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The name already makes it extremely suspicious.

Also the trailer was about the Finns fighting the Soviets. The shot of the tank treads were from a T-34, as German designs used interlocking designs, and the roadwheels were to big to be part of a Pz38t. There were also Molotov cocktails around the tank (the broken bottles in the beginning).

Finland stockpiled and hid tens of thousands of guns around the country in secret stockpiles in order to use against the Soviet Union after the Continuation War was lost. That’s what the shot of the buried gun case was about.


Hopefully it can be salvaged by giving Finland a good communist or democratic alt history path, then it might actually live up to the name of the dlc.

“Whiteness” is not a valid ethnic group because there is no such thing as “whiteness”. Being white is a simple label of acceptance into the larger in-group against minorities.

Are Jews, Slavs, Italians, Turks, Hispanics, and so on, white? Until very recently the answer would be no. Even if they were as pale as paper.

Slavs are an extreme cog in the machine too. They are extremely diverse in everything from hair, to skin colour, to facial structure, and so on, and their adherence to “whiteness” is very tenuous. Which makes sense as Poles, and Russians were not considered white until very recently.

Even in my own family we have people ranging from “these people would never in a hundred years be listed as “white” to “German definition of peak aryan”.

Western whiteness labels don’t work.

The Furry community is now open, and I hope that anyone interested can stop by! As a general hobby board the community will focus on discussion of all aspects of the hobby and furry community as a whole. This can range from sharing art, discussing personal progress with art, discussing news in the fandom, discussing conventions, artistic tips and tricks, suitmaking, and anything else that you can think of! As well as what was previously mentioned, for those that are not furries but may be curious or confused about the community, feel free to use the board to asks question that can be answered by members of the community! The creation of this community came from feeling that having more general hobby communities can help diversify Lemmygrad while simultaneously offering a little reprieve from the constant stream of politics. From this, I thought that there would be no better community to establish here then the furry fandom! A vast majority of the fandom identify as LGBTQ+, a large portion are nuerodivergent, most identify as some from of leftist, and lastly the community focuses on the Marxist ideal of exploration and expression of the self through artistic endeavors. All factors which come together to create the perfect leftist hobby community! As a general hobby board the content posted does not need to be explicitly Marxist or political, but content will still follow general Lemmygrad rules. I hope to see you on the board! All are welcome!

Germany committed their depleted reserves to Hungary to try to desperately secure the resources of a colony of their dying empire.

Very on the nose.

Exactly, they had to maneuver their language because it was to easy to see through.

Department of War being renamed the Department of Defense is a perfect example

PTO? In this country? We run on American blood hoorah, we don’t need no commie “PTO”.

I haven’t seen my family in months.

Who are the “real tankies”? Those are real?

We’re all just feds after all.

“Illegals, illegal immigrant, border hopper, etc.” About as dehumanizing and awful as you can get regarding living breathing human beings who are trying to escape hellholes that the intelligence services and armies that your country created.

“Labour Market”, people can be bought and sold like cattle then disposed of when their use is up. Completely disregarding the devastating effects this has on human life.

“Less then lethal weapons” regarding chemical weapons that are banned in international warfare, acoustic weapons that can permanently deafen or kill, tasers that will still kill a person, blinding pepper spray, and batons that can beat a person to within an inch of their life.

I read the title and my balls shriveled up thinking that some MGTOW redditor incel finally broke through the admin wall. But seeing it was you and then reading what you are trying to accomplish I can say that I wholeheartedly support this community and can’t wait to participate!

Do you think this will be a more grounded, serious, and theoretical space; or do you think it will be more about letting people talk through their experiences together and how they can change their thought/feelings/behaviors along with any questions they may have?

Dang, surprised he hasn’t been fired yet, with his political leanings Muad is probably the worst NED agent in the foundations history.

We pool together all of our Xibuck allowances to buy the highest quality, bargain bin Huawei equipment (Our budget isn’t very high)

Of course, you correct in pretty much everything you say. Though one can hope that under peacetime conditions an effort could be made to rebuild the dam, especially due to its importance to the local nuclear power plants and fresh water system for Crimea.

Oh, I definitely agree with you, and I apologize if that came across as combative. I was trying to say that the angle that deprogram takes works for them, and trying to remold something existing would probably go poorly. But a queer or female podcast would be really nice! Can never have enough communist podcasts!

