How do you feel about the Linux kernel?
Linux kernel is like 28mil lines of mostly driver and arch code. It's open enough that you can basically use the code as it is to do what you please... There are limitations of course but the code is out there. As it is the foundation and kernel ecosystem is seemingly pretty corporate friendly as it prob needs to be. Are you worried that Linux might be attempted to be recooperated by capitalists somehow? It is a very valuable asset. I'm not sure how they could do it. Maybe they will try and make it more like corporate OSs... Or they will use their legal and sanctioning powers to prevent some people from using it how they would like.

HackerNews admins flag/ban users for criticising US spying
cross-posted from: > **Context:** > > Landmark court decision in Germany prohibits the use of European subsidiaries of US Cloud providers for public infrastructure, calling it a violation of GDPR. > > Hackers news admins berate users who criticise US spying programs and start flagging them. See one example of mod dang doing it here: I'm starting to think that I should just block *all* western social media that isn't marxist. Western social media is mostly inhabited by dumb westoids that think they know everything.

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