>The proposed law would allow people the right to change gender identity, request a different gender identity to the one assigned at birth and the right to choose a medical intervention method for gender-reaffirming surgery. > >[…] > >“[Society] is relatively open towards the issue already. If we don’t soon build a legal corridor, there will be a lot of issues in both institutional and practical dimensions,” national assembly secretary general, Bùi Văn Cường, said. (Now imagine the U.S. Congress even considering—never mind passing—a law like this.)

Military service, anyone here has experience with it?
I got a letter that I'm registered for military service, it's 12 months, I will be accepted in the medical exams and there's no way to avoid it, I don't fear dying in a war since what our military basically does is training and planting trees. I can choose the age that I serve in between 19 and 25. Service will obviously make it impossible to *affirm?* or how it's called, yk uniforms and military codes, not really something that i find myself in. So, I am wondering if anyone here has a similar experience and can provide with some tips or anything. Also, would it be better to do it early or late? If I do it early I'll be worked like a donkey, but I'll be given more freedom earlier. Or should I do it late which will give me a higher rank instantly (it's based on the college degree not age) and I'll just sit in an office for 12 months, but I'll finish it late and I have the risk of dropping out in college and being dragged into service earlier and possibly falling into a depression mental state with a fully loaded Chinese AK..

It is very concerning and frightening the extent to which people will go to when it comes to fighting against trans rights, whether that be verbally or physically. The importance of supporting trans rights is as important as anything, especially with the way things currently are. How can we best help and support the rights, safety, and well-being of trans people?

Re: “Transfolks are mutilating kids”
This is a common myth spread by transphobic - for lack of a better term - degenerates like Matt Walsh and JK Rowling. Basically they're saying sex reassignment surgery is being performed on minors. Surprisingly, this shit is easy to debunk. **My response:** No one is advocating for SRS to be performed on people below 18 and rightfully so. There's a reason why puberty blockers are recommended for trans kids, why we campaign against discrimination of trans kids, why we campaigned to not need surgery to be considered a man or a woman. I would argue this myth is nothing more than a strawman

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Happy trans visibility day

>We have always been here. We just haven’t always felt safe coming out. But there’s no turning back the clock. We’re going to win our liberation today or tomorrow. At most, those who wish us ill will succeed in causing pain and suffering on their way out. I call on their well-meaning allies not to help them.

Transcript: >It is not a woman’s specific feminine virtue that gives her a place of honor in human society, but the worth of her personality as human being, as citizen, as thinker, as fighter. > >*Alexandra Kollontai*

