Practical Gaming
Like "aEsThEtIc" keyboards or "Gaming headsets"

FINALLY! A non-RGB RAM stick with 32GB capacity and 3200hz, perfect for the future build

I'm currently getting some shit for my future workstation. I'm looking for one that doesn't bottleneck the GPU and CPU and run ddr4. Image is from my notepad

The BM800 is arguably one of the cheapest mics and the most common in the world, especially in Greater Asia however you should note that the quality differs WILDLY depending on which store it's from. Some tips from me speaking from experience. - it's treble heavy so boost up the bass; - there's 2 versions, a 10mm electret and a 16mm condenser. The former is good when connected to an audio interface with an 3.5mm mic jack of cheap live audio interfaces like the v8, the latter supports 48v phantom power. - NEVER buy it in a bundle and set, especially on Lazada and Shopee you're more likely to get the arguably worse 10mm version; - talk a bit louder than usual, that may help until you get a better mic

First off ask yourself "what suits my content the most?" This will be a key part of designing your stream layout as a layout that works for me might not work for you like different colors, xhat preferences, etc. Then ask yourself, "any fancy features for my layout?". I highly recommend plugins like gradients and audio visualizers (aka the lines things you see in trap music video and under my cam) ![]( since they make an amateur stream look pro. The rest is up to you

What's the point of "gaming" PCs? I just realized there's no difference between an ultra high-end PC and a "gaming" PC so I don't see the need for a difference. `>`Bbbububuututt RGB For god's sake just add RGB and other high-end components to a normal PC or just swap the case. BOOM! Gaming PC. What exactly is the definition of gaming PC again? > A gaming computer [sic], also known as a gaming[ sic] PC, is a specialized personal computer designed for playing video games at high standards. - [Wikipedia]( We have generic GPUs with performance that is on par if not far better than RTX in terms of gaming, we have generic RAM sticks with higher capacity, we even have non-gaming hardware that outperform said "gaming" hardware. Hell, I would fucking argue you can make a sick monster build for less money. But no. Thanks to capitalism pestering everything we love literally millions of gamers flock to anything labeled "gamer" without really looking into whether not that "gaming" hardware they're about to buy is actually good or not. Now gamers end up wasting thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars just to find something that looks "gamer-y" I mean if you want to make a custom PC that looks like a "gamer" one (with RGB and shit) just have the RGB on these only: - Keyboard - Mice - Case fans - light strips in the fence; but at the end of the day it's fucking pointless to call it a "gaming PC" since it's just a super-powerful computer with high-end hardware. End of rant. Period.

Practical Gaming
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    A place dedicated for practical tips like what NOT to get for a gaming setup.

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