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Isn’t it confirmed? My less unconfirmed theory is that they intentionally let Alex Jones in the poison the well on the subject.___

I don’t believe that, nor the Area 51 thing, it’s a poll, as comrade graineater said

I watched a bad Netflix documentary on it a while ago, and that’s most of the extent to which I know about it.

I agree with that argument in this case, but it’s a very overused, and often bad argument. For example, with the moon landing, it’s definitely possible to have that many people conspiring, it’s much easier to debunk it by pointing out simple facts like it would’ave been more money to fake it than to do the real thing at the time. It’s the sort of argument that is used to say “it’s impossible for the class consciousness bourgeoisie to be conspiring to oppress the working class, because that’s too many people to coordinate.”

I considered adding this, but it’s too confirmed. (Notice my title) I’d say a less confirmed claim related would be they simultaneously used the coke to intentionally start the crack cocaine epidemic so they could increase surveillance of marginalized communities.

I just listened to this: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/programmed-to-chill/id1568664643?i=1000560598747 Basically there’s a lot of weird inconsistencies and Intelligence ties. For example witnesses described there being another man in the truck with McViegh and the feds just pretended there wasn’t later.

That’s what I think might have happened with 9/11, the attack was instigated by imperialism, but they knew that they could use it to distract from the $2.3 trillion “disappearing” and justify a more imperialism

Terminally online NATO simps who have ugly dog pfps.

Malcolm X was killed by US intelligence (or at least they instigated it)

The Oklahoma City Bombing was instigated/perpetrated by intelligence

Covid was a made in made in a lab (by the US) as a bio weapon

toGenZedongCuba question
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Yeah, my assumption was it was mostly because of the embargo, though I’m prone to believing anecdotal evidence and haven’t personally been there.___

There was also a comment saying ban capitalism, which of course had a bunch of downvotes.

I thought Marx was a dry mechanical materialist who was alienated from the realities of life/s

I’d assume so, he sucks. When I read it fortunately most of what stuck from it in my mind was that humanity can live in many ways and is not just stuck with one type of organization, and the bit about how religions work, as opposed to the transhumanism, anti-communism, and saying “corporations are people.” The first bits helped me understand the Marxist conception of history and religion a bit more (although it kind of spurred my new atheist phase at first).

I’m not sure if they count, but I do Rubik’s cube and solitaire. All the yo-yos I’ve had were cheap plastic garbage that broke in a day, I used to play chess, but no one wants to play with me, and I’ve only played jacks like once. I’m not sure what the other games you mentioned are.

https://www.sm28.org/articles/j11-the-return-of-the-cuban-proletariat/ I’m wondering your thoughts on this. I think they are ancoms and/or leftcoms, so obviously I took everything with a grain of salt. They have both been to Cuba in the last few years, and talked to people there. I’m pretty sure they are talking about “#soscuba.” This is what they claim: -the Cuban people have become disillusioned with communism -since the economy is mostly based on tourism the state puts a lot of money into resorts for foreigners instead of caring for their people, Cuba therefore basically already has capitalism, especially because most of their economy relies on exports and trading with companies like nestle -the people were originally supportive of the revolution, but since Fidel died stuff has gotten worse -Cuba really peaked in the 90s when people took care of each other and there were cool farming programs and stuff -since, the farming stuff has ceased and most people are food insecure -the government is bureaucratic and is very strict not wanting people to do anything they don’t directly approve of -at this point the Cuban people don’t even care about political ideology, they just want an end to it -one claimed most people on the street will express disapproval of the gov, while the other claimed most people say they want capitalism -they say Cuba has a very small amount of crime and then claim that they have a high incarceration which is mostly political prisoners -the Cuban anarchist they interview claims there was no cia involvement, but if there were they would have welcomed it My assumption was that the sanctions on Cuba are what is causing most of these problems, but they deny it as the underlying problem. They acknowledge the “Stalinist” talking points that Batista was worse, etc and say they’re right, but that doesn’t mean Cuba’s gov isn’t bad. Then they say something about Communism naturally coming to be hated by people in places like Cuba and the USSR, (of course they think their own specific brand of communism would be better), and this rubs me the wrong way, as the people of the USSR didn’t want it to end, in fact they almost voted the communist party back into power after the undemocratic dissillusion. So, what do you think? Is the US’ strategy of sanctioning countries til their people get desperate working? Is cuba a degenerated workers state?

Future warfare and cybernetics

Most Lego shows and movies are just straight copaganda. Mostly “cops and robbers” narratives.

You could say “how come actual socialist countries like the dprk hate them so much?”

