Okay, so everyone liked this one the better, but there's still a few issues to resolve, since there's some disagreements over a few small details. ![]( Most liked design so far. ![]( Version with a slight lighter blue. Regarding this flag, the main complaints where the golden lines, I will leave three comments so you can up vote them to see which one is the one who most people want. The options will be, the lines remains as they are, we make them bigger, or me remove them completely. Then another complaint was that people wanted a more asymmetrical option, so someone came up with a design which I used to produce these options. Let me know what you think of these new ideas, or if we should stick to the blue one. ![]( With blue lines things. ![]( Without them. In this new design the star is kind of a must because the way the mouse rabbit gerbil thingamabob is designed it can't properly fit in the centre and it leaves a pretty big space above its head. By the way, before people start asking, I don't have the slightest idea of symbology or whatever, I don't have any idea on design, so feel free to propose symbolism or correct any mistakes I did on design.

![]( ![]( ![](

NSLeft exists
If you use this garbage site and want to spend your time around supposed leftists, I think NSLeft is the best place for that. It's a coalition of multiple regions, each with their own culture. Most of my 6 years on this hellsite have been spent in NSLeft, you should move your nation to one of their regions.

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    The People’s Republic of Lemmygrad

    For the political nation simulator web browser game “NationStates”.

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