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Posterior Deltoids. (rear shoulders) They are what build the size of the shoulders what make you look broad.

Rear lateral flyes (I do them bent over with dumbbells) 2x a week will make a massive differences in most physiques.

WTF? That’s two accurate statements.

I honestly wonder if Wall street is making a move to try and prevent a total financial system rupture from China/Russia by using a guy like him OR is this an instance of someone having the scales fall from their eyes? It definitely happens.


Ah no problem haha I thought that might have been it. Like “how can you explain that ya dummy”. Sorry, been a long day.

Reminds me of someone who said, “liberals can’t pinpoint when the west stopped being bad and imperialist”.


What do you mean? I don’t follow what you are asking the post is saying that the CIA is always able to avoid liability.

The point of the tweet is that allegations about the CIA's actions are treated as either "ummm conspiracy much?" (even if there is firm evidence of that activity) until they become "yeah they did that but it's irrelevant because it happened too long ago" even if they publish their own internal files about it. Meaning that they can NEVER be held accountable for anything.

Below are some tweets which provide further context - also these are good sources to follow imo ![]( ![]( ![](

Idk, I think that Russia’s forces in Nicaragua may be able to deter that. That is kind of the message their detachment there sends imo.

But maybe that is wishful thinking, Brazil is a different animal to Kazakhstan and Mali.

I know what you mean. A lot of music from that era is like that. Very simple, but beautiful melodies well played.

Got bored and gave up around the


tuberculosis part.

Just too long. I have a life to lead lol. Idk it was also kind of repetitive and the story was just above mildly interesting. I definitely got impatient at Arthur continually trusting Dutch…

The survey, contracted by Globo, was carried out between September 29 and October 1 and interviewed 3,008 voters in person in 183 cities. The survey is registered with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) under number BR-00999/2022. The margin of error is plus or minus two percentage points, with a confidence level of 95%.

you can never be too sure of course.

![]( Update here:


Literally listening to this song as I read this comment

some strikingly beautiful places

lol if you want to eat healthy in america you have to eat at home.

It is, but I literally know people who have said shit like that. “I’m gonna be dead by 30”

It’s funny because in the Western culture of fascist nihilism this is an unironic idea you will encounter.

Strikes are part of a healthy worker-manager power dynamic - they feel they can safely express themselves. Just like protests and town meetings are an important part of a healthy democracy.

Reddit is also very easy to manipulate with a handful of people and vote boosting.

100%, Wahhabism is a manifestation of the divide and conquer approach. The British chose to install the al-Sauds precisely because they felt confident that they could use the clerics to exert influence over the royal family.

The thing that made me really understand this was the 1979 Mecca mosque takeover by extremists. in 1979 the mosque was taken over by religious extremists opposed to the progressive reforms being enacted by the royal family. The response from the Iranians was to blame the US and it was widely believed in the region to the point that there were mass protests all across pakistan, iran and in Hyderabad in opposition to the AMerican presence. It was a massive coup against the reform minded royal family members and set the internal politics back decades. It was a massive blow to KSA sovereignty as they had to rely on French special forces to remove the threat.

MBS is essentially removing teh political power of the clerics. and by killing Kashoggi, a US CIA asset (his uncle was literally a CIA weapons smuggler billionaire) and he worked for a propaganda outfit, the Saudis were sending a massive message to the US. The coup in 2019 where MBS essentially seized de facto power from his cousing Nayeff was also a massive signal.

What is your leg day routine?
Hitting legs tomorrow and wondered what you guys did for legs. Here's mine Morning lift 1) dynamic stretching 2) calf raises (3x20) 3) back squats (4x12) 4) Walking Lunges - pass kettlebell between legs(3x45) 5) Static stretching Evening walk - 30 minutes I like to keep my workouts simple and relatively short.