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I am born in a Berber speaking family only reason I don’t speak it is that I don’t speak at all (to the point most people assume I am mute), also there’s a few online dictionaries websites to learn grammar, yk nothing duolingo like but the language isn’t that hard to learn in the first place

Depends on your budget place you live in and usage, if you have enough time consider learning about guns, also don’t fall in love with a brand or a model since you’ll end up in a problem, someone could suggest a shotgun but maybe you don’t need a shotgun yk, that kind of thing

This is the original original yes


Never gonna be enough



Of course it’s on reddit, anyhow so I think this meme is transphobic calling trans people groomers, the version you posted is the superior shitpost that has no goal (based for overshadowing transphobic meme)

The original one had the F slur in it I think

I’m learning kabyle, or relearning it,I talk so little that I ended up forgetting it

Incase of an alien invasion they side with the aliens and help obliterate earth

Gotta convince furrself to sweep at night somehao

“I still have PTSD from seeing dead pups lie on the street.” I wonder which force killed them

Chechens, Chechnya, I think that’s their naming

Not really supposed to represent a specific independence war, but clearly the main one in mind is Algeria. As I said in the one I made before "I have communication problems if this accidentally represents something bad then I didn't mean to".

I have communication problems, if you misunderstand my drawing in a malicious or a bad way, I did not intent it


It says "Hunting rifles + will = Destruction of OTAN (NATO)"

mid-mounted 3-cylinder 2-stroke 992 cm3 engine 101 cars were made between 1969 and 1979 in the Dresden factory. Melkus RS 1000.