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I would but I don’t know how or where

Edit: did it

With every passing day we are moving closer and closer to living in the Cyberpunk universe.

It’s not that I can’t accept his opinion or deal with him having another take, it’s more that I feel betrayed by him never opening his mouth about his actual believes. Especially since we have known each other for so long. In fact, I started at a similar position to him but I started reading more and more theory and as I did my opinions changed quite drastically. Sadly he didn’t and I don’t think he has much interest in changing that. His understanding of Communism is very basic and idealistic. I thought he grew with me, not by reading himself but through listening to me. Turns out he didn’t, he just never disagreed or pushed back on anything because he didn’t want to debate me.

Found out my best friend is an ultra. Literally shacking and crying right now.
I feel a bit betrayed, not because we have very different ideas regarding Communism but because he was too much of a coward to tell me he doesn't agree with me and only told me his ideas because I wanted to encourage him to get organized. For two years this divide between us existed and he is telling me only now? I don't want to end a lifelong Friendship but I feel like I can't trust him anymore. If he kept his true political views hidden what else is he not telling me?

Yeah. I just wanna be held period. I feel like such a looser because no girl I ever interacted with showed any romantic interest in me. It’s ok though, I guess some people are just meant to be alone.

It warms my heart to know they are this afraid of us gaining more traction.

The whole “everyone who has an opinion I don’t like is a bot.” scheme has become so predictable by now. At the same time it’s the West who uses OBVIOUS bot campaigns.

I dunno why but I now have the urge to match Hololive streamers with historical figures.

I used to fall asleep during the day all the time. Turns out my deep sleep was disturbed by hanging around a monitor all the time.

Now I shut off all monitors 90 minutes before sleep and my troubles are gone.

Comrade Calliope o7

Ahh the Ol’ “it’s hot if a woman does it.”

They either don’t know about it or claim it didn’t happen and is just Russian propaganda.

One might call him “a silly little guy”

Normalize making transphobes afraid for their life.

It happened. She is dead. First Pizza Boy now her. 2022 has been a blessing so far. 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

Stickers led me to discovering the group I am hopefully soon organized at.

Alternatively “It’s the feminists they turned every woman into a slut who is just interested in banging Chad. It’s impossible for le epic nice guy like me to get a gf because of this.”

How to start with free weights?
I am very much still at the beginning of my health and fitness journey. While I have been going to the gym for the past few months and lost a lot of weight, so far I only used machines. I want to start incorporating free weights as I focus more on building muscle but I don't know where to start. Free weights seem very daunting to me, I have heard and read so many horror stories about injuries when using improper form while using free weights that I don't really know where to start and then how to improve.

There are protests organized by right wing parties like the AfD but there are also protests organized by die Linke, who are for all their faults at least not Nazis.

Which federal state had ridiculous high numbers pretty much during the entire pandemic? Was it the o so holy Bavaria in West-Germany? Nooooo that can’t be. Also a lot of these protests were organised by Die Linke who are not a Nazi party.

I feel like I got mental help too late in my life and now I can't recover.
Hey comrades, I hope this doesn't break the rules but I needed someplace to rant to sane people. I know how well threads like this go over on R*ddit. Due to some hefty psychological abuse during my childhood, I suffer from bad social anxiety. Until very recently I couldn't even talk to strangers via phone, Discord, or Email. It took me so long to realize that I needed help and even longer to gather the strength to seek it that I am 25 now and only started getting better slowly. I just feel like it took me too long and now recovering is meaningless. I never went to any parties or clubs because I couldn't and I also didn't have romantic connections. The thought of asking someone out terrifies me. I am completely clueless in dating matters and overcoming this seems like an impossible roadblock. It feels like I am already too old to have no clue about relationships and I will be definitely too old once I get over my fear of approaching someone. I don't want to be alone forever. I don't want to become some weird incel creep but I also feel like I already crossed the point of no return. And yet I feel silly for worrying about this. I know a lot of you have far greater problems in life. Me complaining about having social anxiety and being single just shows how good my life is if this is truly my biggest problem but I still can't shake it. Sorry that this rant is so uncoherent and leading to nothing I just had to get this out in an environment that is actually supporting and understanding. Edit: thanks everyone for the kind words. I was shedding some tears while going through your replies. I was that deeply touched. I count myself once again lucky to belong to such a kind and caring community (can't believe libs call US red red fascists) and I now feel much better about myself. I feared I was alone in my fight, and even though I haven't met a single one of you in real life, I now know I am not. I will get around to answering everyone of you but it might take me a day or two.

Is it possible to simply "not participate" in capitalism while living in a capitalist society?
Someone argued with me that buying stuff enables capitalism and that buying things in itself is already performing capitalism. They then went on to say that the best way to overcome capitalism is by simply not participating in it (instead of revolution, something they explicitly rejected). When I asked how they intend to do that they told me that they work at a cooperative, only take public transport, and live in council housing. They, therefore, don't participate in capitalism, and doing so is a personal choice, not a systematic one. I have a hard time accepting that as a viable solution since they forgot that: not everyone can work in a cooperative or live in council housing by the simple virtue of not being available and that they completely ignored stuff like buying groceries or that public transport is still run for profit (at least in my country). Are there more counters to their argument? Am I missing something? Do they have a valid argument in the end?