1 it wouldn’t make it impossible because you don’t need hrt to be trans and 2 people also undergo it as an adult after they have experienced the affects of the puberty of the sex assigned at birth

Aww poor Mongolia surrounded by autocrats/s

I suggest checking out this trans rights master post: https://controlc.com/afbce005 Also this video about “the fear of trans bodies:” https://youtu.be/Yt2QPnhqIuI And maybe this video about what the concept of “woman” really means: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6m3CzzYSOs


I do, I’ve been emailing my grandpa often and I think he’s at least anti-imperialist now, though anti-communist propaganda is hard to root out, he recently bought a copy of blackshirts and the reds, so hopefully that will help. With my parents I sometimes talk about it, they’re social democrats, I got my mom to start reading state and revolution, but she doesn’t like using words like “bourgeoisie.” I’ve talked with my brother about politics a few times, and he kinda makes a joke of it. With my friends a few I’ve got to be slightly closer to ml, but most are “apolitical” and make a joke of it, or think of “being randomly political” as my personality trait. I also have some really lib friends. For example one is pro Israel, and claimed multiple new variants were coming out of China, and zero-Covid had peoples doors literally welded shut.

I’ve done some stationary biking and Wii sports, which is more than I usually do.

Great interview

Similarly, I always for a strong covid policy, and when I found out about zero-Covid it led me to view China more positively.


Genzedong memes, a WWII related research project, quora syndicalists, and catholic mls on quora.

Since the update Remmel hasn’t been working. It’s not letting me add the Lemmygrad instance. I have tried writing it out, pasting, reloading the app, redownloading the app, and restarting my phone. Any idea how I might be able to get it to work?

Speaking of which, I have Remmel, and it’s not letting me sign in after the update. Im on web rn.

Nope, Xi’s a secret posadist and would welcome the extraterrestrial liberators.

There are apps that automatically convert it back.

I just got an idea
Would it be possible/practical to convert all your money into yuan to avoid inflation? I’m pretty sure most places in the us accept virtual payment that converts yuan back into dollar or whatever.

I have an “left unity” an-com comrade, and I’m looking for resources for moving them more “auth-ward.” Should I just send on authority and state and revolution? Any suggestions?

Good song considering the Cop City thing happening


Thoughts on Rubik’s cubes?
I like that they’re good puzzles and one can always get better at doing them. They’re also pretty hardy, and can be taken apart and cleaned, good as new. There’s also a sort of puzzle in putting it back together. I also see a bit of consumerism in them. Organizations often make crappy ones that are given away as “free stuff” for promotion, like a stress ball or pen that no one ever uses. Also, with people who do like to do them there’s constantly some new fancy speedcube or size, or accessory that can be bought. With all the crap westerners possess these just get lost buried in a pile of other stuff as soon as something new comes along. So, what do you think?

Has anyone here read it? I’m listening to the audiobook and it’s kind of interesting, and I’ve picked out a few things (at least I know a tiny bit about Hegel, Fanon, Sarte, and Bergson), but why is it so jargon-y and confusing? Is there anything else I should have read first? I feel like all I’m getting out of it is what I already know from ‘Oppose book worship’ by Mao, or the bit of ‘wretched of the earth’ by fanon that I remember. What are your thoughts on the book?

I just happened upon this song. Apparently I accidentally added it to my library.



Of course, it came with the 🇺🇦paper and bow.

Thoughts on System of a Down?
They are at least somewhat based. ‘Prison Song’ talks about the prison industrial complex and imperialism. There are also some other songs like toxicity or protect the land that sound anti-capitalism. I also just like there music in general. Their album Hypnotize is one of my favorites overall. Unfortunately, the song of the same name seems to talk about the Tiananmen protesters in a positive light and also talks about propaganda. My inference is that they see China as an “authoritarian” (capitalist?) country. They also talk a lot about freedom or liberty which is kind of cringe. So, what do you think?


I feel like we need a philosophy memes community, I don’t know how many people would be interested, though

What philosophies do you follow?
I obviously study historical and dialectical materialism, but there are some others I’m interested in. I want to try to get into secular Buddhism, stoicism, existentialism, and maybe absurdism. Does anyone have suggestions on any of these subjects? (I’m already intending to read Simone De Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sarte, and the book ‘capitalism- it’s nature and replacement’ which is a synthesis of Marxism and Buddhism, but the author’s a bit of a leftcom)


“The ends never justify the means”
I’ve heard it many times from liberals who either mean the revolution would be more violent than our current system (it wouldn’t be), or suggesting that communists claim that we will achieve utopia if we’re just allowed to commit much brutality in the mean time (obviously false). This phrase annoys me so much, not just as a utilitarian, but also as someone who understands the meaning of words, as they are either suggesting that (in the moralistic sense) literally nothing is worth doing, ever, or that morality shouldn’t matter because everything is immoral anyway.

What’s your favorite socialist flag?
Mine’s probably Cuba 🇨🇺, with a close second of Burkina Faso 🇧🇫

What’s wrong with syndicalism? I was watching Thomas Sankara: the upright man, and he specifically said down with anarcho-syndicalism. They seem to be one of the more decent strains of anarchism, the USSR supported them in Catalonia, maybe it’s my bias as someone who was introduced to Marxism through syndicalism, but I can’t see much wrong with them. Is it a lack of materialist analysis?

Question on the word propaganda
If propaganda is just the the propagation of ideas whether factual or not, should we cease to use it as a derogatory term for misinformation/disinformation and instead just call it such?


Should we make a community for fixing bad memes like antifastonetoss?