Though it guess it also is fair to mention that a large amount of the guests that are brought on are queer and/or female, and that the humor doesn’t really come across as bro-y or chauvinistic, but like 3 guys earnestly talking like friends.

Well that kind of feels unavoidable seeing as how it’s run by three men having fun. I don’t see how’s that’s a problem with it especially as it’s “good fun” bro-y, and not “misogyny” bro-y. Though a womens marxist podcast would be a great idea.

There’s never been a piece of media with 100% audience relatability.

The Soviet Union was forced to blow dams in Ukraine ahead of the German advance, so hopefully this one can be rebuilt as those ones were. Though it will take many many years.

Is the stereotype true that chefs will create the most breathtaking and mouthwatering dishes all day, but then when they get off the clock they simply go to McDonalds because they don’t want/don’t have the energy to cook for themselves?

You are designed to sink.

They want you to have your insurance tied to employment, so that if you try to strike, bargain, or otherwise need to be removed, you will suffer, get trapped in debt, or die if you try to fight back against your employer or the machine.

Combine that with “at will employment” and your boss is able to fire you for any reason whatsoever whenever they want, and you have no recourse to fight back.

No vevuzela iphone

So you’re a worker…. Petite bourgeois means you own a small business with employees.

College degrees don’t make you a class traitor or petite bourgeois.

In the liberals mind calling South Korea out for bieng a dystopian hellhole means you worship North Korea. There is no compromise or middle ground in their eyes.

Ooo, cooking is extremely interesting and I have a lot of respect of the chefs that do it. It’s an absurdly demanding job.

Nah (you wanna be a kid in America who has to start working at 14 (I kid you not), to support their family while they’re in school.

They’re trying to lower the age to 10-12 or eliminate the child labor prohibition outright.

“Read more economic theory”


“Not enough it seems”.

That’s usually how conversations like that go.

Happy to have you along with us for the ride! Lemmygrad was also very integral in breaking the last vestiges of my old liberal viewpoints and radicalizing me.

Any particular piece of theory your favorite so far?

Welcome comrade! Hope you have fun with us all here!

Also any particular type of cat your favorite? Or just house cats? I’m very fond of lynxes myself.


You didn’t live in South Korea, you lived in the United States of Samsung.

While anecdoatal, the vast amount of ultras that I have met or encountered, mostly followed the old old Stalin line of thinking that homosexuality is bourgeoisie decadence, and anti-materialist.

Some additionally believe they associating with the LGBT community will make them greater targets in the public eye so they want to try to avoid accepting sexual minorities.

It’s a Canberra joke that people keep hearing loud bangs and then post about it. Look up “Loud bang Canberra” and there are hundreds of posts.

Dogmatically idealist and utopian about the past to the point they stagnate and rot.

I live in an highly populated area where the governors election was narrowly won by the liberal candidate in a 51/49 split election … with a disgusting, deranged, and committed Neo-Nazi candidate who campaigned as such. There were millions of voters…

Pointing this out only leads to people either saying the Nazi candidate was right, or you should be grateful that the liberal candidate won. Saying anything else gets you painted as crazy and hating democracy.

The Nazis policies were insane. His lackeys already control the state senate and the vast majority of local offices to begin instituting local bills, but him seizing the Governors position and power would mean having to pack only what I could carry and leaving immediately for safety.

Liberal politics have doomed humanity. It’s horrifying.

Happy to be back!
I hope everyone has been doing good and that these past few months have been well for you. Its been quite the trip for me, and I wanted to apologize for not being able to contribute these past few months like I was able to previously. I was dealing with the possibility of receiving a life changing and potentially terminal cancer diagnosis. Simultaneously I was also dealing with the end of my semester and a plethora of exams, papers, and projects; along with job hunting to support myself these coming months. These left me with little time and energy to myself, and I wasn't able to participate here. Thankfully the tests for the diagnosis were false positives and the problem was instead very minor and has been dealt with. I also finished off my semester as strong as I could with perfect marks! Which has in turn allowed me to transfer from my small local college, to a much more prestigious university! I did also want to apologize for leaving on a sour note, as while I did have a lot going on which led to my fuse being short, I still feel terrible about my previous exchange and have no excuse for it. If Maud Dibber is reading this, I would also wish to apologize to you directly and expressly. Overall things have been going much better then before for me, and I look forward to contributing again!

