to settle wars that are going nowhere with a white peace Great! I actually had a problem with these kinds of wars. - The Ripper can no longer be a child or toddler These are my personal highlights, you can read the full patch notes [here](

Am I supposed to get a confirmation email immediately after sending the account request to ProleWiki?
If I am, I haven't received anything, so I think I might have misspelled the email? I checked the spam folder but there's nothing there. I'm sorry for giving you more work, I was pretty sleep deprived when I filled it out 😟

So according to this game the DPRK has its inequality at Extreme (8.6) To put this into perspective, USA is High (4.2), Ukraine is Low (2.6) and South Korea is Moderate (3.1) Israel occupies all of Palestine, all North Koreans want to submit to the aliens for some reason (the game's setting is that aliens come to earth and you can take different approaches), this game is anti-communist propaganda made into a game. Also this is how the game explains GDP per Capita: ![pic:terra invicta gdp per capita explanation]( --- I'm not gonna pretend that I understand economics, but I mean USA has a very high GDP per Capita and the economic conditions of the average citizen are horrible, I mean as far as I know there is a ton of people there living with homelessness breathing on their necks, right? I pirated the game and I still feel scammed smh my head

Alright I made another grind, this time I reached 289k Health! I checked out Sunfire, Nashor’s Tooth and Rabadon, although I didn’t have much time to test it out as I stopped grinding at minute 57:00 💀 I wish the practice tool wasn’t capped at 1 hour.

Video on Invidius

Yeah it’s pretty good, especially for long games. I have seen a Katarina build it once and I’ve also seen someone build it with Vladimir.

Also looking back maybe I should have tried Sunfire when I did the 200k health thing.

I recently grinded health on Cho’Gath for 50 minutes, thought someone might find the result interesting.
Yes, my name in League is "Marxism Leninism", I'm surprised it wasn't taken before.

pic:-31 votes for some reason

Am I the only one seeing -31 votes?

I’m playing Pokémon Violet on emulator and so far I’m liking it! I chose Sprigatito as my starter, as I’ve always chosen the plant type since my first Pokémon game (Platinum) and now it’s a kind of tradition for me hehe

I actually captured a Lechonk and named him Porcino, I will probably keep him in my team.

I’m from southern Spain and so far it’s not too bad here yet. I’m always at my computer so the temperature in my room is good.

Hopefully no one made this joke yet

An open source game engine, I think it can also do things other than games but it primarily does games. I love it, it’s really easy to use, even more than Unity (and it uses actual pixels for coordinates instead of arbitrary units).

Turtwig, my first Pokemon ever. Metagross is also pretty up there.

Around 2 months ago I made some experiments with tilemaps on Godot 4 beta 2, but I noticed that framerates were really low even when literally nothing was happening. Then I had an idea, "What if I had a blank texture and just drew the tiles on it?" which was easier said than done, but I finally achieved it last night! I used shaders for this, which means that the hexagons are never pixelated no mater how much they are zoomed in and it's really fast. And now you may ask: "What are you gonna use this for?" I have no idea, I never thought I would get this far! lol

I have the top result if you search for “puppies” images on duckduckgo.


My first impressions of Victoria 3
The game is pretty good! I was quite surprised on the class consciousness of the game, although I found some weird takes, such as the communist party of my country being composed only of the military, and the social democrats being the ones composed of the trade unions. But putting that aside, although the game doesn't explicitly say "communism good" you can see that the interest groups (such as the landowners, trade unions, the clergy and whatnot) only think of their own interests, which necessarily means that the only ones that fight for the interest of the majority are the trade unions, the socialists. --- I really like the war mechanics, unlike EU4 or HOI4 you just have to mobilize divisions, assign them to generals, and tell them "ayo push/defend this frontline" and that's it. There's barely any micromanagement and I love it. --- I also really like the economy mechanics. It has some weird things such as buildings that you very clearly need being projected as unprofitable, but overall I think it's excellent. Also, you are the one who builds the shit! No more liberals ruining the economy with cement factories, yay! In Vic3 supply and demand modifies the price of goods from -75% to +75%, and having way too little of a good needed for factory inputs triggers a shortage, which reduces the output of the factories that require that thing, maybe? idk I didn't do the tutorial, and I don't really remember what the shortage warning said. --- Overall although the game has some unpolished aspects, it has, in my opinion, rock solid foundations. Thanks for reading! Also, rate my living standard inequality: ![wealth disparity image](

I’ve played a lot since yesterday and so far I like it quite a lot! I was very surprised with its takes, I expected it to be very liberal biased but actually it’s not bad at all. I might make a post talking about my first impressions.

