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Inactive for the time being, Lot going on in my life rn.

‘‘Yo its weezer and its weezey’’ -Rivers Cuomo

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Yeah, since this post I have gotten back on track, probably my ADHD tbh, those types of things are inconsistent with it.

I like it, but could you make it the non-hoi4 looking one. The one without the wrinkles would look better on the site banner better imo.

(Probably could’ve phrased that better but I haven’t eaten today and I have autism, so theres my get out of jail free card.)

(also 500th comment lol)

The thing is that they are made for toddlers. I would say the second most popular types of videos is commentary. Which most times are talking about how horrible this stuff is for kids. Still horrible to think about though.

The most popular types of video are poisoning kids, and the second most popular type talk often about how they poison kids.

In 20 years that parent will be next to their kid who will say “Mom so poggers and fucking hype to see you finally, ROFLcopter.” to which she will realize where she went wrong.

Tomorrow I start a new job, but I keep defaulting to making my sleep schedule shit. Even if I’m tired at like 11PM and ready to go to bed I decide to watch YouTube videos until 6AM, or binge eat and watch cable. I dont have huge eating problems at all, I never gain too much weight, but that’s because I have this thing where I burn more calories than most people. Still takes a toll on me. End up wasting food that I should have eaten over more time. In the end, I feel like I no matter what happens I end covered in sweat waking up at 5PM.

It makes me sad to think about actually because I have always loved geography and social studies in general. Never been beyond burgerland :(I have a potential trip to russia planned though.

“I’m hungry” “I gotta use the bathroom”

“Communism will win” “Death to Amerikkka”

Distinctive Rituals ✅

(all people who are human are communists)

the title of the article says “COVID-19 references.” Sounds like some dumb shit to me. I mean so did every other country probably. I had a “stay home” picture near my house for a while when the game first came out.

Honestly I would go with basic western news sources that reported on it before the CIA asked them to stop reporting the fascism upon the war starting. The VICE video about it is alright-ish, and also probably something they’ll not be sceptical of. (if they’re a lib)

Feel free to post anything that helps, it is c/mentalhealth anyway lol. If my struggles help you relate something that you want to voice, I’m all for it.

(Also sorry for not generally responding to your comment, because honestly I don’t think I can say much. Not you, just my inability to formulate thoughts into cohesive sentences sometimes.)

Completely agreed. PFFLP exists, its not like we need a settler communist party to speak for them. I think a platform where settlers who want to support the indigenous people of palestine could be a thing, but that’s not a party specifically for settlers with the name of their settler state in the title.

My mind is torturing me
I dont want to become like the #1 poster of long-winded rants about my life here, but I find it therapeutic. I am also wondering if this just my brain being checked out, a medical thing, or something everyone has. I have this thing where my brain decides to think things that I would never do. Its also hard to talk about because then everyone would think I secretly want to do all the things described. Cookie cutter extreme example: it imagines me killing everyone around me or something. I would never want to kill anyone around me, at least usually lol. Most times it's my family which I care for deeply. Ill just be near something, or someone, and my brain imagines me doing the absolute worse thing someone could do in that situation. It fucks with me. Because I feel like there's a serial killer describing some really fucked shit in my head as I'm trying to exist. That odd force would never have any power, and it shares no desires with me, it just sits there and acts like I want to engage in horrible acts. Also, I dont see it as an actual entity in my brain, like another person, it's more like self-doubt but saying things that make me want to never talk to anyone again. Again, does this happen to any of you? Do any of you know what this is? thanks. (Also worth noting, much worse shit it imagines as compared to just killing people. Shit that makes not want to see anyone ever again.) (Edit: I suppose this is relatively normal. I guess no one told me people have thoughts they may not agree with, maybe more of a comment on Amerikkkan education and parenting.)

Okay, I dont mean to be rude to anyone, always open to people learning as well :)

Well, which topic? I mean I am just confused by your comment being we are a Marxist community opposed to anarchism.

sorry, we just dont encourage anarchism here. I also thought you responded to one of my other comments, through me for a loop, my apologies.

please stop being weirdly cryptic

(Many sorries as well, sometimes I come off as condescending, I dont mean to.)

Mofos really dont want to hear that gender, sexuality, romance, attraction etc. are a spectrum but insist that politics are.

surprisingly not really quiet, my fault for going on a weekend.

just got back from vacation, resetting my sleep schedule, currently 2AM, passed out at like 4PM. (picture from said vacation)

This line is fucking bullshit. Calling the DPRK fascist is calling yourself irrelevant, DPRKorea is the one state that has undergone almost no market reforms, ridiculous.

Mostly TTRPG stuff, the eldritch hour is my favorite, I dabble in critical role sometimes. I just generally listen to stuff I like, so I also like “feels like weezer.”

