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$ sudo pacman -S revolution
error: target not found: revolution

Looks like we’ll have to build revolution from source

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Hmm, it seems the bot is no longer receiving CreateComment events

Communism is when pronouns (I’ve actually seen people say this)

Originally yes, but the manpages now define it as “substitute user do” because it can run commands as any user.

Yeah, I saw that, but I’d prefer a rolling release. I might try it though and see how much I like it. Maybe I can get the DE running on Arch with some work.

Here’s a screenshot of Waydroid running on my PinePhone Pro. I’m using an Android image with microG. The black bars on the top and bottom are part of Phosh, the desktop environment I’m using, then everything in the middle is Android running inside a Waydroid container.

I tried Ubuntu Touch and really liked the interface, but it used a really old version of Ubuntu that I really didn’t want to deal with so now I use Phosh on Arch.

I run Arch on a PinePhone Pro. It’s been working really well. Recent updates have improved it a lot. The phone now wakes itself up from sleep when it receives a call or SMS, calls and SMS have been very reliable, MMS messages now work, etc. I even have Android apps running on my PinePhone Pro using Waydroid, which is now hardware accelerated. I use it as a daily driver and it’s a very good daily driver.

The only major issue is that the drivers for the cameras haven’t been mainlined yet which means that even if you get a kernel that supports them, most camera apps won’t support them and the ones that do don’t have postprocessing yet, so the white balance is off and the quality is horrible. If you don’t need the cameras though, it works really well.

If you want to make a reply bot, you could write a config for my https://gitea.elara.ws/Elara6331/lemmy-reply-bot. It detects regular expressions in posts and comments and replies to them with a template you can set. It’s what TankieReplyBot runs on, you can see the config I use in the spoiler at the bottom of this post

Is there any reason to use Typewriter specifically? It’s unmaintained and “similar to Word” is not accurate at all, it’s more of a rich text editor than a word processor, and not a very good one. If you’d like a good MS Office alternative, OnlyOffice should work much better for you and is very good with MS Office interoperability.

Depending on how they’ve written the file (whether it contains a python shebang at the top and is marked as executable) and what OS you’re using, either one may work. python executable.py without the ./ works pretty much everywhere regardless of the file and the OS.

There’s a lot of information in the metadata. It can be anything from information about the device, OS, and software you took and/or edited the picture with (which exposes potential vulnerabilities), to your exact GPS coordinates. Some programs and devices will also add custom fields with extra data. It’s always good to strip the EXIF metadata before putting an image anywhere public.

I don’t know for sure, but Wisconcom has a habit of going around and downvoting people for no reason, especially those who have said something he didn’t like.

This is Carl Marks. He worked with Fredrik Angles to invent math. That’s why Fredrik’s last name is Angles.

Oh, that’s what you meant. Yeah, that could be an issue, but I imagine at least some hosts will pay for the API if it affects them, depending on how much it costs. Hopefully they can continue to work. If not, it might be time to do some web scraping and get around the API.

TankieReplyBot doesn’t run on Reddit, it’s Lemmy only. This won’t affect it.

Thanks so much! I’m really glad you enjoy it!

The problem you were experiencing has been reported before, and it seems to be an issue with BlueZ and Bluetooth. They are notoriously buggy and unreliable, and I’ve spent lots of time trying to track down bugs and get them to behave, but as you can tell it’s not always possible.

That’s still the address because I’m not out everywhere yet. When I update it, it’ll redirect to the new URL. I’ll also edit the wiki and other links.

I think @CriticalResist8@lemmygrad.ml would be able to answer this question better than I ever could. There’s an explanation here, but there have been more developments since then.

tl;dr Wisconcom is a butthurt troll who can’t let go after having been banned for his behavior

Edit: I know you’re here, Wisconcom. I can see your downvote on this post.
Edit 2: Removing your downvote isn’t going to help

Graph of highest GDP countries with all countries but the US covered with black so they are only partially visible

Wow, the US economy is performing so well! Black lines? What black lines? No idea what you’re talking about. As you can clearly see, the US is the best and its economy is performing really well!

That reminds me of a math problem I had in 5th grade where the answer was that there were 5.3 people on a boat

I’ll see if it’s possible, but probably not. Google has put a lot of work into making sure bots don’t automatically do anything on Google Docs without paying exorbitant fees for API access.

you’re pretty good with this kind of stuff. Do you know a way to get the content of a google doc without needing to sign into Google?