Not sure if you’re asking this or if I misunderstood, but I pirated the game hehe

Yep that makes sense, but the only mod seems to have been inactive since 2019 😔

If I'm not mistaken CK3 was cracked on the first day, that gives me quite some hope.

In case you are curious about other stuff [here]('s the section on the crown in the Spanish constitution. Edit: This is in the Spanish constitution, I thought it wasn't too clear.

It's called Red Baron Corki, making reference to the WWI German fighter pilot. w h a t

That's it. I just found it funny hehe. (I post it on Freechat since idk where else to post it)

Argentinian TV being based.
Condolences to those who can't understand what he is saying. No translation can do justice to how incredibly funny this video is.

I decided recently that it was about time to get a job, however I don't really know what I should be doing to achieve it. Right now I'm looking some job websites that I was recommended. I thought that I should ask here since I'm sure you all are more experienced than me. Fortunately I'm in a position where getting a job is not urgent, I just don't want to leech from my family. I have noticed that most jobs require experience, but I can't get experience if I don't get a job. If I make some program and put it on GitHub or something, does that count as having experience, or at the very least would it give me better chances of getting hired? (I studied computer science stuff and I'm aiming for a programmer job) Also, if a company wants to hire me, how is the process like? I mean, do I get a call or something? Any help is appreciated.

Victoria 3 release date and gameplay reveal (in case someone didn’t see it already)
Yesterday Paradox did a live stream playing the Netherlands on Vic 3. I'm really excited for the game! ::: spoiler Release date Apparently the game comes out the 25th of October (from Steam page) ::: --- ::: spoiler PDX Stream (Gameplay starts at 22:41): ::: --- ::: spoiler One Proud Bavarian's Re-Stream (more interesting IMO, Gameplay starts 21:00): :::

I did a pretty successful Granada/Andalusia game!
Just wanted to share some highlights of the run ::: spoiler Big war + balkanized Castile ![]( ::: ::: spoiler First time seeing the bun event ![]( ::: ::: spoiler Sunni Rome 😳 ![]( ::: --- The map at the end of the run: ::: spoiler Western Mediterranean ![]( ::: ::: spoiler Big Dai Viet ![]( ::: ::: spoiler America + Europe + Africa ![]( ::: ::: spoiler The Andalusian Empire (From diplo-anexing Castile and Portugal) ![]( ::: --- Of course I also got the achievement but Lemmygrad spits an error when I try to upload it. Guess I uploaded too many images (I hope it's not too much storage space)

Just some thoughts I felt like sharing
First of all I don't want anyone to feel pressured to comment on this post, I'm sure everyone around here have their own things to worry about, but I felt like I needed to talk to someone, and this is the only safe place I know. Anyway, here's a wall of text: --- Some weeks ago I got a job, it was kinda set up for autistic people like me, simple tasks and at the end of every workweek I would talk to someone in case I have any problem. The first day I met my coworkers (which fortunately were really nice people) and I was genuinely excited, finally I could stop leeching off my family and start being a functioning member of society... But the job got old FAST. Losing so much damn time of my life, in a really hot enviroment... The whole time I was in there I was completely drenched in sweat. This job was only 5 hours a day but I was already sick of it on the second day. I couldn't imagine myself doing it for long, let alone having a "normal" job 8 hours a day 5 days a week for decades until my retirement... I quit. I was offered to work shorter days but I just hated it so much... I don't get how can people put up with working a full time job, let alone several jobs just to stay alive. I don't want to bring too much negativity in here (although I guess I just did) but i honestly feel hopeless. I feel like I'm useless. --- I have a very serious commitment issues. When I feel motivated to do something, I can do it without many issues, but otherwise it feels impossible. Right now I'm making a game thingy on Godot, and one time I showed it to my sibling and after that I felt SUPER motivated and I actually worked all day for two days straight. It felt super good. I still work on the thing and would love to share it on here, but I don't know how I could do that since the game is already public under my real name. --- I've been thinking on how I could survive in the future, I thought maybe I could live off of what I inherit from my family (I'm from a family of landowners) and just rent out what I inherit to people who need it the most for cheap, just enough for me to survive. I would hate to become a landlord but I genuinely don't know how else I'm gonna survive in the future. --- I find it very annoying that when I told my psychiatrist about my problem with doing things that I don't like their answer was along the lines of "do things that you don't like little by little until you get used to it". I mean, maybe they have a point but it was really demoralizing, basically saying "get used to it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯". --- I think that's it. Thanks everyone for being there <3

Your comment was unnecessarily rude… I don’t know about Amicese, but I would be very hurt if I got this comment on one of my posts.

