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Liu Shaoqi was one of the veteran revolutionaries within the CPC. He aligned with Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. He was called a capitalist roader for despising the cultural revolution.

What a fun game this was, although I did slightly bend the rules a little bit lol

Fictional book? does “The Gulag Archipelago” count?

A TERF book made by a TERF person in TERF island

This requires more than a post to cover the entire history of the USSR, but in summary, it all kind of started with Khrushchev. Khrushchev was undoubtedly a revisionist, and his policies like the Kosygin reforms, the replacement of the label DotP with “State of the Whole People” and laughable claims like “Communism in 100 years” set the USSR down the path towards the capitalist mode of production. The bureaucracy that formed within the USSR had lead to the USSR being disconnected with the masses, basically trying things out to see if it would improve the USSR in any way. It did not. If anything, it lead to further liberalisation. There was no “absenteeism” that was common called by anti-communists, but rather, the USSR had begun to quantitatively change in regards to the mode of production.

It just accumulated. and as dialectics go, the quantitative transforms to qualitative. Which is why Gorbachev rose to power to begin with. His reforms like Glasnost and Perestroika were despised by the masses, in fact Gorbachev was not a very popular leader especially since he considered bans on things like vodka. But since the masses couldn’t oust him, it was clear that the DotP had shattered, and what remained was a bureaucratic government that was ready to burst.

This is oversimplistic, and I believe I’m missing out a lot of things, which is why you should do further investigation on this topic.

tl;dr: Bureaucracy and Revisionism is why the USSR collapsed, also do research.

Anything from the Call of Duty series. BO1 is especially the case, as it directly relates to the Cold War, misinterprets history, calls Fidel a dictator, yadda yadda. Modern Warfare Series (Not including the most recent one as I don’t have any info) especially has anti-Russian sentiments and pro-US stances on everything, especially considering the infamous “No Russian” mission.

Any movie featuring the US military. Any movies featuring the US military are partially written by the US military so that they appear better than they actually are.

If you want to. But I don’t recommend making a post like this anyways. We seen what happens when we talk about stuff like this.

feel like this should be more in leftist infighting as this can burst into flames at any moment.

Would be cool to introduce polls here. But unfortunately there’s no system that exists yet. QueerCommie has done a similar system where people upvote a particular post, but it wouldn’t ideal to do it where you can only have one vote.

I’m 100% convinced that an ML tried to write a sarcastic post about how MLism is bad

After reading a lot about Marxist-Humanism, I begin to see that humanism, and centering on human beings are not the same at all. For example, Juche supposes that the man is the master of everything, and the master of his own world and destiny. [1] However, this is not at all the same as Marxist-Humanism. Different conceptions of humanism in marxist circles have been brought up over the years. However, it is clear that Humanism has been used in a revisionist manner. In the case of Bukharin, a well known revisionist, he utilised “Socialist Humanism”, which denounces collectivisation and supports class collaboration. [2] Even the MIA states that Marxist-Humanism only arose after Khrushchev’s Secret Speech, which it also claimed that it also arose during the Prague Spring. MIA also states that it never gained a foothold, and even compared it to Eurocommunism which shows you how questionable the ideology really is. [3]

Other comments state that Humanism is idealism, it may be the case. I’m not exactly sure. But for all I know, it’s that Marxist-Humanism and Humanism in general is utilised by revisionists, and therefore should be opposed.

If lesser-evilism would also benefit the proletariat more overall than not, then yes. It would be. But lesser-evilism relies on the fact that you’re delaying the inevitable. Capitalism would eventually destroy quality of life.

Not with critical support. Russia, even if it is bigoted, will benefit the global proletariat more than not. That’s because Russia is fighting against a unipolar imperialist power, and destroying the grip of the western world would make revolutions and potential revolutions much easier.

This post has like 1,000 likes. It got quite popular. I just see what I see on my TL and post it here. But yeah, I’ll try to find someone else lol

That’s what I get from a lot of maoists, not even from the internet.

Where have you heard this? Western countries have seen a huge rise in inflation, workers wages being decreased, and quality of life has decreased as a whole. I’m not sure what western nation you’re specifically referring to, but it’s clear that the western world has not seen an increase in living standards.

