Any good reliable resources on Baʽathism

Just watched this speech and thought damn Bashar is based. Got me interested and would love some recommendations for understanding his party’s ideology and history…

NEP in the USSR

Was it necessary to end the NEP in order to industrialise and prepare for WW2? And secondly, was it wrong of Stalin to not reinstate an NEP post WW2?..

A highly detailed, stats-heavy article about the current labor situation in Russia and how the ongoing conflict is likely to affect it. Worth reading to remind ourselves that Russia, while currently performing a very crucial anti-imperialist function on the world stage, is still very much a capitali…

How difficult was life in the USSR?

Were there constant consumer shortages? Did people not think that the Soviet Union gave them anything special?..

What does Marxism say about banking?

Before I became a communist, I used to believe that the largest de-facto conspiracy out there was the money-issuing capability of national and international banks. …

What was the Enron accounting scandal? Some sources would be appreciated.

Figured it would be useful to be knowledgeable on this subject…


Any articles that could help my liberal grandpa recognize the good side of North Korea?

He is a Social Democratic that can see some flaws in capitalism, but doesn’t want revolution, and does not like any AES. I emailed him a article from Rainer Shea about how the dprk isn’t as bad as we are told and that they have some similarities to the US. He emailed me back that it was propaganda, …

What is the real story of relationship between Stalin and Shostakovich?

Shostakovich was said be Stalin’s favourite composer. But he resented the censorship in Soviet Union and had hidden messages in his compositions. And those compositions were a middle finger to Stalin in disguise. This is a very widely spread narrative. What are the truths and falsehoods in this narr…

Good sources on the Cuban missile crisis?

Hi, I’ll be writing a thesis this fall, and the topic I’m choosing is the Cuban missile crisis. I know next to nothing about it, but I suspect a lot of the academic sources I’ll encounter will have a pro-U.S. bias and I want to avoid that as much as possible. What are some good scholarly/academic bo…

What is Quantitative and Qualitative growth?

I think my understanding of dialectical/historical materialism is quite good, but I don’t get the whole quantitative and qualitative growth thing. …

Did Stalin's government execute/prosecute rapists after WW2?

I read somewhere on one of these subs that rapists from the Red Army were dealt with after WW2 …


What went wrong in the USSR in the 1930s?

I hear, even from some leftists, that the USSR in the 1930s was “Gray bleak totalitarian hell”. But why? What was actually wrong with the USSR in the 1930s?..

What were the biggest flaws of the soviet union?

I’m doing a presentation on the soviet union for school soon and i would like to know all your opinions on this. …

Was the USSR imperialist?

Was the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance just a Soviet version of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?..

What's up with the argument that China's economy is running on borrowed money?

I’ve seen two figures when it comes to China’s debt: public debt, which is really low (like 30%), and the other being much higher, (although I can’t remember where I found it, what it measured, but I remember it being like 125%). And now when I was digging around for the exact numbers I’ve found oth…

What was Stalin's 1936 Family Code?

There is this notion that “So many things that were bad with the Soviet Union for so long can be traced back to Joseph Stalin.” One specific mentioned such thing is the 1936 Family Code. So what was it about?..

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