An old video, but still an important critique of Trotskyism

The glorious People's Republic of China and their Social Credit System!
I was always of the mind that the PRC's Social Credit System and Scores only directly affected wealthy and/or large corporations/companies that broke environmental and/or food laws without consequence.. and that it also affected the aforementioned entities of whom refused to show for court for one reason or the other? Apparently CGTN has released a video showing that the western narrative is somewhat accurate. While I understand most things are digital in China it seems to me it can affect everything from renting/buying automobiles/property, gaining access to planes/trains/cabs, discounts for food and whatnot.. so the hyperbolic western narrative of breaking the rules leading to ridiculous ideations like mass murder, starvation, disappearing, gulags, etc.. while obviously sensationalist rhetoric seems to have some truth inside of it if not a speck. Thoughts? I don't think I fully agree.. but I also don't think I fully understand. If anyone could elaborate, explain, provide further assistance in the form of articles, essays, videos, etc.. then please do! Thank you, comrades!

Why did the allies join WW2?
From a Marxist perspective, UK, USA, France etc had the same class interests as Nazi Germany. They were also uncomfortably okay with the Nazis Pre-war. I know this is a big topic (and I'm sure some marxist books have been written on it) but briefly why did the Allies fight against Nazi Germany from a dialectical pov.

How does "taking power" actually look like?
I keep thinking how Marxists talk about seizing state power so that capitalists/fascists don't, and just realized, I actually kinda struggle to envision this. We're not capturing a flag, getting on the president's podium isn't gonna let you just dictate the people, so like, exactly *what* locations are we seizing and how are we using them to free the people? (I probably need to read what is to be done)

Daniel Dumbrill and the Australian Citizens Party
I just wanted to hear some opinions from you guys on the Australian Citizens Party and their ideology. I recently watched Daniel Dumbrills latest Video (a content creator you all hopefully know) and saw that he had a guest from the Australian Citizens Party on his show. As a non-Australian that knows very little about Australian politics I was interested in what kind of party this was. At first it all sounded mostly good, not socialist but at least anti-imperialist. But when reading further about them it came out that they were against the "climate hysteria", were in some connection to the whole LaRouche thing and are accused of being anti-semitic, anti-aboriginal and other racist stuff. What is the deal with this party? Do others like it exist elsewhere in the world? And why did Daniel Dumbrill have someone like this in his video? PS: I don't think this was intentional from Daniel

As have I. I found a really elucidating peer-reviewed article written by some Chinese comrades regarding what they believe China can learn from Belarusian "Market Socialism". It goes over their economy, foreign policy and increased standards of living for the Belarusian people. I'm curious what comrades think. I'm certainly more in the ideological camp of traditional Marxist-Leninists wrt economic matters, but it's neat to see that perhaps Belarus hasn't wholesale abandoned their socialist project, even if there are facets communists may disagree with.

What is to be done with the police?
Police serve the state, so one one hand, once we have a proletarian state, it will be taken over to oppress the bourgeoisie. This seems fine, at least initially. However, I can't help but feel that the way the current police/prison system is organized is not the best way to tackle the actual issue of crime. Putting prisons aside for just a second, are there better alternatives to the "police"? How do they look like? Do we just have small local "crisis response task forces" for major crimes and patrols for petty ones? Is that any different from the current response/patrol cops necessarily? And while yes, we can of course improve people's conditions so they don't need to e.g. steal, I'd like to focus on the fact that crime will likely occasionally still happen, from the potential jealous art thievery to a murder - and how we should address those once they happen/as they are happening.

Books On The Cuban Missile Crisis?
Hi everyone. I posted this question here some time ago but received no responses. This fall, I'll be writing a thesis on the Cuban Missile Crisis and I'd like recommendations on scholarly books, articles, etc. about it. I want to avoid running into anti-Communist BS. Someone in a Discord server recommended *Contesting Castro* to me, but looking at the table of contents it seems to be about the Cuban revolution. Thank you!

