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I could see this was posted in Communism about 2 years ago, but I thought I would repost it here. It's worth watching. Yes, William Buckley was a crypto fascist weirdo, but Bernadette Devlin is brilliant to watch.

Revenge for Skibereen

what do you think is the benefit of libc over glibc? Genuine question, since that’s not something I consider.

debian is easy to set up imo. There is a graphical install if that helps

For something easy, Linux Mint with cinammon or xfce, or MATE, since you say you don’t like gnome. Linux mint is easy to use and based on ubuntu/debian so lots of software available, and mint is user friendly. It also has cool tools like timeshfit and warpinator.

If you feel more comfortable with linux, Debian is a great choice. Either stable with backports and flatpak, or use the unstable branch (sid).

Desktop environment all depends on your preferences. You say you don’t like gnome, after that it’s just if you like traditional desktops or are interested in something more minimal, like tiling. My own preferences:


WM: cwm (https://man.openbsd.org/cwm.1) ctwm, fluxbox, xmonad (tiling window manager)

I can’t give cwm enough of a recommend if you like things that are minimal and stay out of your way.

in my biased opinion:

linux for leftists

free ireland, against the UK


it’s crazy how the rich will do anything besides consider improving their society for all, or even some of the other people in it

and on telegram there stories that sweden is investigating sabotage, and denmark and germany were believed it was sabotage. I believe in Germany there have been protests to open the nord stream pipeline

sabotage wouldn’t surprise me but I’d be curious to know how you go about doing that

working—building homes, feeding the population, providing medicine–just waaaay too hierarchical man. Lemme just smash this starbucks window and gatekeep my local punk scene instead

it’s actually a bible quote, and was used in soviet propaganda as well

the DIY edition yes. I believe the more expensive laptop is meant to run Windows, but linux can be installed on it and usually works fine.

I think the appeal will come from having more power, and google supports the OS for a significant amount of time iirc. Looking around different forums online there is definitely an audience for this. Plus framework means you can do basic repairs to the hardware easily should you need it.

This is interesting. I didn’t know about a lot of this. One of the tweets mentions hawaii as “socialist” but to what extent is that correct?

Great hardware (and coreboot!) combined with spyware :( Why can't they make a framework that supports a linux distro.....

well, lots of linux development is driven by the likes of red hat (IBM), and others like amazon, google, facebook, etc. Many of the recent changes in linux (systemd for example) are driven by developers working at red hat, who has their business customers in mind when they make big changes like introducing systemd.

It’s true that China has an OS like deepin and is starting to work on their own package manager among other things. Linux is being adopted by more countries to stop dependence on Microsoft and because of concerns over privacy.

I do wonder what the future of linux is. The linux kernel is itself open source, but that can’t stop people from building something proprietary on top of it, or from using it for something negative.

I haven’t used void enough to give an opinion, but some people really love it for the package manager and the lack of systemd.

Endeavour would be a good choice since it’s arch based just like manjaro. Or just plain ol arch.

Is it true Ukraine has regained control of a suburb of Lysychansk?
Referring to this article: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/sep/19/russia-no-longer-has-full-control-of-luhansk-as-ukraine-recaptures-village

do you have a link to alibaba using ARM?

“This site doesn’t protect all speech”

“But what about MY shitty takes?”

wow that was quick lol.

The first work of his I read is called Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes. It’s worth checking out

Has anyone here read Jacques Ellul?
He was a French anarchist, christian, resisted the Nazi occupation. He wrote a book called propaganda that I found really interesting years ago. He wasn't a marxist, but I thought he had some interesting observations.

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The stock price isn't the interesting part, it's that NVIDIA can't sell to Russia or China. Here's the SEC source: https://www.sec.gov/ix?doc=/Archives/edgar/data/1045810/000104581022000146/nvda-20220826.htm I posted elsewhere about a new chip designed/made in China that competes with NVIDIA. As US Gov puts more restrictions on business with russia and china, the more chinese industries catch up with the likes of NVIDIA, intel, amd, etc

It's not specifically linux but I think there's a lot of overlap between people interested in linux/unix and the type of people who use old/used laptops either out of necessity or just because they prefer to.

Manjaro Drama
Forgetting to renew the ssl certs for the fourth time.... https://old.reddit.com/r/linuxquestions/comments/wqzrpl/did_manjaro_just_forget_to_renew_the_ssl/ https://manjarno.snorlax.sh/

China approves launch of liquid-salt thorium reactor
>As water is not required for heat removal of the reactor, it does not need to be built near the ocean or inland water body and is suitable for remote desert regions. If the pilot operation of the TMSR-LF1 reactor proves successful, China plans to build a larger 373MWe reactor of this type by 2030.

Can anyone explain more about this
If this is the wrong community just tell me where to post it.... I read this article: https://www.ruetir.com/2022/07/17/cuba-develops-successful-treatment-against-alzheimers-and-parkinsons/ And I am confused about the actual ins and outs about how patients are treated. Any links to more informative articles or resources is much appreciated.