Are the Straights OK?

Just what the fuck

It's the same 10 questions over and over and over again in r/askreddit

Interesting comments at least: ![](

Not the ultimate Sigma Male being arrested for human trafficking 😭
Who would've thought that your über hetero guy that sees women as a lesser species would also be a massive wanker. I hope his fanboys can at least see that this is not something to support.

Incel Video On Twitter
Massive trigger warning, nothing visual as it’s an incel being questioned by police, but for the absolute sewage that spews out of this man’s mouth. He basically open only admits to chasing after a woman and thinking it’s okay because of what he’s seen in BDSM porn. His logic being that women have rape fantasies so they like being stalked. Apparently the woman’s father threatened to hurt Mr. Incel and now he wants the police to do something about it. Thankfully the cops are having none of it.

The story of a man wearing heels
So today I am wearing heels. Not like pumps or anything, just shoes with heels. If anything, they look a bit like pirate shoes with a heel of 3-4 cm. But they make the sound that heels do when you walk in them. And you also have to have a bit of a stride when you walk in order to not look weird. Anyway, I walked to work today, through the city. When I approached men, they suddenly seemed to drop everything and look around, probably expecting a woman in heels to pass them. But then they saw me. No big deal, right? Honest mistake. However, some men decided it was necessary to call slurs at me. Gayboy, f*ggot, said I was not a man etc. All for wearing tiny heels. I'm a 185cm long hetero guy, it's not as if I look defenseless or anything. But they still feel the need to do that. I just yelled back at them to shut the fuck up fucking wankers, and if they have a problem I'll kick them with my heels on. But it made me think what non hetero guys or women deal with on a daily basis. Why can't they act normal?

[At least he got called out in the comments]( Mf got trolled by some ace so hard 100%

Are the Straights OK?
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    Is someone holding these poor souls hostage and forcing them to be together?

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