3 года

So fucked up. Going on my list of atrocities.

Here’s what I have written up:

  • On June 14th, 2019, an off-duty cop, Salvador Sanchez, in Corona, CA, shot and killed a mentally ill man, Kenneth French,, as well as shooting his family 8 times, while his family was with shopping for fathers day at a Costco. “I begged and told him not to shoot,” his father Russell French said. “I said we have no guns and my son is sick. He still shot.” Sanchez then fired at least eight rounds, striking all three family members. A man inside Costco stood and prayed over Russell French as he lied on the ground bleeding, he said. Kenneth French was shot twice in his back, Galipo said. There were also two gunshot wounds in his armpit and shoulder area. After the shooting, Corona Police said Sanchez was assaulted “without provocation” before Sanchez opened fire. He was placed on administrative leave days after the shooting, into which the LAPD is conducting an internal investigation. The authorities have not released the Costco camera footage of the incident.
33 года

There have been plenty of extreme examples of police brutality, but this one is just completely, utterly vile. There’s no excuse for it, even going by the extreme “blue line” mentality of conservatives. If this cop doesn’t get jail time, people had better riot.

43 года

Riots are probably the only way to at least reduce police violence and suppressed communities to get a voice. What was true in the 60s/70s is still true today

23 года

When i was in school one time the teacher called security n they came and pepper spray a kid in the FACE FOR NO RESON all my friends were mad af so we put a walkout FIRE THAT COP

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