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Legit the only good thing about Maoism is arguably the aesthetic. It’s just like anarchism but red, no wonder why all the edgy teens love it. Unfortunately, MLMs are just as useless in real life as anarchists are, only ordinary MLs succeed beyond aesthetics.

Also I wanna see more Maoist cringe on the front page, getting a little tired of seeing just liberals with bad takes.

Least impractical ultra be like

The Russian workers didn’t even choose to go to war with Ukraine yet they still get trashed for something they had no choice in, even when they’re doing something that has nothing to do with the war.

This legit feels like that Monkey Hate thing but applied to human beings, Jesus…

r/tankiejerk having a normal one.

By illegal occupation, you mean Crimea by Russia or the former Ukrainian SSR itself?

Kim il-Sung had a great heart, yet he is so demonized.
It's such a shame and a disgrace. Kim il-Sung served the people well and wrote so many things praising them, even saying "The People are my God!" But Western propaganda wants us to believe he is a crazy lunatic who just wanted to create a totalitarian hermit kingdom all along. One day, history will absolve him.

Why is there a flood of redditors here anyway? I know it’s about that reddit api thing but I still don’t fully understand it.

My new favorite tankie earworm. It's such a gem to listen to.

Tito seems to been missed by Serbians even more than Russians, for instance, miss the USSR. The collapse of the Soviet Union was awful but as terrible as it was, it didn’t lead the country into one of the most brutal civil wars of the late 20th century.

I’ve read some of Kim il-Sung’s works too, he really did have a good heart. It’s such a shame that western media makes him and his family appear to be insane monsters.

I would absolutely love to live in the former USSR, even during the revisionist period. A close second for former socialist states would be East Germany.

But if I had to pick a socialist state still standing, definitely China.

So how are we going to put all this into practice?
So we have some of the most based takes on the web, and we probably would be a good proletarian vanguard in our nations. But how are we going to make our ideas a reality? Like, for example, instead of saying how based the USSR was, we (somehow) bring it back? Or we bring socialism to a smaller nation, like in the Global South? Or we do much smaller things than a revolution, like agitating and organizing. What are we gonna do besides saying based things on here?

Bro you put neutral on the American Civil War. The role of the Union was progressive at the time as it destroyed Southern slavery and paved the way for the full construction of capitalism and thus socialism.

Weebs would either not exist or would be on a watchlist. (jk, that’s unrealistic, maybe…)

The content weebs would be consuming would be much better.

Found this on the wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_food_energy_intake Apparently, only five African countries have lower calorie intakes. It could be misleading but if I search for similar statistics on this country I get similar results. I believe the embargo has something to do with it, if not most to do with it. What insight or comments can you guys give?

I look at this website on mobile and I never see the new “Shit X Says” communities. Anybody else experienced this? What’s going on?

Pardon me, but I can’t really find what exactly is wrong with it?

What a surprise that Nazi supporters believe Nazi propaganda.

Even the United States did that? Never heard that they did.

What even was the Red Terror and why did it happen?
So I heard that somebody shot Lenin and failed (thank god) and what happened was the Red Terror happened and many died as a result. Can I get some more details about this?

What really was Soviet foreign policy like?
Both American and Chinese sources that I've read like to claim that the Soviet Union was an imperialistic, hegemonic power that wanted to dominate the world. Other sources claim that the USSR was more neutral. Can you guys explain what Soviet foreign policy was like, especially how it changed over the years. (like how it changed from Stalin to Khruschev and so on.)

Didn’t know somebody else noticed this! gonna downvote just to troll even though i literally complained about my own post being mass downvoted

Bro I legit cannot understand why I have so many dislikes. I mean, maybe 3 to 5 would make sense, but 30+. I’ve legit seen this one other post get over 60 dislikes. It realistically looks less like people genuinely dislike that and more like that there are bots.

Alright, my tinfoil hat rant is over.

