Brand new transgender Communist server!
This is a Discord server for exclusively Communist Transgender individuals! We just made it this morning for the r/traabutyescommies subreddit but thought this place might find it interesting as well. Join here!

What to do when you're caught in a loop :(
**This is slightly sad, just a warning if you don't like that ** Recently I have been lethargic and not able to present that feminine. I've just been tired and I don't know why. I was sick until recently, but even then I was doing good. I've been spending most of my days just listening to music and playing online chess. And even when I take the initiative to get in the shower put on female clothes, my joy is somewhat fleeting knowing tomorrow I'll probably wont. I'm still growing my hair too so it sucks, feel free to answer, or maybe just express solidarity, I don't know, but thank you for your time.

Any tips for the gym?
Looking for stuff I can do in the gym that will help give a more feminine figure essentially.

There are a lot of self proclaimed ML’s online who have mostly agreeable politics but are also very socially reactionary. They often post something decent like ‘NATO provoked the conflict in Ukraine’ and at the end randomly say ‘this is similar to when liberals pretend trans identities are valid’ they talk about trans identities as part of western societal decay etc. (One thing I have noticed is that they praise tomboys but condemn trans women or even cis men in dresses). How does one expose their lack of materialism around this issue? I honestly think some could be swayed.


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Creating a community like r/TransDIY
Would people here be interestsed in this? A big advantage would be listing suppliers openly and no more banning of transmasc HRT discussion. It could also be part of this community if people don't want to make a separate one.

An insightful video assessing the origins of our modern western genders and why defining womanhood is such a contentious dispute. (this video is over 40 minutes long but it was so interesting I didn't even notice)

⚠️ Content warning for transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, and racism ⚠️ This video series is an investigation of the anti-trans "gender critical" cult. It details how they recruit people, abuse children, and manipulate the public. Apologies for the serious topic, but I think comrades here would appreciate Caelan's videos!

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Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility!
No matter what point you may be during your transition, I hope everyone gets and got to have a great day today! We're all facing a difficult journey, but just always remember it's all worth it!

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I'm sorry to bring some negative energy here, but i need to vent out (CW warning)
I used to be a law student in poland (i hate that coutry and it's 'conservative values'), and I made a mistake by coming out as trans (mtf btw) to my conservative father (I really dont know what the fuck i was thinking, i hoped propably that he'd at least try to understand) and told him to not tell this to my even more conservaive and more religious fanatic mother for a while. Of course he didnt keep that fucking secret, he told me that he was devastaded by the news, and my mother was in tears. I then backed out out of this back into my closet, but I was so devastated, that I failed to exams and have to redo a year. So i am forced to go back into my fucking home. Even though I am quite visibly depressed and even attempted suicide twice, they did not make any appoitment to a pshychologist, but my fucking mother thought that i was possesed (fortunately now she doesnt think that i am). Instead of psychologist they force me to go to church nearly daily, where for example I heard yesterday priest comparing abortion to nazism. And they (my parents) almost constanty tell me haw i made them heartbroken after I told tham that i am trans, they wont even consider that they are destroying me and my life. They even forced me to give facebook and gmail passwords, so I cant even join any support group here. And did I menton that my mother is as emotionally stable as balans Just after fall of yugoslavia and my father sometimes hits me when hes angry. And the fact that poland is one of the worst places for lgbt people doesnt help either. fuck my parents fuck poland fuck vatican

I've been playing Deus Ex and I'm angry they keep calling me he despite there's no female character option

Letting emotions happen makes a real difference.
cross-posted from: > I dont know if this is even relevant but it has something to do with being trans sooo idk > > I just watched the last two episodes of the anime 86 and I just was balling my eyes out every single second. I knew it was going to be emotional like the ending of the first season but letting your emotion run free because you realized you are trans and dont have to restrain such feelings feels so good.


I JUST GOT PRESCRIBED 0.25MG ESTROGEN PATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I AM SO FUCKING ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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