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP)—It was pharmacist Gwendolyn Herzig’s first time testifying before a legislative committee when she spoke to several Arkansas lawmakers in a packed hearing room this month about a bill restricting gender-affirming care for minors. Herzig, who is transgender, spoke out against the legislation and told the panel that one of the biggest obstacles trans people face is a lack of empathy. Only a few minutes later, a Republican lawmaker asked her an inappropriate question about her genitalia. “It was horrifying,” she said. The exchange, which was livestreamed on the Legislature’s website and has since been widely shared on social media, is an example of the type of demeaning questions and rhetoric that transgender people meet when they show up to statehouses to testify against new bills targeting their rights. In South Dakota, a lawmaker invoked “furries”—people who dress up as animals—when talking about gender-affirming care. In Montana, a legislator compared parents supporting their children in finding treatment to asking doctors to carry out medically assisted suicide. Advocates worry that increasingly hostile rhetoric about transgender people could have a chilling effect on those who want to speak out against new restrictions and could do lasting damage to a community of trans youth that is already marginalized. “I feel like that’s what they’re trying to do, to keep us from coming and exercising this right that we have,” said Rumba Yambu, executive director of Intransitive, an advocacy and support group for transgender people in Arkansas. “Because who wants to go and be asked about their genitalia in front of a bunch of strangers? Especially strangers in power.” So far this year, at least 150 bills targeting transgender people have been introduced, which is the highest in a single year, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Bans on gender-affirming care for minors have already been enacted this year in South Dakota and Utah, and Republican governors in Tennessee and Mississippi are expected to sign similar bans into law. Arkansas and Alabama have bans that were temporarily blocked by federal judges. The push has included efforts in some states to restrict gender-affirming care for adults and proposed bans on drag shows that opponents have warned would also discriminate against transgender people. Herzig came to the state Capitol to testify against a bill attempting to reinstate Arkansas’ ban on gender-affirming care for minors by making it easier to file malpractice lawsuits against providers. In her testimony, Herzig talked about working with transgender patients who are on hormone replacement therapy. “Bills like SB199 are designed to hinder, not help, Arkansans by creating barriers to evidence-driven health care they deserve under the guise of helping the young and innocent,” she said, later saying a vote for the bill was “unpatriotic, and casts doubts on our own health and research institutions who have worked through health care fields to improve the lives of Americans.” During follow-up questions, Republican Sen. Matt McKee asked Herzig if she is transgender. When she said yes, he asked: “Do you have a penis?” The question was met with jeers and audible gasps in the packed committee room. “That’s horrible,” Herzig responded, telling McKee that asking her such a question was inappropriate and noting she was testifying as a health care professional. “I had never been so publicly humiliated in my life,” Herzig told The Associated Press in an interview days later. McKee did not respond to an email or phone call, but defended his question in a written statement. “As a father of four daughters, I will do everything in my power to protect my children and the children of Arkansas, especially from the woke mob who intend to push their agenda and beliefs down our throats and destroy our families,” McKee’s statement said. The idea of protecting children by withholding medical care is undermined by health experts, who have said minors with gender dysphoria who do not receive appropriate care face dramatically increased risk of suicide and serious depression. McKee’s questions were similar in tone to those posed to Debi Jackson’s teen Avery, who is transgender and nonbinary, when they testified before Missouri legislators last year about a proposal to ban trans girls and women from participating on sports teams matching their gender identity. During the hearing, a lawmaker asked Avery if they were “gonna go through the procedure.” Since that exchange, Jackson said Avery hasn’t wanted to testify again before the Legislature. “It’s this same idea that in any of these discussions about trans people just being treated with basic dignity and respect, legislators want to reduce them to one body part,” Jackson said. “They miss the entirety of the human being sitting in front of them having a conversation.” ![]( Advocates say the rhetoric surrounding these proposed bans further exacerbates an already treacherous environment for transgender people, their families, and medical providers. Children’s hospitals around the country have faced an uptick of harassment and threats of violence for providing gender-confirming care. Though she said she’s received an outcry of support since her testimony, Herzig said she and the pharmacy she owns have also gotten hateful emails and calls. People opposed to gender-affirming care for minors argue that children are too young to make decisions about their futures, sometimes comparing such treatments to child abuse. That’s despite medical experts saying the care is safe when administered properly. Nearly every major medical group, including the American Medical Association, has opposed the bans on such care for minors. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott last year ordered the state’s child welfare agency to investigate reports of gender-affirming care for kids as abuse, but a judge has since blocked those investigations. Amber Briggle, the mother of a transgender teenager in Texas whose family was investigated after Abbott’s order, said she gets frustrated when speaking before lawmakers in her state who she thinks already have made up their minds on the issue. But Briggle said she plans on returning to Texas’ Capitol this year and that Herzig’s encounter motivates her even more to show up and speak out. “They should not have to fight this alone,” Briggle said of transgender people testifying in statehouses. “They should know they have loving, supporting allies in their corner.” Herzig said she probably would not have testified had she known she was going to be asked about her genitalia. “I felt like I was pretty much prepared for any combative question,” she said. “Except that.”

I have evolved
Hello everyone, You all know me as [Arsen6331]( A while ago, I had a realization. I realized I was trans. As with all the other major realizations in my life, my brain has been subconsciously collecting evidence for years, and I had this realization in a single moment. My egg didn't crack, it exploded and shattered violently. Memories containing evidence started popping up in quick succession, from when I was as young as 3 years old, and I had to process all of them. It has been a major emotional rollercoaster. I've been repressing this for as long as I've been alive, so this makes me very anxious, but now that most of it has been processed, and the most important people have been told, I can tell all of you: Hello, I am Elara, an Autistic, Trans ML. Thanks to everyone here. You all were a huge part of my realization. Without you, it might've happened a lot later or not at all.

