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He’s scary bright and everyone should read him

I just felt like there was more there to explore, and they didn’t at all.

Yeah I understand what you’re saying about Mad Men. I know about the time period and it’s depictions are accurate. My problem is it becomes almost too much like a soap opera. And for the time period they were dealing with, and the story they were dealing with, it could have been much more interesting imo. I think it peaked when they introduced (I can’t remember his name) the British character and they start their own new firm.

I’m only used to Robusta in things like Vietnamese coffee, which in the end is sweetened with condensed milk.

The reality is I like coffee any way I can get it lmao

I hold that West Wing is an AWFUL tv show. Sorkin is a garbage writer.

Mad Men has some good things, but some of it I can’t stand.

Sopranos is amazing

continuing to learn spanish. Would like to learn more

I think Mexico has a long way to go before becoming an AES state. Of the ones you mentioned, Nicaragua or Venezuela would be first

I haven’t been able to find anything. The tweet in the image is the only thing I found on google/skynet

sorry, was just listing different browsers. The last three are all text based.

ahhhhh I’m just dumb. Yes Malaysia had a massive drop in the 90’s. Thailand had a drop around 2015

thailand has a bigger downward spike, is that the one you mean?

but my local PSL is terrible, helped cops kettle protestors during BLM

where was this?

start simple and just virtualize one on your windows machine.

User friendly choice would probably be Linux Mint. There are lots of distros, with pros and cons, and differences between each one.

I’ve used Debian for the past ~15 years, which is one of the older distros.

If you have other questions feel free to ask.

A rapist, a snitch, a plagiarist, and a racist walk into a bar…

Orwell was a terrible human being. And not really a socialist/communist, just a little englander. He’d be a member of UKIP/A brexiteer if he was alive today. And he ratted out other socialist to british intelligence.

I’ve posted this before, looks a good time to do it again. Sorry for the formatting:


“I’m inclined to choose the dull, obvious explanation for this odd silence: the man was a reactionary, Imperialist racist.”

“So once again, let’s invite the obvious: Orwell is lying when he calls himself a socialist. And again, once the possibility is admitted, the evidence piles up. Read Orwell’s correspondence with poor Victor Gollancz over Wigan Pier and you see the stolid, loyal Gollancz trying desperately to understand why his star writer spent so much time vilifying his fellow socialists in a book commissioned by them. Read that exchange and you’ll never buy Orwell’s version of himself as simple, honest man. He’s the Satanic diva, pushing Gollancz into objections which allow Orwell to play the lone, misunderstood hero.”

“Here we get class snobbery mixed with religious bigotry: Orwell’s objection to the prevailing brand of Catholic-baiting is that it’s crude, mob hate, not the sleek variant he wants. Note too the sentimental exemption for the dear old Church of England, which never hurt anybody except for a few million Irish Catholics…There’s something about Catholics that sets off a chain of atavistic old-maid responses in Orwell, as here, when he jumps from exulting in his chance to smear the bloody Papists to maundering about his garden. This guy is seriously creepy, like Miss Marple if she lived in the Shankill Road”"

“And that’s Orwell: a maze of lies, maintained with adult skill and considerable talent, in the service of the most tawdry middle-class prejudices.”

Taken from Slava Z telegram page:

🇷🇺⚡Putin : family is the union of a man and a woman. So say the sacred books of all world religions. But the West is also trying to revise these sacred texts.

nope…he means the gays basically.

There’s a big chunk of the world that thinks LGBTQ+ is an “ideology” being spread from the west to the other parts of the world leading to “degradation” and “degeneration.” Follow any pro russia social media and you’ll see it.

Porting Helios to aarch64 for my FOSDEM talk, part one
Talk about a new micro kernel called Helios, written in a language called Hare

Does SUNN 0)) count as unconventional?

yeah, it’s definitely for enthusiasts. But it seems like gentoo would be something you would build something on top of, if you know what I mean. I think google does that with chromeOS?

folk legends will be told for centuries

not while we’re fighting the climate wars in a dystopian hellscape they won’t

It’s something that’s interested me before but I don’t think I’m the target audience. I always thought of gentoo as being a meta distribution, or something for embedded system or specific hardware, where gentoo’s strengths really come into play

I just don’t know if I have the time to maintain a gentoo system lol. I’ve always been interested in it, but I feel like the advantages of it aren’t enough for me to change.

