A while ago, I realized how pervasive big tech spyware was. It's everywhere. In search engines, word processors, even the OSes themselves. Upon this realization, I decided to try to get away from that spyware, and researched how to do that. This is when I came upon self-hosting. There are certain open-source programs that allow you to do the same thing the big tech services allow you to do, but you host them yourself, so you control them. There was just a slight problem: I had no servers. This is when I learned about "the cloud" and how you could rent servers from companies and then use those to host your software. I tried it, but realized I was just hosting my own services on big tech servers, so it wasn't helping. I'd been wanting a raspberry pi cluster for a while at that point, but never had the motivation to get one, so I waited until my birthday, collected the money gifted to me by my relatives, and bought 4 raspberry pi 4s with just 1GB of RAM, as well as all the equipment to run them (an 8-port network switch, power cables, etc.). Since then, my cluster has grown. Little by little, I've collected money and bought new parts. Now, I have 8 raspberry pi 4s (four 1GB, four 2GB), a Pine H64, a RockPro64, and my old 2012 Mac Mini running Debian. I also have an old 2011 MacBook that I've revived and patched to run the newest macOS which I will use to compile and test apps for iOS and macOS, as well as a Radxa Rock5 Model B with 16GB RAM on the way that I will be adding as well. Originally, whenever I wanted to run a new service, I'd just kind of find a server and stick it on there, then manually configure everything and hope I remember where it's running. Now, I have a [Nomad]( cluster with [Consul]( and [Traefik]( handling everything automatically for me. If I want to run a new service, I just make a Nomad config for it, and Nomad finds a free server with enough resources, downloads it, configures it, runs it, and then publishes it to Consul, from where Traefik automatically picks it up, sets up routing rules, acquires a TLS certificate, and exposes the service. Everything happens automatically. If a server goes down, Nomad will run the services that were running there on a different server and Traefik will reconfigure itself to match. This is what my setup looks like: ![Image of the glass cabinet containing my servers]( At the top is my Mac Mini, a WiFi antenna for Home Assistant, and a RockPro64, on the shelf under that, there are 8 raspberry pis, under that is a network switch and a Pine H64 running the reverse proxy, and under that is a UPS that lasts over an hour in the event of power loss. On the right is my 3D printer, which is connected to one of the Pi 4s for OctoPrint. This has been very useful for me. Not only does it mean I own my data AND my services, it also means outages don't affect me and my services are always very fast and reliable. I've had numerous times where Github was down and most people couldn't do any work, except me because I have my own Gitea instance, for example. I think anyone with the expertise, time, and resources to do this should do it.

The politics are actually mostly pretty good in this.

I am excited for the coming era of the free and high performance AV1 video codec.
If you are unfamiliar with the AV1 codec well it is the successor to VP9 which was in the same class of h.264 which was and still is prolific on the internet. AV1 is a big jump over h264... MediaTek was early to implemented AV1 in their Dimensity smartphone chips since 2019. And if you aren't aware those are in a lot of Chinese smartphones. There is now a decent chance you own and use a device that supports AV1 decoding. This means that AV1 I think is going to take over the internet in the next few years. Although AV1 is free and open source, it is a result of corporate socialism and Google's CIA influence. It probably wouldn't even be possible in the capitalist framework otherwise because big surprise intellectual property isn't actually good for innovation or much else. - - [The AV1 Video Codec -](

My first computer as I remember. Great engineering, much innovation especially on the custom LCD which I'm surprised isn't in all the cheaper smart phones. Microsoft tried to ruin the software lol. > Don Hopkins announced that he is creating a free and open source port of the game SimCity to the OLPC that's what I remember the most

wow. I've been designing toys with these things and it's always scared me.

Anyone having success with Gentoo Linux?
I ran Gentoo on our Ryzen 5800X computer... But we had to stop with that because after all my tinkering we didn't have a usable enough system capable of doing the things we needed, like running Steam. I have developed a love/hate relationship with portage. It's very powerful letting you get at all the compiler flags. I like that. But it was too unwieldy also and parts of it felt a little outdated. What I need for my workstation is something that is very powerful and efficient but also highly robust and stable enough to serve as the base for all my usages. Maybe I'll try Funtoo. Thought about NixOS or something but don't want to do that really. Looks like the creator of Gentoo has a YouTube: [Daniel Robbins / BDFLFUN2](

Hope the military doesn't get a hold of this god alien level tech.

Unix emulator project maintainer removes FOSS license and writes his own in response to criticism for modifying user data
cross-posted from: > * [Issue #1059]( > > * [Another message to issue #1059 by Paul Hardy.]( > > [Reddit thread.]( > > --- > > The project maintainer is egotistical. I guess that's *another* behavior to not do as a software developer.

Comrades I think the new GPU dumps are here. 🍷 (This is also a NV K80 post)
So we've been waiting for this... Yesterday I watched Tech Yes City's vid in Akihabara where he says that the shop folks tell him the miner dumps are here. Now I'm seeing K80's and K40's on Ebay for $80. This would make a workstation beast. It's a dual die card from 28nm era with 2x 12GB GDDR5 and 2x 4 TFLOPs. [K80 on Ebay]( Clearly coming from scalers but maybe they are scared. If you go ahead and get a server GPU like that like I likely will then go ahead and forward the frames over PCIe. Edit: oops I didn't give the seemingly good K80 link

Why aren't 3D stacked resistor/fuse based PROMs being mass produced?
This guy asks about archival - They say to buy a 30TB LTO-8 tape cartridge for $79 - ROMs would be useful for storing lots of data for long periods of time without corruption or freeing up space on your SSD for more hot data, that could be automated. They should be cheap and compact. These are useful properties.

Analog Computers are forgotten too often... OR might not be trustable anymore
So I just went to and to archive this url page : Because zeleski had uploaded another cute looking nazi logo wearing soldiers pic. ![]( But no archive site could archive it at all and all the moreover when I refreshed the Instagram post page after trying to archive it, the nazi related picture was deleted?!?! Whaaaat?? It was up there for more than 24hrs unnoticed but suddenly when I tried to archive it failed and the photo got deleted??? (You can check it out yourself by visiting the url) Edit: I understand why the site archivers may not work because of how a site like Instagram is designed. But the main point here is how the picture got deleted just after I've tried to archive them.

How do you feel about the Linux kernel?
Linux kernel is like 28mil lines of mostly driver and arch code. It's open enough that you can basically use the code as it is to do what you please... There are limitations of course but the code is out there. As it is the foundation and kernel ecosystem is seemingly pretty corporate friendly as it prob needs to be. Are you worried that Linux might be attempted to be recooperated by capitalists somehow? It is a very valuable asset. I'm not sure how they could do it. Maybe they will try and make it more like corporate OSs... Or they will use their legal and sanctioning powers to prevent some people from using it how they would like.

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