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I didn’t realize law and order was still a thing. Was not expecting havana syndrome.

That was incredible lmao

he was a brave man.

Ali was a great public speaker, I always liked this video of his:


“why don’t they call it white mail? they lie too”

Talking about overpopulation is a way to ignore actual problems. Plenty of food to go around, but as a result of capitalism some people have too much to eat and others starve. That’s not a result of overpopulation, but of capitalism.

The west consumes most of the world’s resources despite having less people than the rest of the planet, at the expense of the well being of the planet and all of its inhabitants. Rather than addressing that problem, it’s easier to just blame how many people there are.

that’s fair; it’s also fair to say that most people don’t pay enough attention to their privacy online to begin with

Wall of text incoming. If you do want any help with any BSD let me know I can try to help.

I would say try out a BSD that appeals to you in a VM before installing it on hardware.

With linux we talk about distros. Fedora, Debian, and OpenSuse are all different from each other, but they have so many similarities. After a while, going from one linux distro to another is pretty straightforward imo.

In the BSD world, each BSD is it’s own unique OS designed by different people with different goals in mind. The three biggest ones are FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD.

In general they break down like this:

FreeBSD: The most popular of the three major ones. Reminded me of debian stable. Has lots of neat features like ZFS, boot environments, jails, bhyve, the linuxolator (allows you to run linux programs–including steam). Biggest community, easiest to find help/solutions for. Check out robonuggie on youtube, it’s a freebsd channel with lots of resources. It’s the operating system that Netflix uses to serve all of its content.

This blog is really well respected the FreeBSD community:


OpenBSD: Known for security. Smaller community. The OS doesn’t have some features you might want or be used to in Linux or proprietary OS’s. If you have an older thinkpad, everything works out of the box; it did for me on a T430. It was a little difficult to set up at first, but once I got used to it I really appreciated it for what it is. Their text based installer can get you up in running in less than 10 minutes. Has probably the best man pages; they actually update them with each new release and provide useful examples.

Also, OBSD developers will develop their own tools that are smaller, easier to config via text files, rather then use something bigger and bloated. (I normally don’t like the word bloated in software, but it does apply sometimes). For example, they developed tmux, OpenSSH among others.

This site has some resources for running OpenBSD, but it is not associated with the project:


NetBSD: Smallest project and community of the three. Known for running on basically any architecture you can think of. Small but friendly and helpful community. Less online help available via web searches…can’t google for a solution like you might with ubuntu or freebsd. Known for pkgsrc, a powerful package manager that can run on linux, other BSD’s, MacOS.


Mixed feelings about that article. Some of the privacy concerns are things you can ignore or opt out of.

Some of it was dead on though.

ungoogled chromium is a thing.

Vivaldi too, if you liked the old opera

Can I add to this thread; does anyone use a VPN? If so, which one?

At this point isn’t opera just a clone of chrome?

Multi Account Containers are great, maybe my new favorite extension KeePassXC as a standalone program is great. Ublock origin is a classic, and I’d add NoScipt to this list.

Sort of related but I love Reader Mode in Firefox

She’s a clown for sure. Even though Mozilla/Firefox gets most of its money from google, we need browser alternatives

The stable part of Debian Stable is actually not talked about enough. That thing doesn’t break

Check out GNU Guix! Same concept as NixOS, backed by the GNU project

Mint is cool because of things like timeshift and the warpinator. MX Linux is a great distro, maybe the best debian based one.

I’ll have to check it out. I’m still waiting on my laptop from StarLabs, a UK company. They have had some issues with the supply chain, but they’re supposed to be good laptops. They support coreboot as well!

rule 1

why did I do this lmao…

What Linux distro/BSD/OS is everyone using?

This community seems a little, uh, inactive, so here’s my shot at stirring up some discussion. …

What sources are you all using for the war in Ukraine?

Title is basically it…what sources do you find best for keeping up with what’s going on in Ukraine?..