G*mers being what they are, you can imagine piracy sites attract the worst of the bunch.

I’ve been posting there when an imperialist or communism-themed game makes the rounds (for some reason communism is a big theme in indie games rn), trying to see if I can spread some class consciousness. Mostly it was getting annoying to see the same old reactionary talk and I wanted to push back a little.

It’s so weird because all comments are manually approved before publication, yet the admin doesn’t seem to care and allows anything. There are blatantly racist comments all the fucking time and these get prime time slots just the same as my radical communist propaganda does.

It riles them up like nothing else when you post some communist propaganda though lmao, especially if you can get the first comment.

Oh and otherwise the site is good (www.skidrowreloaded.com), no viruses or anything in the years I’ve used their downloads.

damn I didn’t know there were so many communism themed indie games you got any recommendations


Depends what you like. Most of these games are easily shadowed by much deeper, better games – tacking on the communist tag is really just a selling point to them. Some are outright anticommunist propaganda; like Company of Heroes 2 (admittedly a bit older and not an indie game) that makes you play as the Red Army, but then pushes ahistorical Conquest propaganda in the first missions (like when a squad tries to retreat and the CO orders the machine gunners to kill them; never happened in all of the USSR’s history).

I like Hearts of Iron 4, especially the Kaiserreich mod. Both are lib but you can establish the World Socialist Republic. There’s also the older Men of War series from 1C, a Russian company, that are really great RTS games playing as the Red Army.

There’s Kremlingames who publishes pro-communist games such as Crisis in the Kremlin, though I haven’t really tried them. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a city-builder game based in a planned economy, and it’s apparently really really good, but I’ve yet to try it either.

As an aside, Chinese developers are starting to pierce out on the western market and they generally make good games. Not necessarily communist-themed, but they have an interesting marxist take and it shows in the writing.

thanks comrade

lol I used to do this on an old gaming forum I frequented. I remember linking Parenti’s “To Kill a Nation” to some kid in a thread and he later messaged me to ask questions about it. I hope I helped create at least one comrade


Which games have you commented on so far?


The blatantly imperialist War Room that just came out, somewhat recently Strategic Mind (the codex release not the v1.2 re-release, the comments are actually based and funny on that one lol) and a few others before that that I’ve forgotten about.

Usually as Comrade but now I’m sticking to D. Someone corrected me on the Afghanistan civilian casualty count at the hands of the US and they were right, it’s so difficult finding correct casualty counts by offending country and that’s probably by design.

Felipe Forte

Just saw that discussion lmao

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