And Ukraine gets Finland for some reason 😆

About giving away food
So I recently made a post where I said that my uncle was letting avocados go to waste, and some of you said that I should give them away which I think is a good idea. I started thinking about how to do it, and I thought of some ways to do it: First plan: - Go outside and search for homeless people so I know where they usually are to give them avocados later. - Ask my uncle to go to the field (and bring a backpack to fill with avocados). - Ask if I can keep the avocados with imperfections since they are going to rot anyway. - Casually approach homeless person - Give avocados However I see some problems with this plan: - I already did the first step but couldn't find any homeless people. - My uncle might not let me get the avocados. - The whole getting avocados in a backpack, going outside and when I come back there are no avocados on backpack thing is sussy af. - How do you open an avocado without a knife? Or eat it without a spoon? --- So I thought of this: - Just tell my grandmother that a lot of avocados are going to waste and ask her if we could give them to the poor (she once praised me for giving 5€ to a homeless person and she doesn't like to waste food, so I don't think she would say no) I think the second plan is way less sussy and I would have my family actually backing me up. Also I don't think they would connect feeding the poor with communism so I don't think I would be found out as a communist. What do you think? Should I go with the second plan? Is there an easier way of giving the avocados away? Any advice is appreciated. And thanks for reading!

Just saw on r/GenZedong this exact post, but that one had 2 images (the second pic is where it says terrorist) so I think Rose just reposted that without the second image. Here’s the reddit post.

I see, thanks for the answer! 😊

Some questions about organizing / joining a party
Hi, I wanted to ask some questions regarding organizing and joining a party. I saw that in Lemmygrad there are a lot of posts telling people to join a party and to organize, but I don't know how to do it. One of the few things that I've found about parties is [this post]( on the GenZhou Archive about how is it like to be in a party. But apart from that I didn't find much else, so I thought I could ask some questions about the subject, both to inform myself and in case someone else also has these questions. ::: spoiler How does joining a party work? I usually plan out what to say / do before doing most things to mentalize, I get a lot of anxiety when I have to improvise things. I've seen that there is usually a contact form on the communist party websites, but I have no idea what would happen after that. Do I get a call? Do I have to go somewhere? Basically, how is the process like? ::: --- ::: spoiler Are there situations where someone shouldn't join a party? I ask this because for example I am autistic and have a pretty fascist family that doesn't know I'm a communist. Also I'm really scared of confrontation with other people, so I don't think I could even hand out flyers to random people. Is it too risky to be found out that I'm a communist? Would I just be a nuisance to the party? ::: --- ::: spoiler What responsibilities do party members have? I think this one is self explanatory. ::: --- ::: spoiler What is usually done in the party? I mean like is there something like a routine to follow? ::: --- Thank you in advance comrades! 😊

Ranting about some stuff
I just wanted to rant a bit about my family being greedy/fascist. ::: spoiler Letting avocados rot for profit So the other day I went with my uncle to our family's field where we grow avocados. He was teaching me how to pick them up properly, and then when he picked up some avocados that were scratched or had a stain from touching the ground he threw them away saying something like "well if you see some that are scratched or stained, leave them" (I don't really remember what he said, I have pretty bad memory, but it was along those lines). I asked him why were we not picking them up if they seemed good to eat and he told me that if the person buying the avocados from us saw a scratched avocado in a box, they could think that there could be more deeper in the box, driving down the price of the rest of the avocados. So they basically let a ton of perfectly fine avocados rot because they just want more profits. What a waste. ::: --- ::: spoiler Is my family rich? I didn't think too much about it before, but I recently realized that my family is pretty well off, for example my mother rents housing to other people, and heck I'm pretty young and I got a flat to my name! The thing is, my mother always (and I mean always) buys the cheapest thing she finds, like if she needs a microwave she would buy the cheapest one. Also my grandmother complains about electricity prices a lot, which made me very confused about our economic situation. But honestly I'm pretty sure they are just greedy. ::: --- ::: spoiler "Spain needs another Franco" The other day my family was talking crap about the left as usual (my uncle and my mother like the fascist party) when my grandmother said that "Spain needs another Franco". I knew my family was right wing but I didn't know it was this bad... ::: --- That's all, if I have something clear, is that I'm definitely not coming out as a communist to my family anytime soon. 😅