When do you think the CPC will be more radical?
When I mean "more radical" I mean much greater worker ownership of society and less bourgeoisie. More social benefits such as free healthcare, free school, guaranteed employment, free housing, etc. Basically like Mao but without the dumb mistakes.

Are there limits to anti-imperialism?
I believe that anti-imperialism is definitely important, but are there any cases where that crosses the line? Say for example a fascist government. Now, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were imperialist powers so it made 100% sense to oppose them. But take the Taliban, an extremely reactionary government that opposed the USA. Or India, ruled by a far-right nationalist party that is a member of BRICS. Or pretty much any other fascistic and/or genocidal government that opposes imperialism while not being imperialist themselves. Now, I'm not saying we should support the imperialists, but are there cases where we should also not support the ones fighting the imperialists?

In a moneyless full-stage communist society, would employment still be guaranteed and/or compulsory?
I understand fully that compulsory and guaranteed employment is both necessary and awesome in a socialist society in transition towards communism. But once communism has been fully achieved, would this compulsory employment still be a thing, especially since there is no currency that motivates many to work?

I have no idea about their personal life (aside from the fact he’s got a couple chicks, hehe) so I don’t know their parent’s class.

I know you didn’t ask whatsoever but my parents are definitely prole. In fact, neither of them are even employed, they survive because they collect government money. My dad is old and wants to work but it is hard because he is a felon. My mom has a disability, has to go to all these doctors, she gets money as long as I’m still in school, so going to work right now would actually make her poorer, my brother has a full-time job so he helps out as well. I have a part-time job (can’t go full-time due to school, want to finish it first) and it has made me even more confident in Leninism. I still actually like my job and doing the work and love my co-workers (even the managers) but there’s always the main problem that every worker there is exploited by the lazy person at the very top.

It was a computer class. I am 18, have no idea how old he is, I believe he is younger though.

Had an argument with a “Marxist” classmate
You probably know how this basically went. So this guy was in class and he had a shirt of Karl Marx. I said "Based!" and told him that he should get a Lenin shirt next. He said that Lenin was authoritarian, so we argued about whether Lenin was good or not and whether "authoritarianism" was required to succeed in a socialist revolution. I even told him to read "On Authority" and he still didn't agree with me. Some gems: 1. "He (Engels) is saying that authoritarianism is required DURING the revolution, not after." I tried to explain to him that such "authoritarianism" was also required to SECURE the proletarian state after the initial violent revolution, but apparently that went over his head. 2. "You're not a leftist, you're far-right. You just use leftist rhetoric. You're just like Nazis." The classic red fash tankie line. 3. "Killing fascists is bad because killing people for their different political beliefs is always bad. You are basically doing genocide." He literally (if I recall) said that violence is required in a socialist revolution but all of a sudden if we do violence against fascists, which are harsh enemies of workers, that's bad and us letting them off the hook totally isn't going to lead to them becoming stronger. He said Lenin was bad because he "murdered political opponents." (I assume he is referring to the Red Terror.) 4. "Wouldn't all the killing done in a Leninist nation cause similar destabilization as when the USA does imperialism such as in Iraq?" I have yet to see such destabilization in socialist nations, only exceptions being in Cambodia and when the Warsaw Pact nations fell to capitalism. 5. "You aren't fighting the bourgeoisie, you are fighting the workers." 6. I defined fascism as socialists define it: an open terroristic capitalist dictatorship in response to workers' movement. Therefore, former AES nations and not even the current USA (yet) can be considered fascist. But he said "You're just playing the definition game" or something like that. This young man is very intelligent, I've got to admit. I can only hope he shares his wisdom with the socialists of the third world, to tell them why the evil Leninist line is just far-right and that they need to embrace his enlightened version of Marxism in order to succeed.

No wonder ~80% of Serbians miss the days of communism.

