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They/He (trying it out)

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I would be very happy if one of them saw this, meaning they are on lemmy, and are based. DW tho, I’m keeping the terms very broad for a reason.

I’m pretty sure my history and science teacher know I’m a communist

especially after I kinda just didn’t stop trying to attack their narrative on china

do you also realize the vast amount of american military tech is modified 80’s weaponry

My god is it amazing to see their progress and ingenuity

on a totally unrelated note: is china accepting immigration and when can I learn Simplified Chinese quickly

It matters not, for your witchcraft will be punished anyway

Oh no



I pointed this out in my history course (when talking about modern asian hate) and the teacher just sort of shrugged and continued

half of the things you listed you said yourself were objectively true? Why are you like this?

Do you have any idea how hard it is to effectively coordinate a modern army in a frozen winter? I’m sorry, I forgot I was talking to a military expert.

you seem to not take nazis seriously enough. They are monsters to be shot on sight.

bruh where do you get all this stuff

Comrade Rose comming out of absolutely nowhere with like half of the last week’s content

I really fucking hate this place if that is the farthest left they can go

No, I won’t believe the answer

Who else has a hard time sleeping because of just whats happening, or after you found out how bad everything actually is.

I literally fall asleep to the deprogram so that I don’t get depressed. I feel like I’m going nuts…

I'll miss you comrade Revolutionary Ratto

May we meet again among the stars…

Soviet Anthem (1944/Stalin version) - Red Army Choir

this is the most beautiful one…

I do shit like this like every few weeks and the teach getting sus…