Opinions on vice-premier of China, Liu He's interview
Hello, comrades. I am here to ask for opinions on Liu He's interview which I think shows how China works more deeply, but this part got me worrisome about the future of Socialism on China: >Reporter: Currently, private companies are facing some anxiety about the implementation of the basic economic system. What do you think about this issue? >Liu He: [...] The private economy plays an important role in the entire economic system, contributing more than 50% of tax revenue, more than 60% of GDP, more than 70% of technological innovation, more than 80% of urban labor employment, more than 90% of new jobs and new businesses. Without the development of private enterprises, there will be no stable development of the entire economy; without a high-quality private enterprise system, there will be no modern industrial system. [...] It seems the private economy is playing a bigger role in the economic system than the SOEs, what is your opinion about this? While I still consider China socialist today, it for sure makes me worried. Interview in Chinese: Interview in English using Google Translator:

Does anyone have more up to date info about the effects of the war in Ukraine on global finance?
I'm thinking specifically of the talk when the war started of India, China, and Russia, creating their own alternative to SWIFT. I'd also be interested to learn more about what other less talked about knock on effects (affects?) there have been as a result of the conflict.

Best books on the Cuban Revolution?
I want to learn more about the Cuban Revolution because I'm a newbie so I was wondering if anyone here had some good recommendations. Thanks.

Does anyone know of any decent documentaries on the Chinese civil war?
Can't seem to find any that aren't pro-KMT propo.

Did Marx ever visit America?
Marx worked as a European correspondent for a New York City newspaper, so I can imagine him visiting as part of his job or something. Does anyone know?

Jewish Anti-Zionists?
Hello there, i'm trying to find jewish sources on anti-zionism but its very difficult because western media is so zion pilled. If anyone could point me in the right direction i'll be happy :)

Trying to find a source of a specific phrase related to the events of 2020 in Belarus
Greetings, citizens. During my lurking around r/GenZedong and r/GenZhou (when none of these were yet quarantined or deleted), i remember reading something - a post? a comment? - on the events of 2020 in Belarus; it was related to the political program of the opposition (or something like that?), it quoted said program (or a related source?) - the phrase "outsourcing the cost of living to the population" in particular - and touched on what grim perspectives this phrase actually implies. However, i haven't saved any links, exact texts, or screencaps of that, and my attempts to find it once again have so far been unsuccessful (complicated by the fact that i don't quite remember if it even was on a subreddit where i read it - or some other site). Would be glad if someone happens to recall that post or the source of the "outsourcing" quote (if such things do exist outside of my uncretain memories).

Can anyone debunk these claims?
![]( (The message after that which is out of view says “you’ve never met a Cuban exile and it SHOWS”) I was arguing with a gusano on Reddit and I was wondering if these claims are specifically debunkable.

How do we feel about Umberto Eco’s UR Fascism?
I leafed through it a while ago and my main beef was that (I may be wrong on interpretation but this I what I remembered) having one or two aspects may make it entirely fascist, yet having every aspect or nearly all doesn’t necessarily dictate that it is fascist. I was wondering generally what y’all think.

Sakai's Settlers and the 4th of July
There's 2 questions in this post, really. 1. I started reading J. Sakai's Settlers the other day. I'm finding it very informative and enlightening so far. I'm about a quarter of the way through it. However I have read in various communist spaces online that its a very flawed work that smears William Z. Foster as a racist, that the author is a C.I.A. plant, that the author is a ultra/Maoist, etc. I haven't studied the communist movement throughout American history too much so I honestly don't know a lot about Foster but from what I gather from doing some Googling, he's a pretty beloved figure. This is definitely a gap in my knowledge. Are any of these criticisms founded? 2. Is the 4th of July a reactionary holiday? I feel like I'm going bonkers because (against my better judgement) I've been going back and forth with someone arguing whether it is or isn't. I don't think any principled communist should be voluntarily celebrating the holiday for reasons that I consider obvious. The holiday is about celebrating America and being uncritically patriotic. The person I'm arguing with is stating that it's not a reactionary holiday, that America gaining independence from England led to the collapse of the British empire (even though England still has several colonies right now as I'm typing this?), and that communist leaders such as Mao and Castro understood the revolutionary war to be a positive development. Which I don't really disagree with, I don't think England losing a colony is a bad thing. But saying "this was one domino out of hundreds that led to slightly more favorable conditions" is different than celebrating. What is the ML take on the 4th of July? Am I completely off base?

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