I also change it to proxy since

A YouTube link was detected in your comment. Here are links to the same video on Invidious, which is a YouTube frontend that protects your privacy:




or uh…, actually for it to work you have to sort the comments a certain way so uhhhh, just open it on base youtube

I didn’t get this at first because its pretty accurate, just not how they want it to be

Israel also repressed Yiddish in favor of modern Hebrew

(A largely spoken Jewish language in favor of essentially a conlang)

I added an amogus to my post because I was bored and I got laughs out of it due to my extremely strange humor. I joke about it being an ARG. Upon my deep dark secret being revealed I simply replied "shhhhh." However, today I am making an actual Capybara ARG, so uhhhh, enjoy this picture with no weird stuff inside ;) (also not time locked just so you know.)

this is part of my new capybara ARG that no one will complete because no one really cares

Ill add for a couple minutes just for you

(officially over now, also the stupidest joke i’ve ever made)

My favorite hobby was frolicaling fancy free among the crabs, after transitioning I actually get hurt when I stick my finger in the ocean within 50 miles of a crab

There was a secret hidden in this post for like 15 hours, did you miss it?

tfw a bunch of neurotypical people invoke autism as a defense for some guy’s shitty actions. Ah yes, being on the spectrum is when abuse of your spouse.

(This may seem insignificant and not funny, but the funny part is that this is based on what a real family member of mine said “probably happens” in the DPRK.)

In North Korea…
Burping is illegal. If you burp at your family dinner Kim Jong Un will burn you alive and burp in your face. I thought gommunizm was about freedom...

Not rule, just posting in the unofficial capybara fanclub of lemmygrad

What songs are you listening to? What Albums? What artists? What was good, what was bad? - (Makan Style) Music General Discussion Thread #1
My apologies if Makan already does these, but to my knowledge they don't. So here's mine! I am a big musichead, beyond just communist music I like many artists, songs, albums etc. (Though if you like communist music of various types check out: [c/tankietunes](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/tankietunes)) Discussion Questions: 1. What songs have you been listening to? 2. What Albums have you been playing? 3. What Artists have you listened to? 4. What was your favorite, what was bad? (My answers) 1. Getting Up and Leaving, Long Time Sunshine, El Scorcho, The Good life, Tired Of Sex, Getchoo, No Other One, Do You Wanna Get high, Thank God For Girls, King Of The World, Girl We Got A Good Thing, Basically the whole blue album lol, Harder Better Stronger Faster, One More Times, Crescendolls, Gas Drawls, Doomsday, The Finest, Rhymes Like Dimes, One Beer, Rap Snitch Knishes, Deep Fried Frenz, Kon Karne, Kon Queso, Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori, Fancy Clown, Meat Grinder, All Caps, Hymn For A Scarecrow, Ruler of Everything, Cannibal, Welcome To Tally Hall, Endless Bummer, Good day, Norway, Red and Gold, Id Like To Stay Home, Jacked Up, Part Of The Problem, Dont Let Me Go To The Dogs, and a few other. 2. Pinkerton (deluxe), White, Blue, Discovery, Random Access Memories, Operation Doomsday, MM..FOOD, Madvillainy, Good and Evil, Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, and Glad Music. 3. Personally been listening to Weezer, DOOM, Daft Punk, Tally Hall, and R. Stevie. Moore the most this month. 4. I liked all the music, but my least favorite is R. Stevie Moore because he later became a racist little shit.

Nothing changes
the same cycle continues

All I have left to post here

Slowly radicalizing those around me >:)
I couldnt help but crack a smile today when my boyfriend got on the topic of the USSR on call with some pals and he goes "Thats hypocritical because the Soviet Union wasnt founded on genocide like the USA." He's not a communist, political person, and one time accidentally called Antarctica Australia. Yet still he has started going on diatribes like me to anyone who compares the USSR and the Nazis. Glorious day, however still working on his understanding of the proletariat, the bourgeoisie, and class struggle, still!

thanks for the spam email informing me on this, I didnt need this in my life

I posted, nothing more is needed, no image, no video.

Just got Persona 3
Thats it lol, im happy

Think its from some Christian thing I dont fucking know Edit: Ok so with my epic detective skills (Google Lens) I found this is from something related to "Accelerated Christian Education" or "ACE." Which is also known for making the most fucking cursed shit i've ever seen: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/a8ba8209-e9ea-406f-a8ec-755a37b8365b.png) Straight from fucking hell itself lol. Edit two: ACE apparently pushed political agenda (not good agenda btw) and told multiple other lies and committed abuse. So anyway that makes it more odd I have this from like 4 years ago.

Trying to get evidence that Tsoi wasn’t anti-communist
I'm fairly confident in my theory here, his music was demented by capitalists. The prime example of such ignorance is the horrible 7 minute "documentary" "Who is Viktor Tsoi?" on Youtube. The whole thing is fueled by the idea that every artist in the Soviet Union was some raging anticomunist and thats why they were popular. It even claims that koryo-saram people were discriminated against which is ridiculous and literally made up by the guy with no source. Gorby used some of his songs to try to justify his horrible policies. (Literally the whole video is his Wikipedia article with added anticommunist unsourced bullshit added.) Either way, I want to collect some sources to use to counter this bullshit. So please send anything you have. I know finding stuff about Kino and Tsoi is hard sometimes so anything is appreciated. (Also even the wiki says "...the band's message to the public was not overly or overtly political, except for the recurring theme of freedom." The freedom theme is about social freedom too so like shut the fuck up.)

