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You don’t need to read the rules unless your posting music, but I said that because of this: “The music must apply to one or more of these categories: … ,** Music from Socialist countries (Zemlyane, Vesyolye Rebyata, Kerber, etc)**” …

Thanks, any comments really help, trying to make it through this and anything is valuable. Thanks for the support.

Yeah. they’re from the Soviet Union and some Tsoi was not in favor of Gorby’s capitalist policies

What to do when you're caught in a loop :(
**This is slightly sad, just a warning if you don't like that ** Recently I have been lethargic and not able to present that feminine. I've just been tired and I don't know why. I was sick until recently, but even then I was doing good. I've been spending most of my days just listening to music and playing online chess. And even when I take the initiative to get in the shower put on female clothes, my joy is somewhat fleeting knowing tomorrow I'll probably wont. I'm still growing my hair too so it sucks, feel free to answer, or maybe just express solidarity, I don't know, but thank you for your time.

my favorite song from Kino and one of my favorites of all time I FUCKING LOVE KINO, I WANT TO FUCKING POST ALL THEIR SONGS HERE

Got a new desk that’s big and wooden so now I feel like this

also been sick and lethargic, kinda sucks though when your trans and cant mind to wear the right clothing because your horribly tired

Yeah sorry, it wasn’t Brezhnev, and yeah I know that’s why I support it going to russia.

He’s a Gonzaloite, he quotes Gonzalo in his videos and has said he is.

This discussion was had earlier on another GZD post, but I’ll post my previous comment. to spice up a bit of the discourse about it.

Something I don’t seem people talking about is Russian Imperialism. And I mean like for real. (I’m not sure if this is touched on the video, I probably will agree with Paul’s conclusion, but I haven’t watched it yet.) Russia has finance capital in other countries. (Pretty important for imperialism lol.) In places like Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Pridnestrovia (weird right?) and also until recently Ukraine. I feel very firmly Ukraine is thoroughly fascist, and perhaps being in a critical position of Russia, removed their finance capital. Still though the invasion (special operation, whatever you call it) is a Imperialist action in my view. I also do not like Putin playing off the ethnic conflicts and fascism in the area. I support full succession of the Donbass region (Maybe not as the Donestsk and Lugansk republics still though.) As well as Crimea. if not a Tatar republic or independent oblast in the Soviet Union, (as we know all the states in the conflict are illegal and should be part of the USSR.) as part of Russia. (Brezhnev Gave it to Ukraine for some god damned reason.) The fascism is serious and using for a Imperial war is fucked. Still either way Ukraine should be de-nazified. Feel free to debate though, I’m open to new ideas.

Also in my view Syria is anti-imperialist, I don’t know enough about Iran, and Venezuela is as well anti-imperial.

Who doing some praxis today?
I spread some posters around my town in support of abortion and from the local communist I'm apart of. I got some honks of support and angry assholes, but I try to do this every time something happens, went out on may day as well. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/34215562-dfc8-4093-9350-3c5f6391024e.jpeg) (Pictured is one of the posters)

I love them, though “lefttube” is usually just referring to he liberals listed here

surprised but it hasn't been posted here yet, (I think it's sung by the PLA choir)

Here’s the beauty just in case you missed it

Slapper klezmer, though again just say bourgeois instead of 1%

Yet all fascists I’ve seen are incredibly fukcing unhealthy, curious?

Anti-Gonzalo maoism
I'm not sure what this community is supposed to be, but im curious if anyone knows of some good articles or books on mlmzt that is not pro-Gonzalo. I'm genuinely curious about the integration of MZT into ML without the baggage of being a dickhead who supports gonzalo.

I might check that out actually, I have an og ps2 so it might be fun to pick up another game than just persona lol.

edit: My local game store has it, hype!

I use save states on most official nintendo emus, ex: Switch online NES and SNES. When it comes to platforming games it doesn’t feel like horrible, though sometimes I take a step back after using them to play half the game. I play a lot of games on the original hardware though so I’m pretty neutral to them. I usually just use save states for romhacks that don’t autosave, but doing normally is fine if you think it is. Overall its up to you: Do you think it’s fine? Then it is.

holy based thats more based. Dnd while being persecuted by monarchists.

