Transgender Marxism - Discussion 1 (Intro)
A chairdre! I'm leading a discussion group on this collection of essays, and I thought this might be of interest to some of my Internet comrades. Firstly, the essay collection in question: Alright, so I'm reading through this in order to prepare some notes for my discussion. Thought it might be fun to have a few discussion threads here. This first thread is for the lengthy editors' introduction. I will make a separate thread for each essay as I read them. I'll grab some quotes, type up some thoughts, hope I can spark a discussion! If not, that's fine, I at least hope someone will benefit from having the link to the PDF. I'll edit this post with links to the subsequent posts (though I'm only going to be doing the intro and the first essay today, I'm a busy lady). Edit 1: The discussion for the first essay by Noah Zazanis is here - Edit 2: The discussion for the second essay by Michelle O'Brien is here - Edit 3: The discussion for the third essay by Rosa Lee is here - Edit 4: The discussion for the fourth essay by Jules Joanne Gleeson is here - Edit 5: The discussion for the fifth essay by Nat Raha is here - Edit 6: The discussion for the sixth essay by Virgínia Guitzel is here - Edit 7: The discussion for the seventh essay by Kate Doyle Griffiths is here - Edit 8: The discussion for the eighth essay by Farah Thompson is here - Edit 9: The discussion for the ninth essay by JN Hoad is here - Edit 10: The discussion for the tenth essay by Zoe Belinsky is here - Edit 11: The discussion for the eleventh essay by CAACD is here -

A chairdre! For any comrádaí who may not know, An Camchéachta, the bent plough, is the former flag of the Irish Citizen Army, depicting the constellation of the Plough (Ursa Major) but also referencing "swords into ploughshares", and is now a symbol of Irish socialist republicanism. I did it in the Trasinscneach (transgender) colours <3

Transgender Marxism - Discussion 12 (CAACD)
A chairde! This is our twelfth discussion (out of fifteen) on the essay collection *Transgender Marxism*, the PDF for which can be found here - The intro discussion, with links to all previous essay discussions, can be found here - Feel free to ask questions, I'll answer them to the best of my abilities. I hope that you'll read along, and we can all learn something new together, and maybe spark a discussion. This essay is *A Dialogue on Deleuze and Gender Difference* by The Conspiratorial Association for the Advancement of Cultural Degeneracy. *CAACD is a collective name for dialogue encouraging lines of flight, and shaking of the habitual.*

Massive achievement for my transition
I struggle to see a boy when I look in the mirror now. :) What gives this more importance is that I'm still pre-hrt and I can't do makeup. I'm proud of myself for getting to a point where I can LIKE myself, and when I start hrt and whatever I'll LOVE myself. We are winning <3 I hope nothing but the best for all my trans siblings, good luck and stay safe. Remember to take care of yourselves, it helps in the long run.

> On Trans Day of Remembrance, we honor those taken from our communities, we celebrate their lives, and we root ourselves in our collective resilience. > > Our community is incredibly strong. In the face of systemic violence, trans people continue to survive and thrive. We support and celebrate each other while working hard to achieve our dreams. > > Our new [Remembrance Report]( centers the humanity and individuality of trans people whose lives were stolen by violence. Whenever possible, we’ve included snapshots of their lives, often shared by their loved ones. > > In Texas, DeeDee Hall was a 37-year-old Black trans woman whose family described her as “always helping people” and full of life.” In Vermont, 29-year-old Fern Feather - who used both she/her and they/them pronouns - worked at a farm-to-table café. She was a white trans woman who always wore a wildflower in their hair. > > Stories like these show trans people as unique and worthy human beings. In particular, we honor the memory of Black trans women like Keshia Chanel Geter, who was a dedicated advocate for the LGBTQ community in her home state of South Carolina. Only 26 years old, her loved ones said she “inspired people everywhere she went” and “touched the lives of many.” > > Since last November, we know of 47 transgender people whose lives were taken from us. 38 of those individuals – each of them a person with inherent human dignity – were lost since the start of 2022. > > Unfortunately, data on violence in our community is often underreported, difficult to capture, and fails to represent the fullness of our humanity. Trans people are frequently deadnamed, or misidentified, by law enforcement. Within our community, we also know that trans women of color, and especially Black trans women, face an alarming and unacceptable amount of violence. Trans women made up 85% percent of those taken from us, and 70% of those trans women were Black. > > State governments and extremist politicians across the country are attempting to weaponize disinformation and persecute trans people and our families. We have a political climate that has exploded with anti-trans legislation, policy, and rhetoric. In the leadup to last week’s election, extremists spread lies about trans people, denigrating our community and stoking fear in people who simply don’t understand what it means to be trans. > > These actions contribute to a deeply unsafe environment for trans people and their families – some of whom have had to flee their home states just to get the medical care they need. Over 25% of the trans people we lost to violence were located in Texas and Florida – two states which saw dozens of anti-trans legislative and administrative actions. Even hospitals where trans people access gender-affirming care have received serious threats, and violence against trans people overall has increased in recent years. > > No one should have to fear violence or mourn lost loved ones. > > We honor the loved ones we’ve lost to violence and celebrate those who are still here. We speak up loudly about the disparities we face in hopes that others will see and understand. We lift up the voices of the most marginalized in our community, understanding that together, we will all rise. > > No matter what, trans people across the nation deserve to live safe, healthy, and authentic lives. > > Trans people are vital parts of our communities. The trans experience is about far more than violence and statistics. We are brilliant, we are beautiful, and we are full of joy. Our lives have meaning. We matter.

akbjwebjkraslbjkdfg ughhhhh idk if anybody else took this arduous thing but it's got some moments. the political spread it asked me to chose was very silly. that being said, it did ask a lot of questions abt trans descrimination and stuff as well as questions abt stuff like detransitioning n all that. i think it's kinda important that people take it? idk. [here's that survey]( it takes forever but it does provide important statistics. if you're in the US, check it out

Me irl
Me irl

could it be true!!!?! sources told us comrade Blahaj has recently been hoisted to leadership by the Workers' Party!!

