(The old Matrix homeserver at genzedong.org no longer exists; genzedong.xyz is the new one)

What is Matrix?

Preemptive TL;DR: Matrix ≈ Discord - tracking + end-to-end encryption (by default)

Matrix is a protocol for real-time communication (text, audio, and video) implemented by various applications (“clients”) – the official one is Element for Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS), but there are many others, e.g. those listed here. It’s also federated, like Lemmy. To use a Matrix client, you need to make a Matrix account at one of the Matrix homeservers (similar to how you can make an account on lemmygrad.ml or lemmy.ml but still access both of them). We have our own Matrix homeserver at genzedong.xyz, and you don’t need an email address to register an account there.

How do I use it?

  1. Download a Matrix client (e.g. Element) on whatever device you prefer.
  2. Create an account in the client. You can select genzedong.xyz as your homeserver here; if you choose the default matrix.org, you’ll need to enter an email address.
  3. Log in. Search for the room #welcome:genzedong.xyz and follow the instructions there. (Alternatively, for Lemmygrad users, make a comment here containing your Matrix account name and you’ll receive an invite)