I went to Vegas for 4 days and it was

  1. Hot as balls
  2. A hellscape of capital

It was alright, not the oppression behind it however.

Anti-materialism says the holocaust was just a crazy evil deed. Materialism says its that and it has a reason that as crazy evil deed happened. The development of capitalism. Fascism just says it the development of some natural bla bla bla about video game breast sizes.

holy fuck that sounds awesome, I want so see what lenin’s campaign would be like. I wish my dreams were that cool.

Just spreading awareness about the existence of the very interesting Gullah language.
I don't have a vast resource pool but the language is amazing, if you wanna learn more about it check out the [wiki](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gullah_language)

a very based modern Jewish take on a classic Yiddish communist song

I fucking hate stranger things
now i've heard in recent times they literally dressed up a nazi prison camp as a soviet gulag, but after watching it with my sisters, (they had a party for their graduation, because they're in highschool) the shit is so liberal. Why they make some cops mean, the message is that they're so great, and they even downplay MK ultra as some fantasy thing. It's garbage.

I know I only post about mario 64 but...

I know some argue that it's coincidental as it was used before nazis rose to power, it was not during ww2, they used it on purpose in that scenario.

A small guide to N64 Emulation by: me
Personally I own an original N64, and quite a bit of games for it! I'm a collector if you will, but I know not everyone has the money. I use emulators for Romhacks and such, but some people want to play the classics, not my thing but I got you. So first if you don't have windows computer, this wont work :( Which is a shame for Linux users, but such is life. There are other good emus for Linux, but I can only help with Project 64. So first the download for project 64 (the emu I use and by far the most popular for windows) is [here](https://www.pj64-emu.com/). Just download the installer for the most recent version and you should be fine. Now when it's installed it's gonna want you to select a few options, those are usually pre-filled correctly but you can change them if you want. The last question in setup is what plugin, Glide or whatever else I forget. It could be inverse but I believe Glide is for older PCs so it will run more like an n64 but will run better still. Either way I cant tell the difference. Now that should be covered, now for emulation! ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/5f4d7f60-af9b-4cc2-8326-90320e21b639.png) You'll now notice some things: File and Options, more on options later, file is where you can actually emulate Roms. These must be z.64 files or some cases they are different. Now I can't attach my Rom to this thread unfortunately because I don't want the Capitalists at Nintendo to take lemmygrad down. However I can attach a [site ](https://vimm.net/)where to get them! This site, Vimm's lair has many roms, now to get those, go to "The vault" click n64 and search or find the game. Download it and you now have a good rom. The site is completely safe and doesn't have any malware or stuff from what I can tell. Unzip the file and you have a z.64 file. Now open your emu and run it by pressing file and selecting it. In older versions you might have to change the video setting but if you have the same roms I do, you're good on version 3. Now this next section is for controllers: So many will be redirected to the nrage plugin. I have found that will work, but heres a much more simple set up if you have a usb controller. Click options and then click Input settings, the Input will show you an n64 controller an where to graph things. I have a pro controller for the switch, but also for people who wanna use a keyboard, it also works. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/1f092180-2fc4-479b-9bd3-f711a04b17b2.png) You can select the square by each one and do an input on your controller or keyboard. If you're using a controller select the top option. Now one last section, romhacks. I personally mentioned earlier I use my emu for them specifically as I have an n64. Now there's many sites for this and you can use any site that has the hacks you want but there's two I use, [this ](romhacking.com) for sm64 hacks and [this](sm64romhacks.com). both are for sm64, so yeah. But the second I dont use for hacks. I use for their handy dandy patcher. When you get a Hack it is a bps file. these dont run on n64 emus. You have to take the original sm64 rom and the bps and patch them, and this site is free and online instead of being software. That's mostly it, real simple to use. Hopefully this covers it and you dont have to watch 20 videos like me. small note: When a game is loaded there is a button that says system: this holds save states, which can help save your game. Simply select save state, and next time you boot it up select load state. There is also a full screen option and window size toggle in options.

slapper song for a based person, may they return after summer ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/5ea43029-ab74-4659-9507-04bab28530c9.png)


last Chavez song im posting here I promise