Google doesn’t require you to sign in to export the document. However, it’s probably not a good idea to use Google Docs at all, so I used a VPN and exported them for you :)

Here are the links:

So not only did the train derail and spill toxic chemicals everywhere, the truck carrying the spilled toxic chemicals overturned and spilled them again. Amazing. You can't make this stuff up 🤦‍♀️

Clearly the World Bank and IMF have been paid off! We all know China’s economy is going to fail tomorrow, I saw it in a YouTube thumbnail.

I just tried it and it’s really good. It’s not just free to use, it’s completely open source, so you don’t even need to use it on their servers.

You shouldn’t need an invite, just join #welcome:genzedong.xyz and #vetting-questions:genzedong.xyz :)

I am your new overlord! ahem… I mean, welcome to the new server!

Wisconsin Shaken by Mysterious Thermonuclear Explosion: Links to Obscure Website ‘Lemmygrad’ Baffle Authorities
In a shocking turn of events, a thermonuclear explosion was detected in the heart of Wisconsin earlier today. What's even more bewildering is that the source of the explosion appears to be a single individual. According to the ISP logs, the person was apparently browsing a website called "Lemmygrad" when the incident occurred. We're not sure what "Lemmygrad" is or what kind of content it hosts, but we can't help but wonder if it had something to do with this catastrophic event. Authorities are currently investigating the matter, but no one seems to have any clue as to what happened. Some are speculating that the person was some kind of a mad scientist experimenting with nuclear fission in his basement, while others are suggesting that this was a terrorist attack. But the question on everyone's mind is how a single person could cause a thermonuclear explosion. We're talking about the kind of explosion that can level entire cities and wipe out populations. It's simply inconceivable that a lone individual could have that kind of power. The fact that such an incident could happen in this day and age is simply mind-boggling. We have to wonder what kind of world we're living in when a single person can cause a thermonuclear explosion. It's a scary thought, and it's one that we hope we'll never have to face again. In the meantime, we urge everyone to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity. We never know who might be lurking around the corner about to go THERMONUCLEAR. It could be anyone, anywhere, at any time. --- UPDATE: As the investigation into the thermonuclear explosion in Wisconsin continues, new details have emerged that shed some light on the individual responsible. According to sources close to the investigation, the person in question had rented a storage unit. Inside the storage unit, authorities found numerous handwritten letters addressed to someone named "CriticalResist." The letters, which were filled with rambling and disjointed thoughts, suggested that "CriticalResist" had somehow forced the individual to carry out the explosion. The writer claimed that "CriticalResist" had banned him from their online community, and that this had left him with no other option but to act out in this violent and destructive manner. It's worth noting that the writer of these letters seemed to be suffering from some kind of psychological distress. The letters were filled with paranoid ramblings and conspiracy theories, and the writer seemed to have a deep-seated resentment towards society and its institutions. As the investigation continues, we can only hope that we'll be able to piece together the events that led up to this catastrophic event. But one thing is certain: the repercussions of this explosion will be felt for years to come.

Whistleblower Exposes China’s Use of AI to Cover Up Death of President Xi Jinping
In a stunning turn of events, a whistleblower named See I. Ay has come forward with allegations that Chinese President Xi Jinping has passed away and the government is using advanced technology to cover up the truth. According to Ay, the Chinese government is using ChatGPT, an AI language model, to generate speeches that are supposedly written by Xi Jinping and Stable Diffusion, an AI image-generating tool, to create fake images of the president. Ay claims that he was a member of a secret team responsible for creating deepfake videos and images for the Chinese government. He said that they were tasked with creating videos and images of Xi Jinping to make it appear that he was still alive and leading the country. Ay said that he became uncomfortable with the work and decided to blow the whistle on the operation. The Chinese government has denied the allegations, calling them "baseless" and "ridiculous." They have also accused Ay of being a spy for foreign governments and attempting to undermine the stability of China. The situation is still developing, but it is clear that the allegations made by See I. Ay have struck a nerve in China and around the world. As the truth about Xi Jinping's fate continues to unfold, the world will be watching to see how the Chinese government responds to these allegations and whether they will continue to use advanced technology to manipulate public opinion.

They're evicting her because she isn't at the house often enough, and definitely not at all because she's a whistleblower. After all, landlords are known for their honesty and trustworthiness. 🙄 You know something's wrong when ***the police*** is telling bailiffs that they're being too violent towards protesters.