What caused the Khmer Rouge to be so brutal?
There are several illustrations out there about the torture of people in Khmer Rouge prisons, including ***chopping people's hands off.*** This all started as a communist, or pseudo-communist revolution. What the hell caused them to chop people's hands off? Among all of the other horrifying things they did. In modern times, I know very few that even rival all the brutality that this regime committed, not by death count but by the sheer inhumanity of the deaths. I need a detailed explanation of all this.

I have a feeling one of his alts is the new mystery disliker.

6 6 6

The devil’s countries.

Any of you guys remember New Atheism?
Ya know like the people like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris? The "facts and logic" people who absolutely hated religion and blamed it for everything bad? What's a material Marxist analysis of this?

What the fuck is that guy’s political position?

How to disprove the lies about the DPRK? (Totalitarian, monarchy, starvation, execution for petty things, etc.)
When so many people think of a real life example of 1984's Oceania (fuck you anyway, orwell), the most common one is North Korea. So how could one easily disprove all these claims?

Fascists and pedophiles do not deserve the right to life.

Bro the thing says there are 21 comments yet I actually look at the comments and that’s not the case. What the heck is going on?

most people know when they’re being lied to

What about all the westerners who are fed anticommunist propaganda? They don’t believe they are being lied to. Not trying to say that the North Koreans are being fed lies, I’m trying to be in good faith.

How to counter “Chinese/North Korean/Cuban/etc. people are brainwashed!” nonsense?
Not gonna lie, being in good faith, the Chinese government having a 90% approval rate looks sus, at least to a Westerner. The West looks at this and shouts "That means they are brainwashed!" which I don't buy into. Yet that idea that all these anti-imperialist people are just brainwashed really, well, brainwashes a lot of people. How can this be countered?

At first thought it was an “I sexually identify as an attack helicopter” reference until I realized it was referring to Pinochet.

What in the world happened with the Party of Communists USA? (And is the American Council of Bolsheviks worth associating with?)
So if you try to go to the Party of Communists USA website, you get a relatively short document by former members accusing the part of really bad stuff like reporting members to bosses and defending pedophiles. Said members split and formed the American Council of Bolsheviks. As the Party of Communists USA is essentially dead due to these shenanigans, is the new organization worth working with? And can anybody give any perspective about this whole controversy?

can somebody translate? i can’t read spanish but this looks interesting

Only one I remember is the Sino-Vietnamese war, which to be fair was awful.

All the people in the banner look like they are running from the Pol Pot picture.

I would too.

Those who do not support the current capitalist public education system, what do you think we should do about it? (when we can)
The public education system in many capitalist countries has been highly criticized for allegedly dumbing down students and/or killing their creativity. On the other hand, getting rid of schools would probably lead to a reduction in literacy and qualifications. Thus, it would be necessary to reform education somehow. Here are some proposed options: Socialist Values - Keep the current education system, but instead of teaching capitalist values, teach socialist ones. Grades, homework, tests, etc. remain a thing. Montessori - Public schools all perform like the Montessori model: Students learn at their own pace, are encouraged to do student-led activites, and are guided by adults who act like mentors. Homework is minimal, if it is even assigned at all. Grades in Montessori exist but are done differently, instead of checking how well one has completed assignments, the mentor grades each student by how well they believe they are progressing. Democratic Schools - Grades and curriculum are entirely abolished. Here, students are expected to be in charge of their own education and are even given the opportunity to decide many of the decisions made by the school. Children and adults are seen as equals to each other in this model. The most famous instance of this is the Sudbury School. These are just the ideas I can think of right now. Which ones do you guys agree with, or do you have another idea not listed here?

What kind of class dictatorship was Democratic Kampuchea?
The Khmer Rouge was an extremely reactionary, pseudo-communist regime that orchestrated a genocide. Obviously, it was not controlled by the working people, who were systematically executed. In addition, as the bourgeoisie barely existed in Cambodia at the time, and money was abolished, there was no way it could be a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. But according to Marxist theory, every state is a dictatorship of one class to oppress another. So I am curious: What kind of class dictatorship was Democratic Kampuchea?

