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Cuba and China both win gold medals in the -49kg women's weightlifting event to kick off the Olympics

Hou Zhihui from China lifted a combined 210 kilos and Ludia Montero in group B from Cuba lifted a combined 178 kilos…

Anyone got info on what is actually going on with Xu Xiaodong?

Libs with their sinophobic drivel have made it so that it’s impossible to tell what actually happened with Xu Xiaodong. Does anyone know the story? …

Fuckin hell I finally understand how weightlifting categories work

So for anyone else who’s confused, there are only two categories for the sport: the clean and jerk, and the snatch. There used to be others but they were phased out. …

Just wanted to express my gratitude to have happened upon this particular community and open up a general thread for sharing motivational music to accompany one’s training…


On the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids (there are many)

Omega 3 fats are probably the most studied compound, and they have many, many benefits. …

So you want to cut: the materialist guide to losing fat (it works if you don't work out too)

I was reading up on cutting, because I’m going through this phase right now, and I came across this abomination of an article on of all places. You’d think that a website with such an precise name would offer professional …

Bench go up

I have historically had a very weak body, but my upper body has been the weakest link on top of that. I have been decent at squats and deadlifts because I played a lot of soccer before but never bothered with working on my arms and chest. …


On the effects of BCAAs for muscle building

Updated to be more accurate

Collagen or whey?

I found collagen powder online which contains about as much protein as whey powder – 20g against maybe 23g. …


Starting fitness? Never been into sports? Do Crossfit. Here's why.

(This is a rewrittal of my earlier post to make it shorter and more to the point, written specifically for people who want to start being fit). We want to get more fit comrades for the revolution and health benefits it brings, so please share with all your friends :)

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