Portage is definitely cool. I think it is inspired by the ports system on FreeBSD, which also lets you choose different compile options, use a stable or newer version of software, etc

yeah I agree with all of that. It’s also really remarkable how stable Debian is

If you have older hardware and want to try something new check out netbsd!

cast iron and carbon steel cookware can have non stick properties if you used/taken care of correctly

I’m still not sure about non stick pans myself. At home I am going to move away from any non stick cookware. Once you think the pan is scratched you shouldn’t use it. So it becomes pointless to buy more if it’s going to get scratched again…

If you live in the USA and you go out to eat chances are you will be eating something off of non stick material, especially eggs.

I don’t trust the safety of it personally.

do you like using gentoo as a daily driver? what do you like about it that other distros don’t offer?

I used to not care about the older software on Stable. Stable+backports was perfect for me. Now with flatpaks and appimages it’s even better. On one machine I went through 3 major release updates with debian stable with 0 problems. It’s nice having a system that basically can’t break.

I tried out Sid and for more than a year now I haven’t had any issues. It is nice having newer software tbf.

I heard good things about Andor from a friend whose taste I trust. I genuinely liked mandalorian; I went into it thinking it would be like some of the other star wars content that just seems like churned out for the sake of it

cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/446548 > Aidan McAnespie was murdered on his way to a GAA match. It was denied by the British establishment for decades. Rebel songs were written about it. His family has justice now, maybe too little too late, but at least some acknowledgement of the crime committed.

Aidan McAnespie was murdered on his way to a GAA match. It was denied by the British establishment for decades. Rebel songs were written about it. His family has justice now, maybe too little too late, but at least some acknowledgement of the crime committed.

Current events in Iran
What is/are the best sources for what is going currently in Iran? Is it a regime change OP by the west? An attempt to destabilize Iran enough to slow down their nuclear program? A legitimate response to gov't repression? What do you think? Where is the most reliable source for ML's to get news about Iran from?

Video about 9 months old, but a good overview of the events in Free Derry in 1972

Apple retail workers in Glasgow have voted to unionize
I know it's retail workers in the imperial core but.....as the UK continues to get even more reactionary and people are faced with a cost of living crisis, I see this as a good thing. It's also keeping up with a trend of unionization in retail/food service I see in the US

Context not working
Using a browser. Every time I look at my inbox and click context underneath a comment, I get a 404. Any help would be appreciated.

An interesting rumor from Intel Slava Z (a pro russian telegram account)
Ukrainian insider telegram channel: In order to divert the attention of the world media from the possible destruction by the Ukrainian Nazis of the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, British experts from MI6 recommended Zelensky to carry out a distracting sabotage on the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline in the Nikolaev region. The destruction of the ammonia pipeline is planned to be carried out in the Bereznegovatsky district, where more than 15 thousand people live. The destruction of a part of the pipe is planned with the help of the S-300 air defense system. After that, the Western media will cover events to rescue the residents of nearby villages and traditionally accuse Russia of terrorism. The preparations for a terrorist act on the ammonia pipeline are indicated by the actions of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations. In the administration of settlements of the Bereznegovatsky district, representatives of the State Emergency Service delivered memos on first aid in case of damage to hazardous chemicals. It should also be noted that a large number of foreign journalists arrived in Nikolaev, who, according to some reports, should be involved in covering a certain emergency. Such a strategy of action is not new. More than once, the West has been ready to sacrifice civilians to achieve its goals, especially if they are not citizens of Western countries. The resumption of ammonia exports was part of the extension of the "grain deal". By the way, the American company Occidental Petroleum has already paid for the next supply of ammonia.

Void Linux root on an encrypted ZFS mirror with syslinux MBR and ZFSBootMenu
An interesting tutorial for anyone interested

I could see this was posted in Communism about 2 years ago, but I thought I would repost it here. It's worth watching. Yes, William Buckley was a crypto fascist weirdo, but Bernadette Devlin is brilliant to watch.

Revenge for Skibereen