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I see your perspective and agree with your concerns. However, I still think that fair moderation and delegation of authority should come before marketing the site’s image. Personally, I’d like to think that it would work better to point out in the comments, “hey, this source is biased,” rather than just remove it outright, and eventually people will look to better sources and create a higher community standard. After all, at this rate, people won’t see these articles, but what they will see is a major feud because of policies that were never made clear and seem to be enforced arbitrarily. Y’all have been doing a great job as admins, and I would really like to see this site succeed.

Thanks. If we’re going to have certain disallowed sources, though, we should probably clarify what those are beforehand. Currently, there are no rules to that end in /c/lgbt, which is part of why I made this thread–so we can discuss it in the open instead of banning everyone or spamming articles repeatedly.

I made a thread in /c/lgbt to talk about it. Fighting each other won’t help anything. https://lemmygrad.ml/post/508

Like I said, purely as a mod, I agree just removing posts without prior warning is a bit much, but I wish everyone could have a productive discussion about this. Dividing ourselves because of drama is just what reactionaries want.

That’d probably be a good start, I agree more transparency for community rules is always a good thing.

From what I’ve seen, it’s not just for talking about homophobia. If there’s a different reason, hopefully things can be clarified. (Personally I would prefer more transparency and letting the sub’s mods handle things, but growing pains like this are understandable for a new site.)

It’s not a specification I’ve made in the past, hence the discussion post.

Discussion thread for the recently removed posts
Keep it civil, people. If there's an issue with posting certain sources, that can be clarified as a community, not just spamming the same thing over and over.

Hmm…apparently the reason is because it’s an Atlantic article? We should probably have a /c/lgbt sub-wide discussion to clarify these issues.

Edit: here it is https://lemmygrad.ml/post/508

It should be AFAIK. Currently the sidebar says “for anything and everything to do with the LGBT+ community.” If it’s considered a violation of sitewide rules, that’s out of my hands I guess.

Y’all, as the mod of /c/lgbt, if you’re going to be making these types of posts, please keep them to the appropriate subs.

Cool, I’ll have to check it out!

Good idea. Marginalized communities like LGBT people and POC are often those first and worst affected by police violence.

Not everyone on lemmy is subscribed to /c/communism, though. Would a site-wide referendum be better?

Not to self-promo here, but I made /c/leftism as a neutral ground for basically that reason (among others).

What would you define as an “internet anarchist” as opposed to an “actual anarchist?”

why did you just copy-paste yang’s platform?

Been seeing a lot of “eco-Marxism.” I’d like to think all modern leftists share the same environmental concerns, so it doesn’t seem like the best distinction to make.

There have been plenty of extreme examples of police brutality, but this one is just completely, utterly vile. There’s no excuse for it, even going by the extreme “blue line” mentality of conservatives. If this cop doesn’t get jail time, people had better riot.

[Take the quiz here](https://leftvalues.github.io/)

Can I be a mod here?
There really isn't any non-awkward way to ask this, so I'll just go for it. As the person who's posted all the content on this sub thus far (and one of The Gays myself), I'd love the opportunity to help this community grow further. I understand if you'd rather retain control yourself, but I just thought I'd ask. Thanks!