I’ve decided to come out
Hi comrades, some people on the prolewiki discord already know this, but I have decided to come out as trans! I'm a woman and my name is Anna! I will be changing my pfp and name tomorrow. I don't know what else to say and I don't want to overthink, so here you go. Edit 1: Thanks for the all positivity comrades! I written this like near midnight and I was just hiding and anticipating some response. This community really just is great. Edit 2: I've changed my PFP and Username. I feel happier now that it's this way!

Don't mind me, just going on a shitposting spree to celebrate my top surgery, yay!!

A sad day for the trans community…

Well fuck
Im an egg this is where the fun begins

Massive achievement for my transition
I struggle to see a boy when I look in the mirror now. :) What gives this more importance is that I'm still pre-hrt and I can't do makeup. I'm proud of myself for getting to a point where I can LIKE myself, and when I start hrt and whatever I'll LOVE myself. We are winning <3 I hope nothing but the best for all my trans siblings, good luck and stay safe. Remember to take care of yourselves, it helps in the long run.

> On Trans Day of Remembrance, we honor those taken from our communities, we celebrate their lives, and we root ourselves in our collective resilience. > > Our community is incredibly strong. In the face of systemic violence, trans people continue to survive and thrive. We support and celebrate each other while working hard to achieve our dreams. > > Our new [Remembrance Report]( centers the humanity and individuality of trans people whose lives were stolen by violence. Whenever possible, we’ve included snapshots of their lives, often shared by their loved ones. > > In Texas, DeeDee Hall was a 37-year-old Black trans woman whose family described her as “always helping people” and full of life.” In Vermont, 29-year-old Fern Feather - who used both she/her and they/them pronouns - worked at a farm-to-table café. She was a white trans woman who always wore a wildflower in their hair. > > Stories like these show trans people as unique and worthy human beings. In particular, we honor the memory of Black trans women like Keshia Chanel Geter, who was a dedicated advocate for the LGBTQ community in her home state of South Carolina. Only 26 years old, her loved ones said she “inspired people everywhere she went” and “touched the lives of many.” > > Since last November, we know of 47 transgender people whose lives were taken from us. 38 of those individuals – each of them a person with inherent human dignity – were lost since the start of 2022. > > Unfortunately, data on violence in our community is often underreported, difficult to capture, and fails to represent the fullness of our humanity. Trans people are frequently deadnamed, or misidentified, by law enforcement. Within our community, we also know that trans women of color, and especially Black trans women, face an alarming and unacceptable amount of violence. Trans women made up 85% percent of those taken from us, and 70% of those trans women were Black. > > State governments and extremist politicians across the country are attempting to weaponize disinformation and persecute trans people and our families. We have a political climate that has exploded with anti-trans legislation, policy, and rhetoric. In the leadup to last week’s election, extremists spread lies about trans people, denigrating our community and stoking fear in people who simply don’t understand what it means to be trans. > > These actions contribute to a deeply unsafe environment for trans people and their families – some of whom have had to flee their home states just to get the medical care they need. Over 25% of the trans people we lost to violence were located in Texas and Florida – two states which saw dozens of anti-trans legislative and administrative actions. Even hospitals where trans people access gender-affirming care have received serious threats, and violence against trans people overall has increased in recent years. > > No one should have to fear violence or mourn lost loved ones. > > We honor the loved ones we’ve lost to violence and celebrate those who are still here. We speak up loudly about the disparities we face in hopes that others will see and understand. We lift up the voices of the most marginalized in our community, understanding that together, we will all rise. > > No matter what, trans people across the nation deserve to live safe, healthy, and authentic lives. > > Trans people are vital parts of our communities. The trans experience is about far more than violence and statistics. We are brilliant, we are beautiful, and we are full of joy. Our lives have meaning. We matter.