The main reason why the PKP-1930 condemns the CPP is because the CPP is an adventurist party to which the PKP claims that the NPA of CPP had received material support from the CIA. PKP also states that Victor Corpus admitted that Sison wanted to order a bomb attack on Manila, so that martial law can be in place and more recruits can come in. Link

Also there’s no evidence that the PKP-1930 supported nor backed Marcos Sr.

I’ve also heard from one person that it suffers from transphobic elements. And even then, it wouldn’t reduce the fact that they still continue to adopt ‘Britain’s Road to Socialism’ since the days of CPGB (not to be confused with CPGB-ML), which focused on supporting the Labour party. They still continue to adopt this path, and they won’t get rid of it. Also note that CPB doesn’t support Scottish independence.

When you can tell exactly what party the guy’s talking about just by knowing the location and how it operates:

Being a british communist and you want to join a communist party:

Trotskyist revisionist bullshit

Transphobic revisionist bullshit

Either of the two, with nothing in-between.

From what I see so far, no, not really. The only real thing is the YCL (part of CPB) gaining more members than the actual CPB themselves.

Red Fightback Splintered.

As for other parties in the UK like CPB and CPGB-ML, the former is revisionist and advocates for labour whilst the latter is more principled but transphobic. So uhh yeah. It’s not going great.

Yes. Tito was. He justifies this by saying that its Marxism-Leninism applied to Yugoslavia and that the “online titoists” are plaguing titoism. Bullshit.

The one star reviews are actually kinda based. I found two that are right wing, but the rest is just pointing fingers at Bernie Sanders for being a millionaire whilst claiming to be anti-capitalist. Reminder that Bernie Sanders isn’t a class traitor so this is fair criticism.

Comrades, we must support an actual anti-war movement, not a pseudo-communist “United front”, which many of the parties are accused of Pedophilia, racism and being Cults. [1]

Bottom text

I wonder if the same fate will happen to the Maoism community. It existed for a while now and is pretty much the same regarding trotskyism.

Even if its the case, the “Rally against the War Machine” has a ‘United Front’ with neoliberals and conservatives. Many parties involved (especially CPI) are accused of Racism, Pedophilia and being Cults. [1] This is not a movement which should be supported in any way.

The rally had no communists. Only those who claim to be, like CPI. They’re just working with a bunch of other (useless) parties with a goal that is to preserve capitalism whilst removing the ‘bad things’ about the US.

This goes beyond the scope of the post, but it’s clear that the anarchist hasn’t done enough research on the project.

Software Engineering is closer to Computer Science than to actual Engineering. It does involve some engineering problems and solutions, but overall, it mostly is programming. Even if you check university courses, the CS and SE content are pretty much the same with little differences between them.

Hi comrade. I just came out on lemmygrad and discord but not irl in general. I know exactly how you feel. I have only a close friend who knows I’m trans and he’s been very supportive. I have lived through bad experiences as well. After an experience I had that I don’t want to disclose, I realised that coming out to my family face-to-face was out of the question. (They’re lithuanian btw)

Honestly before you come out, make yourself in a safe position to come out. I don’t plan to come out until I’m heading to university and even then I’m still hesitant. If you don’t feel safe, I highly recommend you do not come out until you do.

I can’t give any more advice beyond this as I don’t know your life experience, but I hope this helps nonetheless. Good luck comrade 🙏

I am 100% convinced that Wisconcom is CIA agent who is tasked with eliminating online communist servers

I’ve decided to come out
Hi comrades, some people on the prolewiki discord already know this, but I have decided to come out as trans! I'm a woman and my name is Anna! I will be changing my pfp and name tomorrow. I don't know what else to say and I don't want to overthink, so here you go. Edit 1: Thanks for the all positivity comrades! I written this like near midnight and I was just hiding and anticipating some response. This community really just is great. Edit 2: I've changed my PFP and Username. I feel happier now that it's this way!

