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unavoidable curiosity post - questions for pagans

I am not pagan, but I love all comrades and enjoy learning new perspectives. How large of a role does your religion play in your life? Is there anything I should know when trying to see from a pagan POV? …


Happy Midwinter

Wishing all comrades a happy midwinter…


Compatibility between satanism and anarchism?

Hey, just signed up here, so if this doesn’t fit on /c/paganproles, just let me know. …

I love the smell of new website

this is the first post on paganproles, neat. …

The Pagan Proletariat

    Welcome to PaganProles! The intent of this sub is to foster connection and communication amongst Pagan Leftists. Our hope is that through this network we can share knowledge, support Pagan and Leftist causes, and help one another.

    To clear up any misconceptions, it is important that we define “Pagan” and “Leftist” for the purpose of this Subreddit.

    A Pagan in this instance is one involved in one of these kinds of practices:

    Revival traditions related to the Pre-Abrahamic practices of peoples in Europe, the Middle or Near East, and North Africa. In no way is this meant to be exclude the indigenous or traditional practices based outside of these regions. In fact, we welcome these voices. We simply do not wish to apply the label of Pagan to those who do not apply it to themselves.

    Those involved in “nature based” spiritualities. Example: Druidry.

    Those involved in Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft (if they wish), and Eclectic Witchcraft (again, if they wish).

    Such as Anarchism, Marxism, Leninism, Mutualism, Syndicalism, Libertarian Municipalism, Democratic Socialism, Post-Leftism and other left-tendencies

    Many strains of LGBTQIA+ activism, Feminism, and Liberation movements of People of Color, as well as Decolonization movements also fall into the Leftist spectrum.

    These hereby ideologies, amongst others that violate the general rules of use in this sub, will not be welcomed and support of them will ultimately result in a ban:




    Nazbol’s and Nazi’s


    MGTOW and MRA/ Incel-culture


    Amongst others at moderator discretion.

    No Hate Speech, Ableism, Homophobia, Transphobia, or Bigotry will be tolerated, we are not government representatives and the invocation of free-speech will not preserve you from a ban.

    No Proselytizing or Anti-theism, this is an expressly pagan religious space and while we are happy to share pagan experiences with those who are curious to learn, we will not take kindly to attempts to challenge our faiths.

    No “Playing Devil’s Advocate”, any forms of Lesser Evilism or pandering to respectability politics will be addressed by moderation.

    No unapproved advertising or solicitatious posting without consent from staff.

    Low-effort posting, spamming and images that violate any aformentioned rules will be removed.

    Any and all rules are up to moderator discretion. Moderators have no obligation to justify bans or comment removals.

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