Labor Unions


Check it out! Listen to it while you’re doing other things 'cause it’s a good one. …

Video is 10 minutes and 43 seconds. …

Glad that the Labor Citizen (from the paper that has its article republished here) is being honest about this. I surmise that this is because the people in this particular industry are usually from the Mid-West and South? Perhaps. Maybe I’m being too cynical…

Interesting observation near the end. Worth a read. Seems there’s new blood in the labor movement…

This could very well work and it could even give an added boost to labor union efforts that aren’t tied to the AFL-CIO. …

Much as I hate Jacobin quite a lot of the times, they seem to be right here. And it’s because of people like Joe Biden that there pretty much is no labor movement, at least not one like the earlier decades. We’ll see how the events at Bessemer go, but it won’t be any thanks to Joe Biden…

Google does evil so you might as well band together to fight back…

Everybody needs to unionize!

Workers together are powerful! Please ask questions and get involved! This is urgent!..

¡My school is unionizing student workers!

Please ask questions, share anecdotes, and have discussions on how to help others become involved with a union. …

Labor Unions

    Discuss labor unions, how to organize them, where to find them, and so on and so forth.

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