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Google “38952776EADCB97E3158B01474062AFA9F488C0D” :P

How likely is that they had to google translate it lmao.

Even Wikipedia can’t bullshit much here.

“Requiring Google to either unwind some of those acquisitions or sell off its business on either the buyer or seller side of the market are among the possibilities being discussed, the people involved in the conversations said.”

I think they tried the same when IE was big. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Microsoft_Corp.

it gets sold to another shitty company? Heres hoping its not Oracle.

Wait I thought it was Castro.

A bit confused but it got the spirit

I’m on a similar service, posteo.de same 1 EUR a month. Kinda want to try out other services but its hard to change emails on every site, same reason i still use gmail .

Tovarisch, gaming culture is very reactionary. Look at gaming subreddits, most of the users there are Anarcho capitalist and fascists.

Also look at gaming YouTube channels, most of them have very toxic audience except for certain youtubers like Jim Sterling. Most reactionary gamer youtubers audiences are very sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic. Of course all of the stuff I mentioned in anecdotal but still its widely accepted by most leftists.

Playing games doesn’t make you a reactionary or fascist but the reality is the gaming culture itself is very right wing.

RIP, Postal Service is one of the most amazing services.

Pretty lenient sentence for what they did. They would be given multiple life sentences if they attempted this in the US.

Reddit is an absolute reactionary shithole outside of the few remaining leftist subs.

GTA 4, I have played through that game like 20 times. Amazing story and characters tbh.

Yes, but TERF hunts aren’t