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I go by May mostly, but also dont mind Amy.

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Inactive for the time being, Lot going on in my life rn.

‘‘Yo its weezer and its weezey’’ -Rivers Cuomo

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  • The thing is that they are made for toddlers. I would say the second most popular types of videos is commentary. Which most times are talking about how horrible this stuff is for kids. Still horrible to think about though.

    The most popular types of video are poisoning kids, and the second most popular type talk often about how they poison kids.

  • Tomorrow I start a new job, but I keep defaulting to making my sleep schedule shit. Even if I’m tired at like 11PM and ready to go to bed I decide to watch YouTube videos until 6AM, or binge eat and watch cable. I dont have huge eating problems at all, I never gain too much weight, but that’s because I have this thing where I burn more calories than most people. Still takes a toll on me. End up wasting food that I should have eaten over more time. In the end, I feel like I no matter what happens I end covered in sweat waking up at 5PM.

  • Feel free to post anything that helps, it is c/mentalhealth anyway lol. If my struggles help you relate something that you want to voice, I’m all for it.

    (Also sorry for not generally responding to your comment, because honestly I don’t think I can say much. Not you, just my inability to formulate thoughts into cohesive sentences sometimes.)