also Tawainese, Tibetiana

Another day, another banger -Some dude who hates Chyna

Evidence of China eliminating Uyghurs in Xinjiang
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Revisionist Xi Jinping Won’t Press The Communist Button
Dogmato-Revisionist Social-Imperialist Dengist Titoist Bukharinite Brezhnevite Khrushchevite Opportunist Right-Deviationist Fascist Bourgeois Millionaire Xi Jinping has said this according to official Chinese sources: > I will not press the communism button to insult the Ultra-leftists. Cope and seethe. This is clearly revisionist as Mao said: > No billionaires, and press the communism button when you're in power Clearly every marxist did this, but because of the Fascist Deng Xiaoping's teachings about abandoning class struggle, and the 'muh productive forces', the revisionist Xi has not pushed the communism button. This is because China is under a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, as you can see because of the many billionaires that exist within China, and China wants to keep them because they are Chinese. This is nationalist, and maoists oppose nationalism because Chairman Gonzalo said so. Class struggle is important. It is very important to the point where we must discard the productive forces so that socialism must remain. As the gang of four said, it's better to be poor under socialism, than rich under capitalism. Because socialism improves everything. However socialism doesn't improve everything, and so we need cultural revolutions. The cultural revolutions can only start when we press the communism button. And the Bourgeois Millionaire Dengist Xi has not pressed the button, meaning that he is an opportunist like the Khrushchevites were when Stalin took over. This is why we must collaborate with the United States, as they are the sole combatant of revisionism. We will unite together, as long as we can stop the revisionist dengists and masked-khrushchevites from gaining power! We must fight revisionism to make our Marxism pure and right! ***Down with Revisionism! Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Move all Heaven and Earth to avenge the Life of Chairman Gonzalo!!!!!!!!!***

A message to Wisconcom
Hi wisconcom. I know you can read this message, so don't bother saying you haven't. For others who do not know about him, just know that he's a "Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist" (or Hoxhaist). You keep going on this website, trying to infiltrate it in one way or another, defending yourself when you're being threatened. I have countless examples of your alts. One example is 'Sickomus', who wrote a '[critique](' on my essay in Prolewiki. You defended yourself with another account as well, showing your clear cowardice: ![]( How about you going on [RationalWiki]( and changing your username so that you can hide away from your edits on ProleWiki? ![]( I just wanna ask some questions. Why do you do this? What do you hope to achieve by doing this? If you're doing to 'trash Tankies and Dengists', then why are you bothering to literally blend in with us to begin with? ![]( Even RationalWiki editors (whom are liberals) know that you're obsessed. This is just laughable at this point. ![]( If you're just doing this to combat 'revisionism' or some other bullshit, then why are you not at all concerned that you're **literally on rationalwiki?** A website, which literally claims that communism is a totalitarian ideology: ![]( What problem does fighting revisionism have? Nothing by itself. But you care more about fighting revisionism more than fighting capitalism. Therefore you're helping US imperialism. I would like to end off this message by stating this: ![]( Good day.

What are your thoughts on AI Art?
cross-posted from: > As an artist, I think it is a net negative for us. Disregarding the copyright issue, I think it's also consolidating power into large corporations, going to kill learning fundamental skills (rip next generation of artists), and turn the profession into a low skill minimum wage job. > Artists that spent years learning and perfecting their skills will be worth nothing and I think it's a pretty depressing future for us. > Anways thoughts?