I’m not going to transition. And I just need support.
I'm not a man. I've wanted for so long to present as femme, to be seen as femme. My housing situation has been precarious lately, and I recently went from staying with a friend that was the worst kind of liberal ally to friends that are are both Q and T. I started feeling more safe and looking into diy hrt and seeing how so many of us are using ourselves as guinea pigs because we've lost access to anything like the ISR. And I see how it's becoming more and more dangerous where I live. And I realize that I'm not in a very stable position for reliable HRT. And during all my searching, I decided it's just not safe. I just need help coming to terms, I guess. Because I would transition if I felt like I could, but I just don't.

since I think more people need to have this under their arsenal when talking to vaushits who claims he supports trans rights. oh yeah this is a thing as well ![](

Keir Starmer is a transphobic piece of shit (a repost)
Original by Ratette ([]( "Vile cretinous bootlicking piece of shit. I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway but what a vile, slimes, performative piece of utter shit. How do I hate the Labour leader more than the conservatives at this point?! Utter scum. Scum. Worth less than the shit suits he wears. Rotten slime. Link: Scum. I deal with enough transphobia on this shit hole island without them legitimising it further. I’m fucking angry and I’m genuinely scared 😞"

Credit to []( from Lemmy's [Russia community]( [Very based name btw](

Do you people plans to freeze sperm/eggs?
My mom has been bugging me about this question ever since I started the process of getting on HRT. As a child there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted kids, but in the past few years I've been reconsidering a lot. I finally got my hormones last week, so now the clock is ticking. I'd love other people in my situation's thoughts on the matter. Thanks :)

Struggling with being Myself
How do you combat dysphoria in order to be yourself? I find myself struggling to dress the way I want to, love the way I want to, and even try makeup because I constantly get a sudden overflow of dysphoria. I can do things for an hour at most until I feel completely shattered. I struggle to combat internalised transphobia too. Idk, I just feel so stuck and alone in this battle to liberate myself sometimes. I know I have so much potential but my dysphoria shuts me down completely. There's also some dysmorphia that may be at play. Not being able to really know what I look like fucks with me to an immense level.

> ABSTRACT: Neoliberal processes take place in rapid compromises with political sovereignties of nations. The only unsovereign political space where neoliberalism is practiced today is Palestine, particularly in the West Bank, since the Oslo peace process. The portrayal of Islam in a certain light is essential to the success of neoliberal practices in the region. In line with this, Israel’s official 2007 campaign, “Brand Israel,” saw millions of dollars spent for this propaganda. One of the central points is “pink-washing” where Israel portrays itself as a haven for homosexuals while deliberately glossing over its occupation of Palestine. Israeli occupation does not distinguish between queer and straight. This phenomenon of employing gay rights as political strategy, and in this case anchored in Islamophobia, is termed by theorist Jasbir Puar as “homonationalism.” Gender is clearly an organising principle of Israeli re-pression and what needs to be looked at is whether gender is also an organising principle of Palestinian resistance. The Palestinian queer movement is deeply embedded in anti-pinkwashing activism and differentiates itself from Western notions of queerness. This article applies these crucial understandings to the current context of Palestine because it is a predominantly vibrant, contemporary site. Excerpt regarding Palestinian queer movement: > Anti-pinkwashing and queer rights activism has been picking up tremendously in recent years. In 2019, a Palestinian teen was severely stabbed near Tel Aviv (a gay haven according to the “Brand Israel” campaign), allegedly by his own brother based on perceived sexual and gender identity. This snowballed into unprecedented protest actions across Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Israel (Ziv, 2019). This was also the first time there was widespread reporting by the media on an incident of violence against the queer community in Palestine. A statement by Al Qaws, the organisation at the heart of the move-ment that followed, read: "This attack exposed how complicit our society is in covering up and legitimizing violence against LGBTQ people. Furthermore, this crime and the subsequent social reaction reemphasizes how much the violence against LGBTQ people in Palestine can-not be divorced from violence against women or ongoing colonial violence including Pinkwashing." (Al Qaws, 2019) A rallying point in this movement was seen in placards with slogans calling for the freedom of Palestinian queers to not align with their occupiers, as collectively building a gender- and sexuality-diverse civil society was the only solution. This was a watershed moment in the Palestinian queer movement as it saw very public protest actions that continued for several days, assertively calling for a resilient struggle for a free Palestine for all.