Nintendo is fucking over the smash community again
So since I play at ssbm tournaments I feel this is important to tell some of you comrades. For anyone unaware Nintendo has canceled the Smash World Tour, which encompasses multiple smash bros tournaments, some huge, some smaller. This is in cooperation with Panda, the two are being assclowns basically. What this means is that most of the Majors and Supermajors (large tournaments) coming up will most likely be canceled. Nintendo has even threatened to arrest people because we have no "license." Nintendo hates melee and right now were in danger. Never thought i'd be harassed by police at smash events not just protests. Anywho...

Anarchism haunted my dreams tonight
I woke up an hour ago-ish so remembering while this is fresh on my mind. I had a dream were I was at this drag club thing. (based btw) Probably cause I was watching this show about it like yesterday. Anyway, I went out and there was like allyway where there was this group of anarchists. Im not sure how I knew, anyway I went up to them and they started being stupid as hell. So first they took the receipt thing I was fidgeting with (hahah now I can call anarchists ableist because of my dream.) Then they started ranting about a bunch bullshit. It was very annoying. Yet I couldn't stop it because it was a dream 😭😭 The worst part was that they were saying the stupidest shit. Kropotkin is one thing but these mofos were like "Squid Game is really a great show! Its an inspiration!" and "George orwell is my favorite author!!" Theres dreams, nightmares, and also, now, annoymares. It was so infuriating yet not scary, anyway...

Ah yes the two genders, King and Dedede

I am sorry but I have to tag Grain eater

Whos into collecting physical media?
The holidays are coming and no matter if you celebrate em or not it gives me an excuse to talk about albums. I've been really into getting Vinyl and CD albums recently, just got Zvezda Po Imeni Solntze by Kino and The Blue album by Weezer. Anyone else have a collection or wants one? Also feel free to use the comments to discuss DVDs and Blu-ray too.

thanks to [@areyoulessthan@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/areyoulessthan) for posting it here as well. I also realize this is a well known thing, but I am not a fan of the series, so it was surprising. Anyway....

i’m tired of therapy (TW: Self harm, suicide, Discussion of shootings, general suckage.)
**This post is fairly disturbing and also true, so if you are bothered by that maybe stray away. ** ::: spoiler spoiler im composing this while in therapy and bullshitting (sharing as little as possible that is) my current therapist. I'm tired of therapy that makes no sense, every time I don't vibe with my therapist I try a new one, and it's the same white cis woman who hasn't had a mental health issue in their life. I'd rather have someone who I feel like I can actually spill my mind on. Not to mention, damn me for being suicidal. Tried telling that to one of them once and all I got was DSS case on my ass and someone asking if I wanted to shoot queer people. Dumb ass i'm a fucking trans person do I look like a fucking mass shooter. Mofos got my weapons too. Didn't even help at all, they kept all my Tylenol in tact at my apartment, I guess they think people just shoot themselves. The mental health "support" I have are all Cis, straight, Liberal, petit bourgeois people who'd rather ask if they can do a tarot reading than actually help with my depression. Not to mention what being neurodivergent has to do with it. Found out I have Autism and ADHD recently and all that've got is people dismissing me. My current therapist doesn't know two shits about autism, I mean they don't know two shits about queer people either so whatever, still though, I went to get a support needs based therapist and I got fuckin dismissed. Apparently I'm "High-Fuctioning" enough to not need fucking help. Whatever. (btw the person who diagnosed my ADHD and Autism says I need support.) Anyway, don't worry for me if you are, I won't be offing myself anytime soon. My birthday is coming up and I have a supportive helpful family. I also have a friend of mine, who funnily enough i've only known for a month and a half which is faaaaaaaaar better at helping than therapy. He's also struggles with the same exact things. I've been able to help and open up about mental, sexual, and general helth more than I could to a therapist in 1,000 years in less than two months ::: .

What’s the stupidest reason you’ve been banned from a social media platform?
Got banned for "discriminatory speech" on Instagram after posting the lyric video for "come out ye black and tans." Clearly they hadn't heard of the British soldiers called that, and thought I was being racist, right? RIGHT? Well apparently after much talk and alerting them about what that song is about they said I was racist against BRITISH PEOPLE! I also used my own slur to refer to myself jokingly, got temp banned, and then I reported nazis who used it to being discriminatory towards me and they didn't get banned. Great when I report someone who literally said "Shut up you stupid tr****" and "you'll never be a woman" and next day "We didn't find any problems with this person."


This is my 100th post :)))))
not much more to say. Victory to the proletariat!

since I think more people need to have this under their arsenal when talking to vaushits who claims he supports trans rights. oh yeah this is a thing as well ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/a1934a88-a89f-4fb9-9e7f-dae2a34a5d2a.webp)

Anyone else think about things much after they shouldn’t
I still think about a random nice pizza delivery person from like a year ago all the time for some reason.