RIP Bozo hope his party goes down with it

Wisconcom is back with a banger
This is a copy of what he sent to me after I wrote my "What even is 'Dengism'?" essay. Here's what he said lol: I have read your essay on ProleWiki, "[What even is "dengism"?](", and I must say, it is absolutely repugnant, as are the other essays (or rather, screeds which are little more than dengist propaganda and pseudo-socialist nonsense) you have concoted on the revisionist hive that is ProleWiki. The contents of your scribbles is, in short, nothing beyond citing a few examples of Deng Xiaoping's propaganda in which he allegedly affirms his socialist ideology. You totally omit the true aspects of his bourgeois ideology (even claiming quotes he is well-known to have said were "fake" and "made up by Maoists"). Yes, of course it would be the case that if you took this-or-that Deng quote, while removing everything else he said, you could misinform your readers that he is a socialist. Of course, this is both false and intellectually dishonest. Deng Xiaoping omited class struggle in favor of the "development of the productive forces". To this day, the revisionist CPC keeps ill-informed revisionist propagandists such as yourself servile to their social-fascist ideological line by merely "kicking the can down the road" as to when they are going to become truly "socialist". Once the year 2049 arrives, the revisionists in China are simply going to move the target for "reaching socialism" to 2100, and then 2200, and so on. I believe comrade Enver Hoxha wisely noted this trend when he said: > *"In a demagogic way, Mao Tse-tung and the Communist Party of China have subordinated all their declarations about the construction of the socialist and communist society to their pragmatic policy. Thus, in the years of the so-called great leap forward, with the aim of throwing dust in the eyes of the masses, who, emerging from the revolution, aspired to socialism, they declared that within 2-3 five-year periods, they would pass directly over to communism. Later, however, in order to cover up their failures, they began to theorize that the construction and triumph of socialism would require ten thousand years."* Otherwise, you, in your essay, refuse to view things from a Marxist and dialectical view. You remove, among many other features, one of the most critical aspects of socialism: the removal of the bourgeoisie from economic power in favor of the proletariat. Developing the productive forces is important, but it must be given lesser importance to class struggle, the creation of public ownership of the means of production, and so on. Using your (very much poor) standards of "proof" for the ideological nature of these leaders, with which you use in this context to make Deng Xiaoping seem to be a Marxist, you could deceit others into viewing Adolf Hitler as a socialist. Your writing is nothing but propaganda to promote dengist ideology, an ideology which the rest of ProleWiki maintains with great zeal. In the middle of your essay, you use the "cultural revolution" in China under Mao Zedong as a justification for Deng's coup and rise to power over the Gang of Four. However, you fail to account for the fact that, as comrade Hoxha once again correctly noted: > *"The course of events showed that the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was neither a revolution, nor great, nor cultural, and in particular, not in the least proletarian. It was a palace Putsch on an all-China scale for the liquidation of a handful of reactionaries who had seized power."* It is correct Deng Xiaoping was merely following Mao Zedong Thought (albeit a extremely bourgeois interruption of it), however, it is the case that Mao Zedong Thought was, at its core, a revisionist and anti-Marxist ideology, with reactionary elements it attained from religion, among other sources. Of all, it is your conclusion which is the most revisionary and false. ![]( Not only do you imply that it is exclusively supporters of the capitalist state of China who constitute "legitimate" Marxist-Leninists, you effectively say that only Dengists (additional note, [Stalinism does in fact exist]( are real Marxist-Leninists. Not only do you pollute Marxism via attempting to claim pseudo-socialists such as yourself are theoretically genuine, you are engaging in what is effectively dogmato-revisionism; the adoption of revisionism, and attempt to make said revisionism seem like truthful Marxism, and the rejection of all non-revisionists as being "revisionist". While it is true that Marxist-Leninist-Maoists are revisionists, you attempting to claim that all Anti-revisionists are "revisionists" is nothing but a dogmatic attempt to defend your revisionism. Regarding what dengism is, it is true that not all Marxists who support the People's Republic of China are dengist, rather, most of them are simply misinformed or have made a correctable ideological mistake. Rather, dengists are those "Marxists" who persist in this mistake, and defend it, which is what both you and the rest of the ProleWiki community is doing. I wish to present to you a definition of what dengism is from a well-informed and wise Anti-revisionist who is a comrade of mine: > *"Dengism is a revisionist and pseudo-Marxist ideology which originated during the full restoration of capitalism in China in the late 1970s. With regards to its followers in this context, it refers to the “Communists” who maintain the view that state-capitalism is socialism, class struggle is trivial and secondary in comparison to the development of the productive forces, that maintaining the bourgeoisie in power is socialist, and that working towards a revolution in one’s own country is useless, and all effort of the Communists must be towards defending supposed “actually existing socialism.”* > *Dengism is the ideology of counter-revolution, stagnation, and social-imperialism..."* We call you revisionists dengists not because we seek to vacuously attack you, but to separate Marxists from pseudo-Marxists like you. It is groups such as ProleWiki, GenZedong, and others which have motivated me to cease calling myself a "Marxist-Leninist", and instead refer to myself as a "Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist". You people are giving outsiders to Marxism a bad view due to your crypto-capitalist ideology, your defense of revisionist and social-fascist state such as China, Vietnam, the DPRK, and so on. "Marxism-Leninism" has long since been hijacked and corrupted by revisionists starting with Trotsky and Khruschev, and presently with people such as yourself. I hope you reconsider your views regarding dengist revisionism. Thank you and good day. (I suggest you post this criticism on the [talk page]( of your essay to give others an alternative view on this subject.)