Transgender Marxism - Discussion 11 (Zoe Belinsky)
Hello friends! We're nearing the end of our journey through this essay collection. This is discussion 11 out of 15. For anyone just joining us, this is a chance for us to learn a little something new by reading and discussing a collection of essays entitled *Transgender Marxism* which can be found here - The intro discussion, which contains links to all previous discussions, can be found here - In this thread I'll be reading Zoe Belinsky's essay *Transgender and Disabled Bodies: Between Pain and the Imaginary* I'll be pulling quotes and making notes, so feel free to read along, ask questions, make comments. I hope we're all able to learn something new together <3 *Zoe Belinsky received her Master’s in the study of Philosophy from Villanova University, where she studied in the PhD program. She has since left the program, and now works in Jewish education and local organising.* This is a philosophy essay, and a long one at that, so buckle in and let's get learning! Edit: the discussion continues with an essay by CAACD here -

I'm not going to transition. And I just need support.
I'm not a man. I've wanted for so long to present as femme, to be seen as femme. My housing situation has been precarious lately, and I recently went from staying with a friend that was the worst kind of liberal ally to friends that are are both Q and T. I started feeling more safe and looking into diy hrt and seeing how so many of us are using ourselves as guinea pigs because we've lost access to anything like the ISR. And I see how it's becoming more and more dangerous where I live. And I realize that I'm not in a very stable position for reliable HRT. And during all my searching, I decided it's just not safe. I just need help coming to terms, I guess. Because I would transition if I felt like I could, but I just don't.

lmfao tbh i stockpile both ammo and HRT for my comrades :3

Well, once again it's voting day in Burgerland. Once again the electoralists are crying and urging us to dutifully head to the polls and throw in our lots. One again certain leftist orgs are selling out their "revolutionary" values and pandering to reformism. Here we are. According to a UN report released 2 months ago, 2022 has been a year of unprecedented regression of LGBT rights in the United States. The blue party holds the presidency, as well as both houses of congress, and across the nation, reactionaries have never before gained more ground in their bloody war on the LGBT, women, and all other minorities. Yet the "harm reduction" advocates are still barking at us. Make no mistake, if voting costs little effort for you personally, and you can materially improve the conditions in your local area, you should be all means. That being said, the leaders of certain "leftist" orgs in the US have been pushing a hard "vote blue" campaign on a national level and when they do this, they directly undermine our struggle. While it's fine and good for you and I to go to the polls and try to keep murderous anti-trans people off the school board, when a national organisation with supposedly "Marxist-Leninist" intentions expends its energy urging the masses toward electoral solutions, they are directly undermining the process of left wing radicalisation. Comrades, it's easy for the, mostly cis-het white men, who run some of these orgs to do this. They aren't dying. Their material interests are better served by preserving respectability and stability in society than they would be by agitating for revolution. Every time they use their platforms to urge voting, they are demonstrating to the not-yet-radicalised that electoralism may still be the solution. Their "harm reduction" strategy doesn't even bear fruits anymore, meanwhile our fellow LGBT and other minority comrades are dying. I strongly urge you to join whatever organisations you can and struggle against these electoralist currents. One of the hardest struggles we face is getting people to look beyond the ballot box for solutions to the threats they face, and without us advocating militant, principled, and revolutionary action, we're just running out the clock at the cost of our comrades lives. Stay safe. uwu


since I think more people need to have this under their arsenal when talking to vaushits who claims he supports trans rights. oh yeah this is a thing as well ![](

Transgender Marxism - Discussion 10 (JN Hoad)
In a shocking turn of events, there's another discussion of *Transgender Marxism* . I'll give you all a moment to contain your gasps. For anyone new to this: *Transgender Marxism* is a collection of essays by, you guessed it, transgender Marxists, a PDF of which can be found here - I'm hosting a discussion group on these essays, and so I'm sharing my initial read-through and note-taking with the online class (you). I hope that we can spark a discussion, or at the very least that we can all learn a little something. The discussion on the very lengthy intro (and links to all other essay discussions) can be found here - Today's essay is *Encounters in Lancaster* by JN Hoad. *JN Hoad is a femme de lettres, carer and communist in the North West of England. They are concerned with trans and queer care practices, and how these come to make change in the world. Their work has appeared in* Salvage *magazine,* Blind Field *and* New Socialist. Edit: the discussion continues with Zoe Belinsky's essay here -

Keir Starmer is a transphobic piece of shit (a repost)
Original by Ratette ([]( "Vile cretinous bootlicking piece of shit. I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway but what a vile, slimes, performative piece of utter shit. How do I hate the Labour leader more than the conservatives at this point?! Utter scum. Scum. Worth less than the shit suits he wears. Rotten slime. Link: Scum. I deal with enough transphobia on this shit hole island without them legitimising it further. I’m fucking angry and I’m genuinely scared 😞"

There can be no trans liberation without the abolition of capitalism!

Element community coming soon as well


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