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How to add moderator to a community?

My apologies, I don’t understand how to use moderation features whatsoever. I’m trying to add a mod to the one community I created (/c/games). Thanks for your help!..

Has anyone read "The Origin of Capitalism" ? Interested to hear thoughts from MLs

I read this book a while ago and generally appreciated it’s insight: captialism isn’t a natural consequence of human existence, its the result of very specific material conditions in 16th and 17th century England. I’ll admit though, I didn’t have a strong grasp of marxism (not that I do now) or leni…

they have pretty frequent sales which set stuff at about 40%+ off, I waited for one of those to grab a copy of a book I couldn’t find on the 'bay

They have good selections but they do have a blindspot when it comes to any existing socialist state reading (as mentioned in this thread). Good suite of stuff on policing, abolition, race, etc. Not a large enough blindspot to write them off, I’d say if there’s something published by them that piques your interest, its probably a fair shot. Usually if its super anti-communist you’ll know before you buy, and if its only vaguely anti-communist you can read with a critical lens.

I can’t say enough good things about Lancer. Their setting is an incredibly well thought out post capital space operatic future, the game mechanics are the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity (great complex and engaging combat rules, really well streamlined roleplay/outside combat structure…

i really liked this, it was short/sweet but well put. looking forward to what that article series has to offer

What's up with Disco Elysium? [discussion]

I was put off the game because of the price tag, but I’ve seen it mentioned pretty frequently in left spaces. What do people like/dislike about the game? What’s the deal with the creators?..

me furiously trying to click the ‘show less’ button on this screenshot

takes i expect from people who use the three arrows

“HEY.” music stops “There’s politics outside the US you know…”

I think its much less dependent on the game than the people you play with (though the game can certainly be a factor if it’s intimidatingly complex). That being said, more simple/streamlined games can be easier to sell to friends who don’t normally play tabletop games. Comrades is one such example, but there’s a pretty large subset of tabletop games that exist to fill that niche (see Dungeon World as a D&D alternative).

Tabletop games are interesting because they’ve seen a large renaissance in part due to very acting/performance heavy livestream or podcasted productions (things like Critical Role, for example) and so our instinct is that they should center acting/performance. The reality is, that kind of thing appeals to some people and not others. Most of the games I play involve very little roleplay, and are more about collective storytelling/gameplay/rolling dice.

tl;dr, people bring what they want to tabletop games, and while some are conducive to more/less roleplay, the important thing is to find people who want the same thing out of the game as you do.

my friend sent me this and said something horrifying which was “what if you and I end up raising kids who rebel by becoming neo-liberals?”

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im participating in this, and so is my lab!

disappointing to see from Killer Mike, I really look up to his artistry :/

donated! hopefully more folks from our community will too

relatively new to coding: what should i learn after python?

I code predominately in service of my academic research; I have a good grasp on python and use it to do data analysis and visualization for the most part. I’m wondering what language more experienced coders think I should look into next, if I want to learn about coding more generally? …

do you have a grasp about the size of CPUSA vs PSL? I am curious whether one or the other is a larger organization or if it varies city by city. thanks for presenting this info though, I know a lot of people I follow online tend to dismiss the CPUSA because of supposed fed infiltration

good vid, thanks for sharing :)

it’s not exactly a massive scope war game, but i highly recommend Into The Breach, it’s a very polished strategy game

Comrades: A Revolutionary RPG [rec]

I brought this awesome rpg to my dnd group a few weeks ago and it’s essentially warmed them all up to revolutionary idealology. They called their party “Breadbasket” and their goal is to seize the means of food production on the ice mines of Callisto. Everyone is always so hyped to play! Would love …




I fear giving up more than dying or defeat or imprisonment.

POST/CAPITALISM by Colestia [rec]

A really encouraging, short game about creating a post capitalist society. Additionally, an incredibly teaching tool about the root causes of inequality. Pay what you will!..

A Bewitching Revolution by Colestia [rec]

This anti-capitalist game is a really inspiring and uplifting piece about tarot agitprop and anti-capitalist witchery. The game is name your own price via itch.io. …