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yeah me too, its pretty short so you can finish it pretty quickly like I finished it in 4 hours.

Just finished The World Next Door

It was a pretty fun game and I enjoyed it quite a bit I am wondering if anyone else in this community has played it…

this is kinda cursed tbh

damn I didn’t know there were so many communism themed indie games you got any recommendations

I didn’t know parenti had a debate with christopher hitchens that is pretty interesting

the mark all as read button doesn't work in my inbox

I don’t know if this is where I should put it but I have noticed that the mark all as read button doesn’t work and it doesn’t clear all my notifications like it used to. Thank you for all your hard work devs and good luck…

nice I haven’t seen this before but I don’t think this is the video OP is talking about cause it doesn’t mention Xinjiang being an area of interest

the first video you posted is the one I was thinking off but I didn’t know there was a video with someone who is still currently employed by the us army

yeah probably I haven’t actually watched the video yet I just saw it wasn’t posted in this community

Nice that’s pretty cool, I feel like I should do more to protect my privacy on the internet but I haven’t really got around to it and also I don’t really know where to start.

yeah I can see the star again and my saved posts in my profile thanks

How Come I Can't Save Posts Anymore?

On posts there used to be a little star button to save posts, when you clicked on it it became yellow/gold. When you saved the posts you could look at them later by going on your profile and looking through saved posts, this was pretty useful when I wanted to look back at a post that linked to a bun…

rip I miss all his videos

I fucking hate cod, its actual propaganda used to make the us look good and enemies of the us look bad. This isn’t the first time they pulled shit like this, like that time when they said Russian forces were the one who committed the highway of death.

I am not really sure probably they just want to get back to normal as fast as possible so they can make that sweet sweet cash. If some kids gets sacrificed they don’t care.

yeah it probably isn’t marxist as I am no expert marxist and I have barely read anything about it. Yeah homophobia was still bad during those time periods but people though it was good because of their values or culture but eventually morality changed in some places because of the efforts of gay people.