What would happen under late-stage communism if/when all basic jobs are fully automated but more skilled labor is not?
Let's say that the many, many people who are needed to do (relatively) unskilled labor such as restaurants, factory, retail, etc. are not needed to do those jobs anymore due to them being fully automated. It's relatively easier to automate those sorts of jobs, but what about the ones that require much more skill: doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians. These would take more time to automate compared to the more basic jobs. So when these basic jobs are all lost due to automation, but the skilled ones are remaining, what would a communist/socialist society do to solve this? Would they force some people to learn how to do these needed jobs in case of a shortage? Would they allow the unemployed masses to survive without labor? What do you think?

Anybody been hearing about what is going on in South Africa?
I go on Google and I see that "south africa collapse" and "south africa civil war" is trending. From what I'm seeing, the South African government has been shutting down the power grid for hours a day due to electricity shortage, and now there are fears of a total power outage that will undoubtedly cause massive civil unrest. Can anybody tell me more about this? Are the Economic Freedom Fighters (or any other Marxist party) involved in this, and hopefully getting ready for when the conditions are right?

Only sad part is that he didn’t die by being shot.

Laos Respect Thread
Post awesome facts about Laos here because it is too underrated.

Return of Socialism in Russia: Any hope for this?
(Have no idea if I asked this before or not, but here goes.) So basically, is there any realistic hope of Russia becoming socialist once more at some point within the new few decades? Preferably even a return of the Soviet Union?

Police/Prison Abolition: Could this realistically and successfully be achieved at some point?
Police and prisons are institutions of state power and thus must be kept in the transition towards communism. However, once communism is achieved, do you think police and prisons could go away? If so, what would replace them, if any.

Kaiserreich: Totalism Ideology
So in the universe of Kaiserreich, the mod for Hearts of Iron, the Bolsheviks (sadly) failed in their revolution. As a result, Marxism-Leninism became largely discredited. Hence, it was replaced by the Syndicalism we hear about in the game. However, there is another socialist ideology (well, two, which is called Radical Socialism, but it doesn't have much to do with the following) in the game known as Totalism, which consists of a lot of authoritarian socialists in that universe. As a result, communists are often featured as Totalists. Which would have been based if it weren't for the fact that: 1. The symbol for Totalism in-game is very similar to the fucking Strasserist symbol. 2. **Benito Mussolini and Oswald Mosley** and other literal fashies in OTL are depicted as Totalists. So basically, in that alternate universe, horseshoe theory became a reality.

Don't know if this will come true or not, haven't read the article. Just wanted to hear yall's thoughts.

Canada’s Euthanasia Program Isn’t “Social Murder”. It Is Worse.
It feels like fucking full-on ***Social Genocide*** at this point. Euthanasia without doing anything at all to help the poor, unemployed, homeless who are most vulnerable to that program, along with the fact of global climate change and the threat of nuclear war are all things that the term "social murder" doesn't even fully give justice to anymore. Social murder back in the days of Engels was a lot of the times when somebody starved to death on the streets and the rich were too much of assholes to give said person a single penny. With euthanasia being more restricted back then, nuclear weapons not being invented, and almost nobody knowing about climate change, it felt (in comparison) more like rich people were being dicks and not caring. So what do I mean by social genocide? While social murder is caused by the ruling class not giving a shit about the oppressed, social genocide is more akin to them ***actually*** giving a shit...but instead of helping, they want to exterminate. When you make it so easy and so recommended for people, especially poor people, to kill themselves, when you are warned so many times about how hurting the environment is fucking you and everyone else over but you do it anyway, and when you threaten so many times to nuke all life out of existence, you are no longer just not giving a shit and occasionally thinking about poor people starving. You are actively, consciously, and intentionally trying to destroy those who are less fortunate than you. "Social Murder" feels like Disneyland compared to that. Social Murder, in comparison, is like a mass shooting. What I've talked about above is, in comparison, like a planet-sized version of Auschwitz and the Killing Fields.

