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Hey! thank you! That’s awesome news! I would like to see more discussion growing on the established sentiment (from what I remember, mind you) regarding “vegan capitalism” or “consumer veganism” or whatever. Basically, the idea that you aren’t doing the right thing just by eating vegan foods, for example, if you are buying the impossible burgers from BK, or the almondmilk version of Ben and Jerry’s. I think there is some room there to expand on these ideas and promote socialism.

wow! I have some reading to do! Thanks for all of these links o7

lol my internet sucks. Yes, I would be honored thanks

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deleted by creator

Hey Muad! Sincere apologies not getting back to you. IRL has been crazy lately and put me into a weird headspace, I’ve been off social media for a while. Stoked that you are vegan, and would LOVE to learn about marxist vegan theory. I am a big fan of your work by the way (Lemmy, github, torrents)

Thank you! I had an argument with some streamer who said Apple are the best phones for privacy reasons, talking about the (IMO) sham case about feds not being able to access iPhone data and all I had at the moment was how corporations don’t care about you and there is no oversight so we are taking them at their word when they say they won’t spy on us. :thumbs up:

:smiling face with sunglasses: pretty much agree with @T34@lemmygrad.ml but also loving the headline :smiling face with sunglasses:


Some of these communities aren’t very active, so for the time being, let’s merge them or at least keep an eye on related subcommies! !vegancirclejerk@lemmy.ml !vegan@lemmy.ml <3…

this was one of my favorite subreddits

Is this an official Lemmygrad from the sub or nah? I’d be surprised if it were, because there were a lot of liberals in the discord. We should convert them! I missed y’all…

Why was this person banned, and what is this emulator for?

Grayzone contributors are some of the best accounts to follow… This makes my stomach turn

is this related to that the Element group that runs the peer streaming service? Also one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had online. /leftypol or something

peertube.social is the one i see @felipeforte@lemmygrad.ml posting on and it has 2k users, but I couldn’t create account there (not allowed). I didn’t want to join some random one, any suggestions?

How is it going on peertube? Is it a privacy oriented version of YouTube?

Wow! this is great! I can’t believe the community is catching attention from giants like Mozilla

Hey, glad to hear it! How are users liking it?

i took a few months off from posting. I missed you all, and I’m glad to see new folks here. Congrats on the fruits of your labor comrades <3

Huzzah! I appreciate your efforts, comrade. If I may ask, what are the goals of this site? The about page is currently empty. I will happily contribute over my holiday break from work. Cheers!

Comrade devs, …


unavoidable curiosity post - questions for pagans

I am not pagan, but I love all comrades and enjoy learning new perspectives. How large of a role does your religion play in your life? Is there anything I should know when trying to see from a pagan POV? …

This came up in my recommended feed, and judging by the comments, the title is sincere. Morgan Freeman is seriously ignorant of systemic racism. This is some Candace Owens level bullshit…

This came up in my recommended feed, and judging by the comments, the title is sincere. Morgan Freeman is seriously ignorant of systemic racism. This is some Candace Owens level bullshit…

BTW, pretty sure this is a quote. If i made the meme, I would have used “native american.”…


Play videos in feed

We should be able to play videos in the feed. When there’s a short GIF or something, it takes away from the joke when you have to leave Lemmy to open it. …

This could be us but transportation infrastructure has been privatized you playin’…

Penn & Teller: Dalai Lama and Tibet. …

[shitpost] I've found my favorite post ever

For anybody out of the loop, we’re mocking anti-vegan arguments in the context of wearing a mask. As much as I laugh reading the thread, I also get angry because I’ve heard every single one of these arguments through my life. Enjoy, comrades!..

Plain View Project

Some of those who work forces, are the same who burn crosses…

Concerns over privacy and purchasing spray paint

I’ve heard that purchases of spray paint are tracked or monitored by police. Of course, I would use cash to purchase spray paint, but are they any other precautions to take? Do you drive to another city to make a purchase? Do you wait a week or two before tagging? How do you stay safe when acquiring…

Cold Noodle Fan on Twitter

She does interviews and “tour series” in DPRK Long form videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP5_cAbRgjsZjkhrHBq84xQ/videos