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Bench go up

I have historically had a very weak body, but my upper body has been the weakest link on top of that. I have been decent at squats and deadlifts because I played a lot of soccer before but never bothered with working on my arms and chest. …

Starting fitness? Never been into sports? Do Crossfit. Here's why.

(This is a rewrittal of my earlier post to make it shorter and more to the point, written specifically for people who want to start being fit). We want to get more fit comrades for the revolution and health benefits it brings, so please share with all your friends :)

I bench pressed yesterday, but today only my shoulders are sore and I don't feel like my pecs have worked out. What gives?

I pushed myself really hard, by the last set I could get maybe 1 rep out before needing someone to help me lift the bar up lol. The workout was 10 sets of 5, with 5 “normal” and 5 “modified” (slightly harder basically). …

Second update on the collagen powder

It’s been two weeks since I’ve started taking collagen powder daily, and I think I’ve started to notice enough changes that I can make an update. Tl;dr: it works like protein, with the added benefits of collagen. …

Is buying gym equipment online a fuck?

This is in India. On Amazon most of the stuff seems very low quality. Reviews average around three starts, with loads of wonderland four/five star reviews and a load of one star ones, so the variation is very high. …

First update on my collagen supplement!

I got the collagen in the mail today and tried it out after a workout. I’m excited to be sharing this with all of you! …

Collagen or whey?

I found collagen powder online which contains about as much protein as whey powder – 20g against maybe 23g. …

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