Thoughts on the Velma show?
Seems to be getting a lot of criticism. But I'm skeptical about whether it's not just a bunch of alt-righters angry that they made a character black.

Share some more badass DPRK music in the comments!

1969 Sino-Soviet Border Conflict
The Soviet Union and China battle against each other for Zhenbao Island. Get this: From what I've heard, the USSR even seriously considered ***nuking China.*** Over a fucking island. I get that Sino-Soviet relations were shit, but how the fuck was it so bad that the Soviet Union wanted to fucking ***drop a nuke?*** Especially since, by this point, China already had nukes, and most likely they would retaliate, risking the ***end of humanity.*** Especially if the United States got involved, which they threatened to do. Can somebody explain to me why the ***hell*** this whole situation was even able to happen?

Criticizing and/or badmouthing Kim: Is there any punishment for this?
We're told all the time that if one were to say anything bad about Kim Jong un, they and their family would be executed. Young Pioneer Tours mentions that, while you won't be executed, the consequences of criticizing Kim could be severe. What's the truth behind all this?

Encountered ableism on the bus today
I have high-functioning autism, just before we begin. And have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Saying all this so it all makes sense. Anyway, so I was just minding my own business, and there was this one kid who was saying ableist things about me and this other kid. Saying things like that I should be segregated and should only be washing the dishes. Some time before, he also screamed loudly that he wanted me to die. Stuff like this makes me unbelievably angry. 1. People like this need to take anger management classes. 2. Ableism must be eradicated from this planet, people who speak ableist things and do ableist actions must be oppressed like every other bigot. The alternative is violence being done against marginalized groups by fascistic bastards.

Such a shame, the other posters this guy made about Palestine were really good except for this one...

Pretty catchy DPRK song. They sound really pissed in this one, and for good reason. They sound like they're ready to beat the shit out of some bloody imperialists.

How did Soviet democracy work?
For example: How did voting and elections work in the USSR? What was press freedom like? What were other examples of the expression of democracy in the Soviet Union? About how many people supported the ruling party? (CPC is at about a 95% approval rate, how much was the CPSU?) I know a lot of these are the stuff that liberals like to talk about so it would be really hilarious to find out that the Soviet Union literally had more "liberal freedoms" than the literal liberal nations.

Everyone reading this fights each other at once
No weapons, just fists. Fight until knocked out. Last one standing wins. Who wins?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPEBZf8UxyE - "Five Days in North Korea" https://www.youtube.com/shorts/qLYmbtTZE0w - "Why I Cried After Leaving North Korea" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdvLYGByRNY - "Most Un-Depressing Country"

Marxist take/thoughts of the SCP Foundation?
If you haven't heard of it, it's a wiki (yes, a ***wiki***) about a secret organization that contains anomalous objects known as SCPs. Oftentimes, however, they do these tests through rather unethical means like using "D-Class personnel" (death row inmates) as disposable testing subjects, many of which die even if they survive the test with the SCP. Yeeeahh, the Foundation is morally grey at best. There's also Groups of Interests that the Foundation may be allies with, enemies with, or just neutral, the most notable include: The Chaos Insurgency - Initially made as like the evil counterpart of the Foundation, maybe. They contain anomalies just like them, except they use them as weapons instead. They do frequent raids on Foundation sites and often get said D-Class personnel to join their side. The Global Occult Coalition - An organization created by the United Nations that seeks to simply destroy every anomalous entity out there. That's right, they're not trying to just contain and study them, they want to obliterate them from existence. This, of course, can cause conflict with the Foundation, though I do not believe they are full-on enemies like the Chaos Insurgency. The Serpent's Hand - From my understanding, these guys oppose the Foundation but they want the anomalies to be free entirely, they consider the Foundation to be "jailors". However, they are far more opposed to the GOC. They are a leaderless guerilla organization and have even been compared to anarchists. So, basically, what are yall's thoughts on the SCP lore? Which group that I have or have not mentioned do you think would be the most based?