How should settler populations be handled during decolonialization without resorting to reactionary solutions?
This is a thought that I have been tackling for quite a while now, but in the event of a country or region undergoing decolonialization, how should settler populations, especially multigenerational populations, be handled? For example in the example of Israel, once the nation is reestablished as a one state Palestine, what would happen to the settler population? Especially those that aren't living or participating in illegal settlements or exploitation? This question is complicated farther by multiple generations of people who were born in a location and have no ties to any other country or location. Those people don't have anywhere to go and can't be "sent back" to where they came from as they have no ties. For example if a person's grand parents immigrated decades ago to a country as settlers, and then their children and then grandchildren were born and lived their whole lives in a location, what would you do with those grandchildren? You can't just throw them back to the country their grandparents were from. This question is made even harder when the generations start spanning back much farther. Another problem that I am running into is that many solutions including "leftist" ones essentially boil down to ethnic cleaning even if they do not say it outright. Or they completely ignore the question or resort to some fantasy scenario where the settlers magically disappear or all agree to move. So how should these populations and people be handled?

The heart of the Imperial war machine continues to cannibalize itself with endless political theater and spectacle. The bill, aptly titled the "Ultimate Cancel Act", seeks to ban any party that has affiliated itself in the past with slavery.

Would there be any interest in a Furry Lemmygrad Community?
I'm just asking in order to judge interest in whether anyone would be interested in joining a furry/anthro community here in Lemmygrad. The community itself would focus mainly on art, suits/suitmaking, discussions of important topics within the community such as the LGBT element, along with memes, sonas, discussion/events such as furcons and meetings, and as a place to find general community with fellow furs. The space will take a staunch leftist stance, so all will be welcome without discrimination, and reactionaries, trolls, and negative elements will not be tolerated unlike places such as Reddit. Would anyone be interested in a community like this? : )

It took the poor guy a while, but Pluto just completed a whole rotation around the Sun! The last time this happened was 1774 and the next time this'll happen will be in 2271! It takes Pluto nearly 248 Earth years to complete a single rotation!

Something very very wrong is happening with pharmaceuticals all around the US right now. No one is saying anything and every organization is pointing fingers at each other, but there is a massive shortage of a huge range medication, ranging from Tylenol, Zyrtec, and Advil all the way to antibiotics, Adderall, Chemotherapy drugs, and Diabetes medication. People with debilitating illnesses and disorders like Type 1 Diabetes and ADHD are being left high and dry without any answers other then pharmacies saying that they are on “backorder” (I.e. They’re all out). Its not just one company either, for example in the case of Adderall-Dextroamphetamine, in a worst case scenario it can be substituted with other drugs of a completely different makeup such as Vyvanse or Ritalin which are produced by different companies. The one problem is that they are ALL out of stock. On top of this, because a vast majority of these drugs are held in copyright, many of them do not have generic forms, and other companies are not legally allowed to try to develop them. Something is going very wrong and it seems like the US pharmaceutical industry is collapsing. I’m very scared what this means for people that rely on medication. Diabetes? Hormones for transitioning? Heart medication? Chemotherapy? What happens to those people? Look at the link... 233 medications already are gone.

