Vive Le Québec Libre pis fuck les anglais

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dumb thing about that is that , this song isn’t even really a canadian song, it was a Québecois patriotic chant in the 1700’S

like the whole concept, you play a little person in a world where every thing is bigger than you and try to eat you, that is like the most horrifiying thing

that fucking game scares the shit out of me

I feel like I see this sort of news every year and nothing happens with it, lets hope that this finding will actualy change something

sorry to be unrelated but i really love your profile picture

E-waste are electronics that are thrown out

more pic of him :

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Biden is very likely to have dementia and dementia cause amnesia so its just a funny joke with that i belive, i also think amnesia is an horror video g*me so it might be related to that

I got no idea who does these but damm , he is excelent

Not certain , but he is a reporter for The Guardian and he seems to be a Zionist, don’t quote me on that tho

i mean r/comunism and r/communism101 mods are very very ban happy so that might be something.