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Welcome! What is this sub meant to be.
I feel like, especially if one is a marginalized person (Which I do fall into the category of myself), it is becoming harder and harder to remain confident and to maintain good mental health. Because of this, I thought it would be nice to make a community for anyone who needs to vent about issues or share advice for other comrades. This sub can operate on the basis of mutual aid/assistance for each-other and as a safe space for all. Please TW posts that are about triggering topics in the title. Thank you.

ADHD meds are suspiciously over-prescribed.
I see ADHD meds *constantly* being prescribed to people that fit ADHD symptoms; but neurotransmitter levels usually aren't checked prior, which could cause some issues in development. Capitalism is a parasite that values profit over people, so it is unsurprising to find that some people fit ADHD symptoms because the brutality of capitalism exhausted them. Artificially inserting neurotransmitters into children can affect their development; health issues could appear as a result.

[Opinion] Dialectical materialism is an underutilized tool for patients in mental health.
(Also marxism, but that philosophy is known to be political.) Dialectical materialism can explain the patient's conditions in a realistic manner; DM can help alleviate (not destroy) fears of the unknown world in patients. DM could give patients a tool to help parse the complex world and their problems. (I feel like this post is too short.)

[Venting] It's depressing to know that people in socialist countries had better development than me, and I could have been them.
I wish I was born in a socialist country; I would've had better development and been able to accomplish more goals. Alas... I was born in the U.S. So I ate a ton of junk food and now I have some health issues. Digestion influences the Brain, so eating healthier foods could improve my thinking. EDIT: Don't forget about the shitty effects of the suburbs and education system!

How would I deal with the withdrawal effect of getting off (U.S) junk food?
I'm stuck in the U.S. **There is a lot of junk ingredients in U.S food,** which can be a problem for mental health; as __the human brain is *influenced by and influences* the gastrointestinal area.__^[[*The gut-brain connection*, Harvard Health Publishing](]^[[*The Brain-Gut Connection*, John Hopkins Medicine](]^[[*Relationships Among the Brain, the Digestive System, and Eating Behavior: Workshop Summary*](] To describe this 'gut-brain' relationship in other terms: stomach conditions can change the general behavior of someone. The Brain-Gut relationship means that you can change the behavior of a person by changing the food they eat. I think the U.S food industry outright *drugs* the people with addictive and junk ingredients (added sugar) to suppress class consciousness and marxist thought. So how do I deal with the withdrawal of U.S food?

cross-posted from: > Now excuse me, I have to post this on reddit to piss [redditors] off. /s Yet some autistic people have the *nerve* to claim that the Soviet Union ignored the disabled;^[["And I really don’t get why disability advocates tends to idolize soviets. Ffs they pretended disabled people didn’t exists, because they didn’t fit into their idea of everyone being a worker."](, [/u/paulinia47](] or even that the U.S treated autistic people better than the Soviet Union.

I feel like I'm living in vain
cross-posted from: > No friends or anything. No partner either. What do? Same here, but I also feel lethargic.

How do you deal with lethargy?
cross-posted from: > I've been pretty lethargic for some weeks. I expected this to happen last week; because I am about to escape the U.S education system for good. > > Junk food makes the lethargy worse. I need to stop eating them; but I can't resist and family keeps buying them anyway. > > I want to dodge the capitalist mindset ("I need to work more.", "I wish I could put more effort in", " I need meds", etc.)

Who else has a hard time sleeping because of just whats happening, or after you found out how bad everything actually is.
I literally fall asleep to the deprogram so that I don't get depressed. I feel like I'm going nuts.

A cuddly fourm for those struggling with mental health issues associated with the sharp rise of contradictions within the capitalist system. If you are currently contemplating suicide then please contact:

Global Suicide Hotline Directory: here LGBTQ Youth-Specific: Trevor Project


  1. TW any potentially triggering content in the title of the post. For example: “(TW: homophobia) I have been struggling with coming out recently”
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