I can already see his fanboys doing mental gymnastics to justify this one.

Turns out the reason people are unhappy is that they’re not being exploited enough
🤦‍♀️ Every time I think they can't make a stupider article, they go and make a stupider article

Telemetry in open source projects
Generally, I'm opposed to any telemetry in any project, open source or not. However, there was recently a discussion about adding telemetry to the Go programming language's tools, and Go is my primary language. My initial reaction was outrage, I don't want Google spyware on my system, but reading the proposal for how it was actually going to work changed my opinion. Here's a link to the proposal: https://research.swtch.com/telemetry. It was designed for Go, but the author believes it can be applied to other open source projects as well. It was originally going to be opt-out, which I disagree with, but the Go team has listened to feedback and it will be opt-in instead. This is the first telemetry proposal I'm not completely opposed to, and I might even enable it on some of my devices. While Google has had a very bad track record with spyware, this proposal actually seems reasonable and carefully designed to take privacy into consideration. The system will only collect numbers and stack traces. The numbers are statistics like the amount of times a Go tool has crashed or the amount of times a feature was used. Every week, with a 10% probability, a report will be sent. This amounts to an average of just 5 reports per year. The reports will contain no identifying information, not even a randomly-generated ID, they will be publicly viewable, and the decisions about what to collect will be made in an open, public process. All the code for this will be completely open source. It only applies to the Go tools themselves, not programs compiled with the Go compiler, and all the collection logic is local, with the metrics being stored in files that you can inspect to see what will be sent. It seems like this proposal would preserve privacy while still providing only the necessary data to allow the Go team to improve their tools. What are your thoughts on this?

No charges were filed against the officers. The police are investigating themselves. I predict they'll find that they did nothing wrong. Edit: There's bodycam footage. Don't watch it unless you're prepared to deal with extreme anger towards those disgusting **pigs**. I don't think I've ever felt this angry and enraged in my life.

Kerbal Space Program 2 is out!
KSP 2 is finally out after 3 years of waiting! It unfortunately doesn't support Linux, and I only have Linux devices, but after some tinkering, it runs perfectly in Proton Experimental. It feels very smooth. My computer has an Intel Arc A770 GPU and a Ryzen 9 3950X CPU for reference. There are some bugs related to running it on Linux. I have two monitors, and if I move my mouse off the game into another monitor, the game's window goes black and the sound stops. The only way to fix it is to close and restart the game, but I'm sure this will be fixed in some time, and especially once native Linux support is added, which is planned. Edit: You can work around the issue with the mouse by setting the game to Windowed mode in the Graphics settings and then just making it fullscreen however you make other windows fullscreen in your WM/DE. So far, I've really been enjoying it. Here are some screenshots of me just exploring the KSC in a stock aircraft: ![Taking off from the runway](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/20e352af-3e9c-4c80-af18-e30432e4245b.png) ![Flying over some buildings](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/7f6fd5fe-1883-4029-b4c8-564204dbfb65.png) ![View of part of the KSC from above](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/1cdcb60f-c85a-4f76-824b-025a20581c37.png) ![Closeup of the trees](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/f84d8514-ecb6-4a92-9c31-0ab1c81227d9.png) I'm sure this is going to get even better as new updates are released, and I'm very excited to be able to see the development in real time. If anyone wants to run it on Linux and can't get it to work out of the box, I can tell you how I got it to run, but it is a bit of a hack and might not work for you.

Yeah, there were even more carcinogenic and toxic chemicals on the train, but it's still safe. Everyone should just stay there and drink the obviously safe water. No need to escape from the toxic carcinogens in the air or anything. Also, I don't even know what this is talking about. Look at those evil CCP balloons. They're spying on you as we speak. Aren't they scary?

I have evolved
Hello everyone, You all know me as [Arsen6331](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/Arsen6331) A while ago, I had a realization. I realized I was trans. As with all the other major realizations in my life, my brain has been subconsciously collecting evidence for years, and I had this realization in a single moment. My egg didn't crack, it exploded and shattered violently. Memories containing evidence started popping up in quick succession, from when I was as young as 3 years old, and I had to process all of them. It has been a major emotional rollercoaster. I've been repressing this for as long as I've been alive, so this makes me very anxious, but now that most of it has been processed, and the most important people have been told, I can tell all of you: Hello, I am Elara, an Autistic, Trans ML. Thanks to everyone here. You all were a huge part of my realization. Without you, it might've happened a lot later or not at all.