Vive Le Québec Libre pis fuck les anglais

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I got no idea who does these but damm , he is excelent

Not certain , but he is a reporter for The Guardian and he seems to be a Zionist, don’t quote me on that tho

i mean r/comunism and r/communism101 mods are very very ban happy so that might be something.


well its a moddification and on the original is trump on the motor bike lemme see if i can find it. Here it is

I really suggest Elementary principle of philosophy by George Politzer , this book is sooo good to understand marterialism better, even if you already know it, the book is still an excelent read

from the tittle i would say it is related to the remnant of what Sankara did for africa and the changes we can still see today

Nice imma give that a view in not long

Well i guess it might not totally fit the theme but here any ways, i suggest the screen play aka a BD/script that was used to make Mad Max Fury Road.

dimentia goes brrrr also electoral lies

manquant a la boussole

I mean, the g*mers culture is really toxic, its racist and its sexist. I don’t want to side with them.

deleted by creator

he’s going to make the g*mers go pass hard drugs to the poor African American population of the US