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Some of them didn’t seem to know the two countries on their own borders…

Nothing says a happy marriage like anniversary wishes on a fucking missile. What a depraved way to celebrate love.

The only thing I understood was that after they dissolved the USSR music teachers (like everyone thrust into capitalist post-USSR society, went broke. Terrible.

I see like, an angular triskelion there above the swastika. What’s the deal with that? Like who uses that symbol?

This post sponsored by the european aristocracy

When will we get government subsidized FFS? (facial felinization surgery). I can’t afford cat ears under privatized healthcare :(

Hmm, yeah, comedians do enjoy making fun of queer people. I was trying to find context for it, and all I found was


so I decided I was done looking at things for the day.

I’ve never even heard of a disposable barbecue, was this item commonplace??

I know English is likely not your first language, but maybe reconsider using the r-word (“Russia is defending Syria, USA is the one responsible you ****”), in English it’s a fairly volatile ableist slur.

I do also wonder: in the midst of all your insults, you also included Zelenskyy wearing “woman’s shoes and skirts” alongside like…genocide and war crimes. Is there a reason you think this is something worth mentioning or?

Mostly I’m wondering why you even bother going on reddit if it gets you this fired up. Reddit is a well-known fascist shit-hole, I think a lot of peace of mind could come from not giving them the traffic. It’s so very rarely worth it.

You can get oats and whatever assortment of seeds/grains and make really delicious and filling oatmeal for cheap. Especially get cinnamon for seasoning it. Whatever you get you can get in bulk and just make a nice little bowlful in the morning. It’s all very shelf-stable ingredients so no worries about spoilage. And if you ever find that you have fruit in, you can really kick it up. (especially apple, goes well in oatmeal and also keeps for a while)

Wait so are you like…proud that you don’t read or something?

Theory without praxis is useless, but without theory action is directionless and futile. With no understanding of the systems in place, how can you dismantle those systems or create a replacement? All that’s left is reacting to the specific circumstances with no greater framework to understanding those circumstances and why they came about. Reactionary through and through.

I think I’ve always been very open to anarchists who have the same goal of abolition of the capitalist and imperial state, but I struggle to see the merits in embracing a meme stereotype of willful ignorance and choosing not to educate yourself. Any organizational successes brought about by anarchists were accomplished with a firm grounding in theory.

There are a few anarchist bookstores locally that have a great selection on mutual aid, anti-imperialism, and police abolition, all integral to a true understanding of how anarchist action could actually better the community. It’s not just some nebulous aesthetic choice or a joke online about how you hate the state, it’s a commitment to mutual liberation that requires an understanding of the systems in play that prevent that.

Puberty blockers aren’t harmful (and definitely not when compared to what is often suicidal depression for those who are denied transition) and the process is entirely reversible if for some reason the person chooses to detransition later (and that’s not very common except in cases where a person fears being trans. It is incredibly rare for someone to get to the point of seeking medical transition and to be unsure if they are actually trans).

There are plenty of medications that interact with these same systems that are infinitely more harmful but don’t fall under such scrutiny. Hormone therapy for cis people regardless of age is rarely under scrutiny. (Big caveat that this is the US though, so like…for instance birth control, a hormone therapy for cis women that is in many places never questioned and given out to anyone who asks actually is under attack in that country)

An internal contradiction is a contradiction within a system that threatens the system itself. That is to say, when the arguments you use to draw a conclusion are contradictory to the conclusion you draw.

Basically any argument in favour of capitalism will be riddled with internal contradictions. Let’s take a look at capital accumulation:

The idea for capital accumulation is that when wages fall (predominantly through more rigorous exploitation of the global south) then profit will climb. This, so far, is horribly true. However, capitalism demands growth to be considered success (stagnation of profits is considered failure, and even though basic physics tells us that continuous growth is literally impossible, that is, ultimately, the goal of capital accumulation).

In order for there to be continued growth, there needs to be continued consumption. And this is where the internal contradiction comes into play. In order to have maximized profits, wages had to fall. If wages have fallen, then who can afford to consume?

Enter: credit. Banks supply funds for consumption, consumption increases, wages continue to fall, the debt grows and no one can ever afford to pay anything back. The capitalists have lots of money but the money becomes worthless because the banks fail.

https://www.workers.org/2012/us/contradictions_in_capitalism_0223/ (for some more reading)

“Millennials desperately need better education on the matter.”

Yeah, only 21% would vote for a communist, those are rookie numbers. Gotta pump them up.

There are lots of people that hear suffixes and then start to use them with very little idea of what they mean. If it isn’t antiestablishment, if it isn’t anarchic counterculture, then it isn’t punk.

You’ll see plenty of people describe things as somethingpunk but it really has nothing punk about it, they’re just using the suffix as a buzz-word. This really happens with the language of all countercultural movements though–they get co-opted by ruling class and diluted beyond meaning.

Punk is antiestablishment. It’s a countercultural movement spearheaded by anarchists (primarily through artistic scenes in music/aesthetics). Harry Potter is not magicpunk because Harry Potter represents a defense of the status quo. The avengers are as establishment as you can get, they literally work for the DoD.

When punk started to be used as a suffix, it actually began with cyberpunk to describe dystopian sci-fi tech futures in which the ideas and aesthetics of punk were combined with futuristic visions of a world over-run by automation fueled by corporate greed. Sci-fi futures are not, themselves, punk. What was punk about cyberpunk was the struggle of the exploited against the ruling class.

This is actually a heartwarming reminder that the tenants are the majority and can band together to shame the landlords into depression spirals from which they’ll never escape