Thinking about my future is slowly killing me
I’m very sorry for rambling and writing terribly. It’s very late where I am and I feel exhausted after spending all day fighting myself again. I’ve been putting off sending a post like this for a while, but I just feel like I’m at the end of my rope. Hopefully I make at least a little sense. I just started typing and wrote from my heart without looking back. Thank you for reading. I’m just very confused and its destroying my mental health. Thinking of the future in general is soul sucking. I don’t have dreams of traveling anymore, or going out with friends, or having a family or a high paying job. All I have is stress and fear from the very idea of working 40+ hour weeks at a dead end capitalist job with no vacations, no benefits, no sick days, playing a capitalist rat race, not having enough money to save up and support myself, and not having enough time or money to do anything interesting or worthwhile. I feel like I’m trapped in a cruel hell. I’m currently in the college hell of trying to determine what to major in, and more importantly pursue in the future as a career or field. I’m quite lost and extremely anxious going through this. I feel that most of my interests are laughable and/or translate to poorly paying jobs, or are social “negatives” that can only be rarely applied in a very niche collection of spaces in a capitalist system (i.e. Marxism). For example I was very interested in political sciences, but jobs are one in a million if I weren’t to pursue academia or law which I’m not particularly interested in. Even then what little jobs there are are pretty much all for neoliberal, conservative, and imperialist; corporations, thinktanks, and government institutions. Along with that, all my dreams of the future feel empty and impossible now, as I have a hard time finding any strength to fight back against the system alone. It’s hard to see the purpose is trying. I feel like I made a big mistake walking out Plato’s cave and seeing the world for what it is. I wish I could go back to the blissful ignorance. I can’t even decide what I like anymore, I don’t enjoy anything useful like Comp Sci or Medicine, and I don’t feel a particular strong passion or interest for any field, even ones that don’t pay well or are rare. For example I have a friend in art school, which while an unconventional and poorly respected path in the capitalist hellscape, they find great passion and interest in what they do and love every moment of it. Letting them pay little attention to the future. Meanwhile I feel trapped thinking about the failure I will amount to as I am stuck paralyzed. All I can think about is the hellscape of the system I’m trapped in with no way to claw out of. Like a bad dream that you can’t wake up from. I’m very privileged to have been able to see a a very distinguished and well respected therapist and psychologist for what’s been going on in my life, but even they’re clueless. All they can give are sad platitudes, and depressing agreement to what I say. They are a wonderful person and try their best, but it seems like there’s little someone can do to help a problem like this. I feel trapped and cursed.

Are there any larger negative consequences from joining a communist party? Particularly in the United States?
I just wanted to ask this question as I have heard this talking point mentioned several times here on Lemmygrad, but with little follow up or explanation. I myself am very curious and am actively pursuing joining a local chapter of a party, but I am in a very precarious place in my life, and I would like to inform myself as much as I can before making my final decision. So what exactly would potential consequences of joining a communist party look like? Do you have any personal experiences with issues or discrimination that arose from your membership to a communist party? Could these effects be mitigated by joining under an alias? Are the effects permanent? Will being a member prevent a person from traveling internationally and receiving a passport? Will being a member hurt chances of admissions to universities or jobs even if it is not disclosed? Will being a member be discoverable during security clearance checks and prevent the taking of a government job? I’m sorry for the amount of questions, I’m just very curious, but simultaneously worried about the permanent repercussions that might arise from me seeking to join a party, especially in the heart of the Imperial Core. Thank you for your help and guidance.

The historical village of Lützerath faces complete razing in the face of a coal mine expansion in 2023, which would displace 1,500 people and destroy several historical landmarks dating back to the year 1000-1800. Including one of the first gothic architecture churches built in 1478. This site would also be an ecological disaster on an unprecedented scale, destroying nearly 50sq miles of natural terrain and completely destroying all agricultural usefulness of the land, along with the main drive of tourism to the region in the from of several historical old growth forests. This comes after Germany pledged to phase out coal by 2030. Once again showing the true face of Capitalist Liberalism.

May this be an incredible New Years for each and everyone of you comrades! Make it your year!

As we all know, Hakim is just a white Wisconsin man from New Jersey trapped in JT’s basement.

Is anyone else alone this Christmas?
I’m sorry for the depressing topic, it’s just been an extremely lonely and disappointing day. I’ve tried to keep busy to avoid the feeling, but it’s getting to me and I just feel awful. I’ve been ostracized from my very small family due to their dysfunction and my sexuality, and I live in a very rural area roughly 40km from my nearest friend who is busy with their own family. Coupled with the fact that I have no community, organization, or group to associate with, it all just seems very depressing and meaningless. I couldn’t even afford a Christmas tree this year, so I collected some nice pine branches to make a small bundle that I decorated, but even that now seems pathetic and miserable. I just wish I had people to spend the holiday with, even a single person would be nice. I’ll probably just game for a bit and then head to bed early, holidays are always awful.

For everyone regardless if you celebrate or not, I wish you all a wonderful day full of love, happiness, and time spent with those that matter to you. Merry Christmas Comrades, I’m thankful to have all of you in my life.

A sad day for the trans community…

Someone please help me😭, I forgot to pack my parachute because I needed space for my 30 copies of Das Kapital.

@GrainEater@lemmygrad.ml GrainEater spotted in traditional American clothing while spying for Xi for Xibucks! 😳