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I go by May mostly, but also dont mind Amy.

she/her discord: comrademay#1406

I currently speak: English (first language) Russian (learning), Yiddish (learning), and Toki Pona (fluent.)

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I hate how anime communities are so bad we have to point out at least the fictional character is over 18💀

Happy coolio sweet fergilicious diggity dog darn birthday extravaganza!

Good video, was able to see it premiere, was just about to post it here lol

would post it there but needed something to follow the rule lol

I fucking love this image

This is the first thing I thought of lol

I think you are looking at them a bit much bub

Not me, sticking with my precious 21 year old melee lol

Good point lol, should’ve thought more Marxistly there, pigs are extremely stupid. Still doubt they’ll send them in though lol.

lmao good mindset, I suck at PM but i’m gonna be at my states really big P+ tourney in January.

Thats not a good mindset to have in my opinion. I go to my local weeklies not to get money, but to compete and have a good time. I think becoming a top player would be fun someday, but im fine going 0-2 if it means I tried and was having fun. I like sticking around for the rest too. The Melee scene has built itself on community, its very cool when that community base is able to give large prizes or support their top players with money, but thats not the point y’know? Anyway cool to see a ganondorf.

Good point lol I have 340 (now 341!) and I’ve had lemmygrad for 9 months lmao

SNL is fucking horrible. You could make a whole archive of horrible skits they’ve done. And I dont just mean the ones that aren’t funny, that would take lifetimes lmao, but harmful, racist, and bigoted in general.

Take this deeply transphobic one for example

thats not even how HRT works…

Not to mention having Elon Musk on as a guest.

They should go to hell

So technically is basically a toxic relationship, they are threatening to. They haven’t yet and I doubt they’ll have enough balls to. Imagining being a pig and thinking “Get out of here you gamers who are competing for five dollars!”

Also I main Puff :3

The amount of dog whistles here is fucking ridiculous, so let me translate. "Welcome to AssClownWiki. We're a collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to the restoration of fascism by putting reactionary politically backwards workers, and more importantly, the bourgeoisie they support in power and killing gay people. A government for cis white hetero neurotypical land owning men shall engage in moralism and ignore Marxist ideas! This Wiki is run and managed by a singular member of the nazi community, but has no formal affiliation to the nazi party thereof. Please consider giving me money and writing hate speech! We are hated by actually principled Marxist-Leninists, we are fascists but we dont like saying that. We are pretending to be Marxists and basically are what Trotskyists think MLS are."

Nintendo is fucking over the smash community again
So since I play at ssbm tournaments I feel this is important to tell some of you comrades. For anyone unaware Nintendo has canceled the Smash World Tour, which encompasses multiple smash bros tournaments, some huge, some smaller. This is in cooperation with Panda, the two are being assclowns basically. What this means is that most of the Majors and Supermajors (large tournaments) coming up will most likely be canceled. Nintendo has even threatened to arrest people because we have no "license." Nintendo hates melee and right now were in danger. Never thought i'd be harassed by police at smash events not just protests. Anywho...

Ok well the next part of the dream I became a plane and flew over wuhu island from Wii sports.

Anarchism haunted my dreams tonight
I woke up an hour ago-ish so remembering while this is fresh on my mind. I had a dream were I was at this drag club thing. (based btw) Probably cause I was watching this show about it like yesterday. Anyway, I went out and there was like allyway where there was this group of anarchists. Im not sure how I knew, anyway I went up to them and they started being stupid as hell. So first they took the receipt thing I was fidgeting with (hahah now I can call anarchists ableist because of my dream.) Then they started ranting about a bunch bullshit. It was very annoying. Yet I couldn't stop it because it was a dream 😭😭 The worst part was that they were saying the stupidest shit. Kropotkin is one thing but these mofos were like "Squid Game is really a great show! Its an inspiration!" and "George orwell is my favorite author!!" Theres dreams, nightmares, and also, now, annoymares. It was so infuriating yet not scary, anyway...

Shoutout to all the enby soldiers and heavies

King Rule
Ah yes the two genders, King and Dedede

You best believe I thought this was the funniest shit ever for a week before sharing it

*deleted by creator*

Ruleio Rat
I am sorry but I have to tag Grain eater

Whos into collecting physical media?
The holidays are coming and no matter if you celebrate em or not it gives me an excuse to talk about albums. I've been really into getting Vinyl and CD albums recently, just got Zvezda Po Imeni Solntze by Kino and The Blue album by Weezer. Anyone else have a collection or wants one? Also feel free to use the comments to discuss DVDs and Blu-ray too.

thanks to [@areyoulessthan@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/areyoulessthan) for posting it here as well. I also realize this is a well known thing, but I am not a fan of the series, so it was surprising. Anyway....

i'm tired of therapy (TW: Self harm, suicide, Discussion of shootings, general suckage.)
**This post is fairly disturbing and also true, so if you are bothered by that maybe stray away. ** ::: spoiler spoiler im composing this while in therapy and bullshitting (sharing as little as possible that is) my current therapist. I'm tired of therapy that makes no sense, every time I don't vibe with my therapist I try a new one, and it's the same white cis woman who hasn't had a mental health issue in their life. I'd rather have someone who I feel like I can actually spill my mind on. Not to mention, damn me for being suicidal. Tried telling that to one of them once and all I got was DSS case on my ass and someone asking if I wanted to shoot queer people. Dumb ass i'm a fucking trans person do I look like a fucking mass shooter. Mofos got my weapons too. Didn't even help at all, they kept all my Tylenol in tact at my apartment, I guess they think people just shoot themselves. The mental health "support" I have are all Cis, straight, Liberal, petit bourgeois people who'd rather ask if they can do a tarot reading than actually help with my depression. Not to mention what being neurodivergent has to do with it. Found out I have Autism and ADHD recently and all that've got is people dismissing me. My current therapist doesn't know two shits about autism, I mean they don't know two shits about queer people either so whatever, still though, I went to get a support needs based therapist and I got fuckin dismissed. Apparently I'm "High-Fuctioning" enough to not need fucking help. Whatever. (btw the person who diagnosed my ADHD and Autism says I need support.) Anyway, don't worry for me if you are, I won't be offing myself anytime soon. My birthday is coming up and I have a supportive helpful family. I also have a friend of mine, who funnily enough i've only known for a month and a half which is faaaaaaaaar better at helping than therapy. He's also struggles with the same exact things. I've been able to help and open up about mental, sexual, and general helth more than I could to a therapist in 1,000 years in less than two months ::: .

What's the stupidest reason you've been banned from a social media platform?
Got banned for "discriminatory speech" on Instagram after posting the lyric video for "come out ye black and tans." Clearly they hadn't heard of the British soldiers called that, and thought I was being racist, right? RIGHT? Well apparently after much talk and alerting them about what that song is about they said I was racist against BRITISH PEOPLE! I also used my own slur to refer to myself jokingly, got temp banned, and then I reported nazis who used it to being discriminatory towards me and they didn't get banned. Great when I report someone who literally said "Shut up you stupid tr****" and "you'll never be a woman" and next day "We didn't find any problems with this person."

Me irl
Me irl

This is my 100th post :)))))
not much more to say. Victory to the proletariat!

since I think more people need to have this under their arsenal when talking to vaushits who claims he supports trans rights. oh yeah this is a thing as well ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/a1934a88-a89f-4fb9-9e7f-dae2a34a5d2a.webp)