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How hard is Debian to set up? I have heard it is a bit of a pain to do

I ordered a new laptop (Thinkpad E15 [intel]), this is going to be my primary device.

Linux Distro Choice
If this is in the wrong community let me know, but I have been away from linux for a little while now, and I have decided to come back to it. I am trying to figure out what Distro and Desktop environment I should use. I used to use Ubuntu and, Ubuntu based Distributions, though for various reasons I had bad experiences with the ones based down stream of Ubuntu, I have also heard that Ubuntu is no longer nearly as good as they where before. As for desktop Experences, I never really liked Gnome. That being said from what I can tell there has been quite a bit that has changed sense I left, and any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Cuba doesn’t allow any parties in elections, The party’s roll is education not rallying votes.

You have no idea how lame the song is, like what ever you are thinking about, now make it minimum 20x more lame

I add that right after I add Ublock, I will not leave the protection of add block for any reason

I always find it funny how libs always seem to ignore the obviously fashy stuff Ukraine does, no matter the evidence, and how Ukraine violated the Minsk agreement repeatedly.

I have 5: 🇨🇺🇨🇳🇰🇵🇱🇦🇻🇳

I would assume that “Lemmygrad.com” wasn’t taken due to the price, ".com"s are quite expensive, so if the grad was started on a limited budget, I could see it being overlooked. That being said it was an oversight, and now has the potential to cause quite a bit of issues, Especially given they coppied the style of the site down to the icon

not US government, but NATO’s Atlantic Council I believe got put as an exec, I think of strategic planning but I am not sure.

I would not be suprised if this is from lemmy or beehaw TBH

I think Iceland is a Republic, not a Monarchy

I am personally going to disagree, at the point they start defending literal fascist and biggits, I think this community is called for. I do agree that while not raiding we should use federation to push back aganst Lemmy drifting farther to the right, but if they do move to the right, I dont think that this comunity will make any significant change to that feeling.

The issue is we are dedicated Marxists and will not back down.

No, Ireland is its own sovereign, with no need for a person to act as it

The Department of Defense, The NSA is under the Department of Defense

They win one battle, and suddenly the libs act as the war has been won