Questions about Lemmy
Can any of you please give me resources on Pol Pot (his backing by the CIA and US, his murder of communists, his anti-Marxism, etc.)

I’m trying to show someone that Pol Pot was a bad person as soon as possible. He doesn’t know much about him. Just don’t want him to get swept up in anything that he’ll regret…

So... what's the deal with Mastodon? Why is it becoming so popular? And should I make an account?

Title kinda says all, but Mastodon looks interesting to me… except I don’t know whether I should get one. I keep hearing that it’s “Twitter for saner people.” I guess? I’m fine with Twitter, even if it’s a bit hectic at times. But all the same: I’m just curious about the hype surrounding Mastodon…

Question: Is there such a thing as a "proletarian novel?" What do you call Soviet fiction in general? What genre were Soviet writers writing about besides just the usual monikers such as "sci-fi"?

I’m deeply curious about this. I heard that fiction with communist messaging is called a “proletarian novel” but I’m honestly not sure. Maybe I can find something on ProlesWiki about this? I’m trying to wrap up the current session of university as it is so I’ll pay a visit there some other time. Any…

How Come I Can't Save Posts Anymore?

On posts there used to be a little star button to save posts, when you clicked on it it became yellow/gold. When you saved the posts you could look at them later by going on your profile and looking through saved posts, this was pretty useful when I wanted to look back at a post that linked to a bun…

How to add moderator to a community?

My apologies, I don’t understand how to use moderation features whatsoever. I’m trying to add a mod to the one community I created (/c/games). Thanks for your help!..

Questions about the Fediverse and Federation?

I am pretty new to lemmy and I have a very basic understanding of the fediverse. My understanding is that when lemmy gets federated the account that I made for this instance will able to used on other instances and other sites that are in the fediverse. So on that note when do you guys think federat…

How to remove a moderator of a subcommie?

I was recently made a moderator of ! in order to replace the comrade who appointed me. How?..

View of subscribed topics

Is there a view where you can navigate to the sub-lemmies (what are those called btw?) that you are subscribed to instead of just finding them in the huge list? Also is there a way to get a feed of all the posts in subs you’re subscribed to like the Reddit home page? Also, is there like an r/all? …

Comrades, I noticed today that there was a forum at It seems this was the predecessor to our forum. In the screenshot attached, it seemed as though one user ( u/oriond ) was unaware of our forum as of 3 months ago. So **my question is whether everybody at



I have too much free time, so I was just wondering how in the future we will approach moderation. though we are small, I have noticed ZERO problems so far, so thanks to our current mods. …


The image in my profile, and the image in my post are showing page broken symbol. In my profile image, it does appear in my comments and elsewhere, but not in that corner. …


How to share PDF

There’s a paper on China and Xi, and while I could just search for it in the online database and share its link that way, I was just wondering if there’s a way they could be shared directly in the future…

lemmy instances

Sorry i missed your AMA, and just point me to a link if i’m too far gone for a concise answer. …


How should we be growing the userbase? Advertise it in leftist reddit spaces? Discords?..



I remember months ago noticing reddit knockoffs popping up and drawing reddit users, admittedly, mostly in fash groups. Question is, are these sites (i can find them if you’re unfamiliar) dedicated to hate groups, or are they platforms that already have the full reddit functionality and potential us…


Hello! Thank you, comrade dessalines!

I’ve been banned from both r/communism and r/communism101 because they can’t handle revolutionizing their ego’s! Hahah …

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