I have an appointment to obtain estrogen soon 😎😎
thats all, hope everyone having a lovely day, im very happy.😎😎

What to do when you’re caught in a loop :(
**This is slightly sad, just a warning if you don't like that ** Recently I have been lethargic and not able to present that feminine. I've just been tired and I don't know why. I was sick until recently, but even then I was doing good. I've been spending most of my days just listening to music and playing online chess. And even when I take the initiative to get in the shower put on female clothes, my joy is somewhat fleeting knowing tomorrow I'll probably wont. I'm still growing my hair too so it sucks, feel free to answer, or maybe just express solidarity, I don't know, but thank you for your time. edit: I am feeling much better and doing better, thanks for your support!

There are a lot of self proclaimed ML’s online who have mostly agreeable politics but are also very socially reactionary. They often post something decent like ‘NATO provoked the conflict in Ukraine’ and at the end randomly say ‘this is similar to when liberals pretend trans identities are valid’ they talk about trans identities as part of western societal decay etc. (One thing I have noticed is that they praise tomboys but condemn trans women or even cis men in dresses). How does one expose their lack of materialism around this issue? I honestly think some could be swayed.

Creating a community like r/TransDIY
Would people here be interestsed in this? A big advantage would be listing suppliers openly and no more banning of transmasc HRT discussion. It could also be part of this community if people don't want to make a separate one.

An insightful video assessing the origins of our modern western genders and why defining womanhood is such a contentious dispute. (this video is over 40 minutes long but it was so interesting I didn't even notice)

⚠️ Content warning for transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, and racism ⚠️ This video series is an investigation of the anti-trans "gender critical" cult. It details how they recruit people, abuse children, and manipulate the public. Apologies for the serious topic, but I think comrades here would appreciate Caelan's videos!

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Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility!
No matter what point you may be during your transition, I hope everyone gets and got to have a great day today! We're all facing a difficult journey, but just always remember it's all worth it!

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I’m sorry to bring some negative energy here, but i need to vent out (CW warning)
I used to be a law student in poland (i hate that coutry and it's 'conservative values'), and I made a mistake by coming out as trans (mtf btw) to my conservative father (I really dont know what the fuck i was thinking, i hoped propably that he'd at least try to understand) and told him to not tell this to my even more conservaive and more religious fanatic mother for a while. Of course he didnt keep that fucking secret, he told me that he was devastaded by the news, and my mother was in tears. I then backed out out of this back into my closet, but I was so devastated, that I failed to exams and have to redo a year. So i am forced to go back into my fucking home. Even though I am quite visibly depressed and even attempted suicide twice, they did not make any appoitment to a pshychologist, but my fucking mother thought that i was possesed (fortunately now she doesnt think that i am). Instead of psychologist they force me to go to church nearly daily, where for example I heard yesterday priest comparing abortion to nazism. And they (my parents) almost constanty tell me haw i made them heartbroken after I told tham that i am trans, they wont even consider that they are destroying me and my life. They even forced me to give facebook and gmail passwords, so I cant even join any support group here. And did I menton that my mother is as emotionally stable as balans Just after fall of yugoslavia and my father sometimes hits me when hes angry. And the fact that poland is one of the worst places for lgbt people doesnt help either. fuck my parents fuck poland fuck vatican

I've been playing Deus Ex and I'm angry they keep calling me he despite there's no female character option

Letting emotions happen makes a real difference.
cross-posted from: > I dont know if this is even relevant but it has something to do with being trans sooo idk > > I just watched the last two episodes of the anime 86 and I just was balling my eyes out every single second. I knew it was going to be emotional like the ending of the first season but letting your emotion run free because you realized you are trans and dont have to restrain such feelings feels so good.

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    There can be no trans liberation without the abolition of capitalism!

    Element community coming soon as well


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