Firm believers in Marxism Leninism, cartoons, and the need for Gulags (I will re-educate you ❤). A disillusioned ex lib and ex mormon, and resident of occupied hawaii. The Empire must burn.

They/Them (She/Her if youre on my good side)

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from lenin, famous anti-revolutionary lol

He and Engels were undoubtedly some of if not the greatest economists of human history, you would have to be a complete fool to think otherwise.

The Movements as I know them basically don’t exist, they are pretty small and just getting their feet on the ground. They need people working and helping them develop.

Silver spook was the one I got many resources from, other was word of mouth from hawaiian natives themselves. Hawaii would have been perfectly fine without US meddling, from all the data. It was self-sufficient and had a growing economy, one off trade, sandalwood, and some light tourism.

missed ya’ll, I’m doing slightly okay, but I’ll be fine

Long Live Communism! Long Live Marxism Leninism!

She did her own things, good and cringe, but still sad to see another leftist content creator leave.

ehhhh, people always say that about LGBTQ folks, I’m not inclined to believe them

I know recently they made a video calling the USSR the most powerful and successful revolution in history, while praising stalin

Viki was her own thing

recent shooting done by a trans person

ignore the rest being white supremacists, its the trans people who are the problem apparently

Americans are accusing all trans people of being terrorists depopulating our schools

I fucking hate this country

Ronald Fucking Reagan. American Fascist but americans thinks hes great

How is this idiot the head of the American Anti-war movement

They think the mere act of holding a blank paper robs their protest of any meaning, which is just false. I am pro-protest of course, but many of such during this time were color revolutions of a nonsense nature.


Yes, but remember to avoid dogmatism, the revolution is different in every single place.

thats all right of course. Theory reading is important, and make sure to avoid reactionary politics, as they detract from the movement.

Read up on Lenin’s theory of Vanguardism. A communist party to lead the masses to revolution. I recommend dedication to reading as much theory as possible from lenin, engels, and stalin (Marx when you can, he is more confusing though).

I feel so tired that I might not want to wake up

it could be passing

maybe not

Walking forward is all I can do

prices in hawaii are absolutely atrocious and will continue to get worse. 95% at least of our food is imported from the outside. Our energy as well. Landlords have taken over almost the whole island. We have a huge homeless population while mansions are stacked all over the hills.

I will try to stay with Hawaii as long as possible. It has by far the most potential for revolution.


I love this edit Long live the Soviet Dream!

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Well fuck
Im an egg this is where the fun begins

Okay, this is the most based thing I’ve seen for a goddamn while- Spanish news host goes on a tirade against the guests anti-communism (ends with “long live lenin, long live stalin”) this is that dudes twitter, it has a GDR banner and Erich Honecker as the pfp. Eternally based.

It used to be my table, now it is spoopy ghost and also a bunch of other stuff but this is the important one

How you guys doing emotionally lately?
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If you could rename anything, what would it be? and what would it be to?
I would rename the british word "torch" to flashlight, because it doesn't make sense. Debate me

Credit to []( from Lemmy's [Russia community]( [Very based name btw](

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By Ho Chi Meme

Me: Gets depressed Red Army Choir: I gotchu fam

She made the ultimate sacrifice to dunk on some libs. A true commie.

okay guys, really important question
hugs or headpats you must choose one

normies be like: "stalin should have pushed all the way to france!" smh

what do ya’ll use to create your memes?
I've been looking for something better than Imgflip.

Rando: What ur politics, you seem kinda leftist Me: uhhhhhhhh like social democrat or smthn also me: